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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Was Iraq Worth It?"

A commonsensical look back from Pat Buchanan.

(More and more these days, I'm finding "commonsensical" to be my highest compliment.)


Anonymous said...

John--Well, I guess the Iraq was wasn't worth it after all. Has anyone ever heard of the military industrial complex? I bet they thought it was totally worth it. Thanks, Brian

Anonymous said...

And the US is champing at the bit for war with Iran.

But contrast Iran with N Korea. N Korea has weapons grade nuclear material, it has nuclear weapons, it has detonated them, it has a missile capable of reaching the US, and it has directly threatened to use its nukes against the US.

Iran has no weapons grade nuclear material, its uranium enrichment program is closely monitored, it has no nuclear weapons, no missile capable of reaching the US, and has not directly threatened to nuke the US.

If it were all about the military industrial complex, wouldn't N Korea be a more logical threat to mitigate? If N Korea doesn't justify US military action, Iran does not either.

Help prevent further insanity - call your congress-person.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Thank you Ed. Unfortunately, the American Japan Public Affairs Committee does not have as much power as AIPAC, so expect the war drums to continue beating for a "preemptive" attack on Iran.