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Sunday, January 5, 2014

"Kim Jong Un 'fed uncle to pack of 120 ravenous dogs'"

You've probably heard about this already; in case you haven't, you'll probably find it interesting.

When a country puts "People's Republic" into its official name, as with all those formerly communist countries, it's pretty much a guarantee that it's anything but. Likewise when a country calls itself a "Democratic Republic."

When a country crams both words into its official title, as with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, you know it's really gone to the dogs.


Anonymous said...

I had to read the headline twice. I thought it said "Kim fed dogs to his uncle", and thought, "This is news?".

John Craig said...

Anon --
Ha! Very good. Yes, those Korean dogs are finally getting some payback.

Anonymous said...

John Craig said...

Anon --
Wow, so it didn't happen. Thank you.

The part that had me convinced was that there is evidently a name in Korea for this form of execution, meaning that it has been used before.

Anonymous said...

You know what this reminds me of? Those prison pen-pal requests by sociopaths. The worse the criminal, the more he feels the need to advertise how "caring", "friendly" and "warm-hearted" he is. Petty criminals don't tend to sell themselves in this way - they just write about how they're bored and want someone to write to, and a bit about what their hobbies are.

It seems one-party regimes are the same: the more totalitarian and despotic they are, the more likely it is that their state's official name will contain the word "Democratic" or "People's". After all, you'll never see "The People's Republic of Canada" or "The Australian Democratic Republic"!

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
You are exactly right. (I thought of the same analogy, we think alike.)

That's funny, the idea of an "Australian Democratic Republic."

Thank you.

Dave Moriarty said...

we have a dog we adore and read all sorts of warnings about feeding dogs human food. I guess I should worry about those Korean dogs eating humans for food. Can a pancreas be worse for dogs than grapes?

John Craig said...

This whole thing has turned out to be a hoax, but that aside, dogs are basically wolves, and if you've ever seen a nature show on wolves, you'll see they eat a lot of their prey, including a seemingly fair amount of hair, which they seem to digest, or at least pass through, with no major problem. I can't imagine that any dog would die from eating pancreas.