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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Filial respect Part XII

I give my son a haircut once a month. After the last one, he complained that I had cut it too short on top.

I said, "Short hair looks good on you; I prefer mine short."

He replied, "You have to have short hair. When yours gets long, you look like Woody Allen. I don't have that problem."


Anonymous said...

Based upon these tales, I go back and forth between "MISTER CRAIG SON IS EVIL and abuses Mister Craig constantly," and, "EVIL MISTER CRAIG constantly blackens the reputation of his poor harmless son for no good reason (perhaps as part of some SUBTLE PLOT OF MISTER CRAIG'S such as faking his own death for the insurance money)"...

on a totally unrelated note, I was thinking today about my neighbor who has this seizure dog (she claims it's a $10,000 dog, but she is crazy, who knows, I try never to speak to my neighbors but she volunteers this story while I am scurrying away down the stairs) which can detect her incoming epilepsy fits several minutes before she gets them, thus enabling her to get safely situated somehow...and I have read about tumor dogs, that have been taught to smell your breath and detect cancer...

wouldn't it fun to see if dogs can detect psychopaths? wouldn't necessarily have to be by smell, the dogs could key on lots of subtle cues...I think the crux of the experiment would be in selecting the right twenty or so psychopaths, and let the dogs figure out what IF ANYTHING the group had in common (besides causing the dog to get a food treat)...and then eventually you give the dogs a mixed group of novel humans, and see if the dog picks out the new psychopaths from the new humans, HOPING FOR MORE TREATS...

that would be an interesting project


John Craig said...

Nah, neither my son or I are truly evil, though we both undoubtedly think evil thoughts. (The difference between us and sociopaths is that we don't act on those thoughts.) That said, I'll admit I probably think a lot more evil thoughts than most.

I've hear of those tumor-sniffing dogs, but had never heard of epilepsy-detectingdogs before; amazing. And yes, a dog which could smell sociopathy would be great. In the meantime, though, I'd just settle for forehead tattoos which give the salient facts about people: