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Thursday, August 17, 2017

It's not enough to just disavow slaveowners

There's been a lot of discussion recently about how the statues of Confederate war heroes must be torn down, and about how all slaveowners, even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, should be discredited.

This isn't going far enough!

We need to bring all the racists into disrepute.

And we should start with Abraham Lincoln, who said, during his famous debates with Stephen Douglas:

“I am not nor ever have been in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people; and I will say in addition to this that there is a physical difference between the white and black races which I believe will forever forbid the two races from living together on terms of social and political equality. And inasmuch as they cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be a position of superior and inferior, and I as much as any other man am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race.”

We should not only destroy the Lincoln Monument, we should take every available opportunity to burn that white supremacist in effigy!

Every president who abided by Jim Crow laws should also be discredited. Malignant segregationists like Franklin Delano Roosevelt should forever live in infamy!

We also need to vilify all the Presidents who didn't believe in giving women the right to vote. So we should rename anything ever named after chauvinist pigs like John Adams, James Madison, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. Not one of them believed in women's suffrage!

And how about all the Presidents who were against gay marriage? You know who I'm talking about -- homophobes like John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. None of them ever made the slightest attempt to allow gays to have the same basic right to marriage that cisgender heterosexuals have!

As recently as 2008, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigned for President, both came out staunchly against gay marriage. They, too, should be appropriately villainized.

Both JFK and LBJ supported a version of civil rights that called for race blind admissions policies for colleges. These early opponents of affirmative action should be discredited as the bigots they were!

It's a little disconcerting to think that every President we've ever had has been on the wrong side of history.

In fact, we have an entire national history full of people who were far more evil than generally acknowledged. Nathan Hale never once suggested slavery be abolished. Alexander Hamilton never once suggested women be given the right to vote. Mark Twain called one of his characters the n-word. And Albert Einstein never once agitated for gay marriage.

The history books obviously need to be rewritten to cast all of these reprobates in a more disparaging light.


Once you start judging historical figures by modern day sensibilities, there's no end to the discrediting you must do. Ironically, it's the same personality types who are now doing that who would have been the biggest conformists in previous eras as well.


Mark Caplan said...

The shitlibs in positions of power don't deserve to live in a country founded by the likes of Washington and Jefferson, Madison and Adams. With that view in mind, I can look on the destruction of monuments to our nation's heroes with dispassion.

ArthurinCali said...

Every new generation believes they are the enlightened ones and look with scorn to the past. I'm sure in the year 2100 people will look back and wonder what was wrong with this generation, all the while feeling enlightened themselves.
Almost to the point where i feel it would be better for a fresh start. Pull it all down. At least me and my ancestors wouldn't be blamed for all the ills of this world....yeah right.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Are you saying that the shitlibs don't deserve to have those monuments? (But what about the rest of us?) Or are you saying that you just don't care that much about statues?

John Craig said...

Arthur --
That sense of moral superiority and enlightenment you describe is something I associate with liberals. In fact, they like to use words like "enlightened" and "woke" to describe themselves. It must be a wonderful, warm, fuzzy feeling to think of oneself as being on the side of the angels.

You're obviously not "woke" yourself if you don't realize that white heterosexual males are responsible for 100% of all the evil in the world.

Mark Caplan said...

The Cultural Marxists have taken over. They constitute today's America. The rest of us don't amount to anything. The Cultural Marxists disgrace and dishonor the legacy of the Founding Fathers. Better to just sever the relationship. Instead, build monuments that reflect the America's new ideals, monuments to the PoC, especially blacks and Muslims, who "built this country."

John Craig said...

Mark --
But once that relationship is severed, there'll be absolutely no going back. I wonder how the cultural Marxists will deal with the fact that almost all of the major scientific inventions were the work of white males. Maybe people like Newton, Galileo, Planck, Tesla, Marconi, and Edison will be colorized after the fact, the same way old movies were colorized after the black and white era ended. If some have said that Beethoven was black, why not the others?

Anonymous said...

Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves. I respect the intelligence and brilliance of the men who established the USA. What is and has been happening in our country/world is due to destructive forces who ultimately want a NWO.

- Susan

Mark Caplan said...

Imagine that, in a tidal wave of wokiness, the Italians destroyed the monuments of the slave-owning, anti-Semitic, culture-misappropriating, Nazi-saluting Romans. Gone would be the Coliseum, the Hippodrome, the Pantheon, the Forum and countless statues, busts, and bas-reliefs. But at least Italy would be purged of those offensive, hate-relics, making it a safe, albeit less picturesque, place for today's snowflake tourists.

Not Dave said...

I can remember seeing videos of ISIS idiots destroying ancient artifacts in the middle east because those artifacts don't mesh with ISIS's current beliefs of Islam. There doesn't seem to be a difference. The Marxists/fascists/liberals of America today have their religion and to them it's absolute also. Either you're with them or you should be publicly flogged, thrown in prison or killed depending on how much of a zealot for their social religion they are.

The problems I see with these demonstrations is the folks involved seem to be very uneducated on history, maybe uneducated on a lot of things. They have feelings and that's what matters most. Their zeal is surface only as they have little to no knowledge of what they are protesting about. I think of "mob mentality". And that goes for either side.

I don't see MS-13 out there protesting, maybe they're too smart to do so knowing it'll give them a negative reputation.

This whole deal is snowflakes gone wild. They see offense in everything except within the confines of their own cranium. In reality the world is full of bad people doing bad things to good people, has been for millennia. It won't change, it's human nature. Believe it or not there is still human slavery in the world even in this "enlightened" day and age (as Arthur Thurman said above). Of course snowflakes adhere so well to socialism because it's the oppressive government that rules your every day lives, they are against freedom and the pitfalls it contains. They want to control everyone because they're the smartest generation ever and if you don't think like them you need to be corrected, usually violently.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
That's a great analogy with ISIS destroying those old temples and the way the Confederate statues are being dismantled.

And yes: the hard Left, in the name of fighting fascism, practices exactly that. And they are completely unaware of their own hypocrisy.

Rona said...

They already moved on Lincoln, his statue was covered in tar and set on fire in Chicago.

There are calls to remove statue of Walt Disney as well.

Mayor is now destroying cometary memorial to Confederate POWs in Wisconsin.

I hope left escalates and goes after all great Americans who created your country.

It'll be harder to ignore leftist hatred and destruction of American people, history and symbols when it's directed at the Northerners as well.

This insanity won't stop.

LA Times: "Traveler, USC's Mascot, Comes Under Scrutiny for Having a Name Similar to Robert E. Lee's Horse"

Yes, nothing to do with Confederacy, but as Steve Sailer says, horse IS white so he has to go.

" I wonder how the cultural Marxists will deal with the fact that almost all of the major scientific inventions were the work of white males."

They'll be memory-holed. Scientists will know about them, general population will have a different picture. If you want to see it type American scientists in google images.

John Craig said...

Rona --
They've already moved on the Great Emancipator?? I saw a headline about a statue that had been tarred and feathered, but I hadn't realized it was Honest Abe. Wow, if he's fair game for the cultural Marxists, then anybody is.

The thing is, it does seem to be the fringe 10% Left of the country who's doing stuff like this, and you're right, the more they do it, the more they drive people in the center to the Right. That's basically how Trump got elected, because he figured out how to capitalize on that resentment.

I do read Sailer, and had seen that Traveler article, as well as the Google scientist stuff in the past. I'm not 100% certain those are supposed to be isted in order of importance, but if they are, how droll that George Washington Carver is listed ahead of Albert Einstein and Warner von Braun and Nicola Tesla. I remember reading about Carver in a history text when I was a kid, and even then, at age 9 or so, I remember thinking, how is the invention of peanut butter so important? Why don't they celebrate the guy who invented Mayonnaise, or mustard?

Rona said...


Honest Abe was tarred and burned and another statue was tarred and feathered, can't remember which one. It's difficult to keep up with the crazy.

Not sure how fringe this is. Violent Antifa are fringe left, but calls for removal of statues of Lincoln, Jefferson and Washington are coming from mainstream as well.

I think white left miscalculated. They are losing control now, minorities have taken up too many mainstream Democrat and media positions and they are running with this stuff.

Some white Dems must know this is getting dangerous but who among them is going to stop clapping first?

Standing up to antifa/SJWs and especially Blacks means standing up for these white men, all of whom were racist, and some of whom owned slaves.

Even if they put away hatred of whites for sake of a chance at 2020 elections, can they? Can they craft a narrative so tight that it reassures normal people and pacifies minorities at the same time?

This seems like cracking of the left and that it's picking up speed quickly.

Maybe I'm getting distorted picture of US from here in Europe but the news reads like the left is in midst of moral panic, politicians removing monuments and raising Antifa flags.

What do you think? Are people around you worried about what this means for the future of the country or do they not care much?

John Craig said...

Rona --
I've heard of calls for Washington and Jefferson to be discredited, but not from mainstream types.

You're right, it is a tough thing to defend slaveowners, at least publicly. The Leftist coalition of the fringes (as Sailer calls it) started to come apart in 2016. Blacks just didn't care that much about Hillary and tried out in smaller numbers than they did for Obama. What the left does have, however, is control over the media, academia, and the deep state. And that's a tough triumvirate to overcome, even with common sense on your side.

It's not really the politicians who are raising Antifa flags here, it's just the fringe groups, many of which are financed by shady characters like George Soros.

What do I think? I'm not optimistic. Even with Trump in office and Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, nothing is getting done. The Left has made such a consistent, distracting racket ever since early November 2016 that it's been hard for Trump to get his message across. And the fact that he himself is such a narcissistic personality, so easily distractible (I think he has ADHD), and inarticulate makes it even harder.

There really aren't that many people around me with whom I discuss politics. I'm now helping take care of elderly parents, who don't really follow politics, and the only member of my family I talk politics with is my son, who's not exactly mainstream either. And otherwise I'm pretty much of a recluse these days. I have a few friends (with whom I mostly keep in contact via email) who have similar reactions to events as me, but friends are a pretty self-selecting group, so I don't think they're representative either. They ARE worried about the future of this country, especially with the demographics changing as fast as they are.

Judging from your comments you must have similar fears for Europe. May I ask what country you live in? (I vaguely remember asking you this once before and you not wanting to answer.)

Rona said...

Like you, I'm kinda personally isolated from what's going on. I'm in Croatia. So far we haven't been interesting destination for migrants, welfare being nowhere near what they get in Germany, Scandinavia and UK and no 'migrant communities' they can plug into.

The country is in bad shape otherwise. Industries have either been sold to foreigners, factories closed and jobs shipped overseas, or literally robbed, similar to what occurred in Russia during Boris Yeltsin, before Putin came to power and dealt with oligarchs.

Free market, especially free labor movement since entering EU has been a disaster demographically, full force of which will be felt in a decade or two.

We have lost staggering numbers of young educated people (20-35 y) who leave for Western Europe.

Ideologically, former communists (in power until breakup of Yugoslavia in 1991.) have rebranded themselves as Social Democrats (1991.-early 2000s), their student generation is full Cultural Marxist left-liberal in the American sense (diversity, oppression, militant atheist, LGBTQ rights, hate speech laws), right-wing parties used to be right, now tepid Cuckservative.

There is hardly any serious effort from mayor parties to challenge fundamental ideological premises of the left and, in many cases, unwitting cooperation with them. For example, leading conservative parties (routinely seriously described as fascist by the left) have voted for introduction of anti-discrimination law, hate-speech law, and special legal privileges for 'protected minorities'.

Then they are shocked at Catholic priest going on trial for the content of a Sunday mass and man being arrested in the middle of the night by special forces for making 'discriminating remark' about minister of education (member of a Serb minority).

People don't yet see the amount of ruin in the nation because many of consequence's of ideology will be felt in a generation and economically the country is still standing only because of tourism. It is said here that "Dalmatian coast is feeding the whole country". Should tourism falter Croatia will be Greece.

John Craig said...

Rona --
Yes, Croatia, now it comes back to me. Sorry, I'd forgotten.

Wow, that's a pretty bleak picture you paint. Economically, you might as well be under Boris Yeltsin, as you point out. And socially, you're mirroring what's going on in the US. At least over here the only Catholic priests being arrested are getting nabbed for child molesting or corruption, not exercising their freedom of speech.

This past weekend in Boston, 40,000 people rallied against a planned freedom of speech rally. The latter fell apart, mostly because of intimidation. The 40k claimed they were rallying against "hate" and "Nazis," but whether or not they admit it, they really hate freedom of speech if it's speech they don't want to hear.

I went to Dubrovnik a long, long time ago, it's a beautiful place. Hope the tourism continues strong.