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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Stormy, Part II

While writing yesterday's post about Stormy Daniels, one thought which kept running through my mind was, "She sure isn't my type." Statuesque and blonde and buxom just isn't my thing.

But while Google-imaging her for photos to use, I stumbled across this one --

-- and to my surprise, found her attractive. Usually, a woman looks better with a little bit of makeup. But the difference here is that for once, she actually looks like Stephanie Clifford (her real name). In almost all her other pictures, she doesn't quite look like a real woman.

I'm not using that phrase the way feminists use it, with "real woman" = fat woman. I'm using it in the sense that she looks like someone who thinks and acts and behaves -- and more importantly, gets turned on -- like an actual female.

That last part seems particularly important given that she's in a profession where faking passion is part of the job.

(I see more real passion reflected in her expression above than in those phony glamour shots in the previous post.)

Unfortunately, she may even be a bit too passionate, as that photo was taken after her arrest for domestic violence. She evidently hit her husband after she was displeased with the way he had done the laundry, and because of an unpaid bill.

Passion inevitably follows a downhill course: it starts its journey sparked by the things discussed in this post, and ends up being ignited by how the household chores get done.

(On a separate note, what kind of man calls the police after his wife punches him?)

But my larger point here is that whenever a woman is all dolled up to look like a sex object, and seems to expect you to react accordingly, I don't. Implants and a big phony smile always seems to be saying, "Aren't I irresistible?" My automatic reaction is, no, you're not.

I also stumbled across this picture:

And once again, I was surprised by how attractive I found her without makeup. She looks real here -- despite the fake hair and boobs. She even looks intelligent, which is actually sort of a turn on for me. (I know, that makes me sort of an oddball/pervert, but there you have it.)

I made the mistake in my previous life of getting together a few times with women I thought I should be attracted to, but simply wasn't. And that inevitably led to some awkwardness and embarrassment and, on a couple occasions, hurt feelings.

(In retrospect, it was just an incredibly stupid thing for me to do. One thing I found out early on: no matter how hard I try, I can't fake a hard on.)

Give me a mousy little brunette with an IQ of 130+ and no makeup any day.


mark said...

I prefer the made up Stormy but I am less impressed by her interview then you. She felt bad for Melania because a child was recently born and she could relate to that. I think she would have said that she didn't give a damn about Melania but she couldn't really say that. If she was being sincere it reflects a lack of moral imagination that doesn't look well on a seemingly intelligent lady. Why did she get the money? Here is my theory, Trump didn't want Melania to know about this. Yes, politics was involved but this scandal involved the current marriage and that complicated things. Just guessing, but Trump didn't shower money on other folks who had dirt on him. Also, are you adjusting your assessment of Trump after this episode?

Anonymous said...

To me, this woman looks best when she's all made up. Without makeup, she's average looking, kind of blah. Just my opinion.

- birdie

John Craig said...

Mark --
They had the affair in 2009 or so, the interview with ITW was in 2011, and she wasn't offered money until 2016, when Trump was running for President. Trump wasn't worried about Melania finding out, he just didn't want the dirt coming out during the campaign.

No, not adjusting my assessment of Trump because of this. The only thing I'v seen recently which would cause me to change my assessment of him was that thing about him saying what made life worthwhile was screwing his friends' wives and setting them up by having their wives on speakerphone while asking them (the husbands) about their sex lives. If that's true, and that's a very big IF, then I'd say he's a sociopath. But otherwise, everything I've seen just indicates a narcissistic personality.

John Craig said...

Birdie --
She looks prettier when all made up, but to me, she doesn't look real. When she's all dolled up she looks like a cartoon version of a beautiful woman, not a beautiful woman. I was never attracted to Jessica Rabbit.

mark said...

Mark again,

Is this affair much of a story to anyone before Trump runs for President? Also, Melania could have used this story as a pretext or an actual reason to walk which would have ended the campaign. If even your wife leaves you during the campaign, your toast. No inside information, but the understanding they may have had was that nothing that makes their marriage look bad would come out and basically nothing did until now. Trump wasn't worried about Melania finding out, I agree he wasn't worried but he sure as heck did want her faced rubbed into it. She has real power that his former wives don't have. She can walk.

John Craig said...

Mark --
When a much younger woman marries a billionaire, the dynamics of the marriage aren't the same as they are in your average marriage. She knew what she was getting into, and I doubt that she expected Donald to be faithful. Plus, she's European, and Europeans in general have a much more open-minded attitude towards these types of things. What she gets in return is an incredible luxuries lifestyle. And yes, she could walk, but she'd be giving up that lifestyle; I'm sure Trump had her sign an ironclad prenup before they got married.

Anonymous said...

This is more a reaction to the post in the link: "There's nothing less attractive than a woman who parades around thinking herself a sex symbol."


I agree w/you about the less made up version of Stormy/Stephanie, and that true beauties don't need a lot of makeup, in fact, I am aghast at the pounds of makeup girls cake on their faces nowadays. Their eyebrows, oh God, and the so-called "contouring" which is fine for the stage but not real life.

All black women I see wear nail extensions and fake eyelashes in addition to the awful weaves. It makes me feel sad for them. They would look better without all that shit.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Yes, I've found that as well, any woman I've ever been attracted to has looked good without makeup. Makeup can help some women, but it always looks better from a distance.

There seems to be a direct correlation: the more artifice is involved, the cheaper the woman comes across.

Anonymous said...

"It takes an awful lot of money to make me look this cheap." Dolly Parton

Steven said...

I've always preferred brunettes for some reason. Anything from white girls with brown hair to Indian women. Anyway, while I share your feeling about glamorous blondes, I never felt too much like I was supposed to be attracted to them. I am just a bit insensitive to what I'm supposed to feel maybe.

My main emotion while reading this post was how pathetic it would be if a woman had swung for me and it had somehow led to the police being involved. How does that happen?

John Craig said...

Steven --
I tend to like (sub-Continental) Indian women too.

And yeah, while I've been hit by women on several occasions, it never occurred to me to get the police involved.

Anonymous said...

I think blonde women can be lovely, but only natural blondes. Dyed blonde hair is an immediate turnoff to me.

And as for the makeup thing, Kellyanne Conway is an example of a reasonably pretty lady who layers on the paint. Less is more Kellyanne.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Reading through these comments is good entertainment. Brunettes for the win!

To get on topic I found her mug shot to be ok but the second photo of dried out, damaged, over processed (and blue?) hair to be just nasty.

I'm also a fan of minimal makeup. Too much, to me, screams identity crisis and a person who doesn't have much self worth.


John Craig said...

Dave --
Agreed, the hair detracted from that picture. And from some other pictures, it appears (from her roots) that she's a natural brunette, too.