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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Iranian protests

A friend sent this --

The extravagant lives of the 'Rich Kids of Tehran' are fueling Iran's protests — take a look 

-- last week. It's a series of photos of rich kids in Tehran flaunting their wealth.

The young men pictured are reminiscent of the kids on the TV show Growing up Gotti, if you remember that. Oil money, like Mafia money, always seems to make its possessors look gaudy, vulgar, and stupid.

And the young women are reminiscent of the Kardashians: rich, narcissistic, and entitled.

It's hard to have sympathy for the antifa types in the US; they swallow the Leftist propaganda whole and seem to resent the hard-working middle and upper middle classes as well as the rich. And, they tend to be narrow-minded and self-righteous.

It's a lot easier to sympathize with the protesters in Iran, where the wealthy get their money not by studying hard in school and then working hard at their jobs, but through corruption and by being in the right place when the oil money got divvied up. 

(Do you think any of the kids in those pictures actually "earned" their money in any halfway legitimate way?)

I can't claim to understand the Byzantine politics of the Middle East. I instinctively side with the more sophisticated, stable Shi'ites over the more volatile -- and medieval -- Sunnis.

But after looking at those pictures, it's hard to avoid the feeling that if you're rooting for the Shi'ite elite in Iran, you're basically rooting for the Gottis and the Kardashians. 


Dave Moriarty said...

there seems to be a global movement to despise the rich-especially from the not so rich. instead of hustling to generate ones own wealth. It seems easier to simply attribute blame to the fat cats ( looking at you Bernie and Pocahontas). The French Revolution had it share of fun with the rich . but one thing not often brought up is the food crisis in 1788 in France where the masses were starving. But there is some speculation the volcanic eruptions in Iceland in 1783 from the volcano Laki dispersed ash over europe inhibiting the crops from growing. But the envy of the well off has been around since the cavemen noticed the cavemen next door had a new Lexus. I don't think we are
close to beheading rich people but the left sure is thinking of ways to take from the rich and blame the wealthy for all their woes.

John Craig said...

Dave --
That's interesting, thanks. I'd never heard that before, and it makes sense.

As far as envy of the rich, I don't blame the French masses one bit; nor do I blame the poor Iranians. But in both those cases, the poor were resentful against people who had done little to nothing to gain their wealth. But those are a whole different matter from the resentment we see in the US these days, where the low-IQed anticapitalist crowd resents the higher-IQed, harder working middle class, and that resentment is mixed in with racial animosity, because of the current propaganda spewed by the MSM telling all non-Asian minorities that they should be resentful of whites because they're white. Rich Iranians are basically the people whose families had the right connections to get in on the oil money; that's hardly a question of merit.

In the US, envy of those who are smart enough and studious enough to do well on their LSAT's or MCAT's is an entirely different matter.