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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How would liberals have fared in the caveman days?

Given the somewhat unrealistic world view of liberals, one can't help but wonder how they would have fared back in the Stone Age:

"Oh, what a cute little brown bear. It looks lost, let's take it back to its mother. She'll be grateful, I'm sure."

"Oh look, it's an alien tribe brandishing spears and clubs. Those poor things probably think they have to defend themselves from us. Let's lay down our arms so they realize that we're good people and they're in no danger."

"I know we're starving. But it would be wrong to kill a deer."

[If someone else bags the deer]: "Don't cook it, the fire will pollute the environment. Just eat it raw."

"We should have women do exactly half the hunting, and men do exactly half the gathering. Otherwise it wouldn't be a fair division of labor. Anything a man can do, a woman can do better."

"Oh, there's that fierce tribe that doesn't look like us. Some of my best friends come from that tribe. Let's take great care not to do anything to hurt their feelings, like trying to discourage our women from mating with them. Having them think that we are somehow hostile to them would surely be a fate worse than death."

"Why should I kill him just because he killed one of my children? It's not his fault, he just grew up in a harsh, dehumanizing environment. The right thing to do would be to forgive him, give him a second chance, show him we trust him around our other children."

There used to be a species of bird which evolved on an island without humans and therefore had no fear of them. When sailors came up to them, they didn't try to get away. They were called dodo birds.


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