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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Harry Reid's stance toward the American people

(Senator Harry Reid)

Last fall Senator Charles Grassley (Republican of Iowa) proposed an amendment saying that all non-civil service government employees -- including those in the Executive branch and Congress -- be covered by the new health care bill.

But Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wouldn't allow Grassley's amendment to be debated or voted upon on the Senate floor.

Reid wanted no part of the new health care plan for himself.

There's an old expression: "Never trust a chef who won't eat his own cooking."


Anonymous said...


Perfect Picture, and excellantly written. Thre's also a saying " What goes around....comes around.
I just hope I'm around to see it happen.

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Thanks Tom. Reid has evidently expressed his opinion before of the "smelly" tourists who visit the Capitol building.

I sometimes wonder if the boxing he did when he was younger didn't leave him a little brain damaged.