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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tattooed "lady"

(top, Michelle "Bombshell" McGee; right, Sandra Bullock with husband Jesse James after winning her Best Actress Oscar on March 7th)

The NY Post had an article this morning about how Jesse James, the "celebrity mechanic" to whom actress Sandra Bullock is married, had an eleven month affair with Michelle McGee.

The details of the tryst are fairly pedestrian and uninteresting, other than that McGee eventually ratted on him. What grabbed my attention was her picture. How could anybody make love to that?

Jesse James must be one studly guy. If I found myself alone with that woman, I'd most likely run from the room screaming. Even without the tattoos, she'd be scary-looking. With them, she looks like a vampire in a horror movie.

And nothing, not even Hannibal Lecter's hockey mask, says "maladjusted and dangerous" as loudly as a facial tattoo.

Sandra Bullock, looks-wise, is a pretty poor excuse for a movie star. (It's hard to decide whether she looks more like a mouse or a rat). And as a movie star, she's probably pretty difficult to live with.

But better her than a harpy from hell.


Anonymous said...

I think I see the word "suicide" tattooed prominently on her left shoulder -- a warning if there ever was one!

This man used to be married to a porn star -- guess Sandra was a little boring after that. His foolishness is still surprising, given that he's hardly young anymore.

I remember watching him on Celebrity Apprentice a little while back -- I was curious about whether there was some depth behind his somewhat vulgar exterior -- something below the surface that would appeal to a seemly well-adjusted female celebrity. I was disappointed - while he certainly didn't seem as crazy as he looks, there wasn't anything much to him, either. Julie

John Craig said...

Julie -- I noticed the "suicide" too; to me, one of the messages that tattoos convey is that you don't value your own life (or future) all that highly. People who get tattoos never seem to think about what they're going to look like thirty years down the road.

I don't blame James for straying, that's basic human nature, and I'm sure Bullock is a handful. My point was actually just a more superficial one about the nature of tattoos and how off-putting they can be. I never saw James's TV show, so can't comment on that. I guess it's not surprising that a guy who spiffs up motorcycles as a passion (and a living) would be attracted to a woman who spiffs herself up in pretty much the same manner.

Thanks for your comment.