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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mickey Rourke

When Mickey Rourke started his acting career, he generally played bad boys on the screen. He was good in roles which called for a certain slimy, insinuating presence.

As Rourke got older, and crazier, he decided he wanted to resurrect the career he had as a high school boxer. From 1991 to 1994, he had eight professional fights. Despite a record of six wins and two draws with no losses, his face underwent significant damage.

When Rourke went to a plastic surgeon, he probably didn't hold up a picture of The Cat in the Hat and say, "Make me look like that." But that's pretty much what the surgeon did.

If you decide to get plastic surgery, make sure you go to the right guy. If you go to the wrong guy -- as Rourke later admitted he did -- you might end up looking like a Dr. Seuss character.

(Boy is it ever fun to be bitchy.)


Anonymous said...

A very funny and fitting comparison. Though I'm sure not so funny to Mickey.

John Craig said...

Thank you. I wouldn't say it to his face, especially now that he's all 'roided up.

Anonymous said...

It's remarkable how many web sites there are about cosmetic surgery disasters. E.G.
In this company, Mickey's only middling in the scary stakes.

John Craig said...

Guy -- Yes, it is, and I'm a little embarrassed to say I've been to a number of them. They're all entertaining. Most of the cases seem to be either (a) people who became addicted to plastic surgery and didn't know when to stop (Michael Jackson, Catwoman), (b) people who had their faces pulled too tight (Burt Reynolds), (c) breast implants which went awry, or (d) collagen implants in the lips which gave people trout pout. at least Mickey had the excuse of needing the surgery after a boxing career. Keep in mind, though, that he's also juiced to the gills; his body was humongous in "The Wrestler."