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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calling Wild Bill Hickok

(Annette Robinson)

Annette Robinson, a Democratic Assemblywoman from Brooklyn, has proposed a law in Albany which would require cops to shoot a gun-toting suspect in the arm or leg rather than in the torso, where a wound would have a higher chance of being fatal.

This bill has the support of fellow Assembly member Darryl Towns, also a Democrat from Brooklyn.

The bill has its opponents. Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes said, "Police are not champion marksmen. It's unrealistic to think cops can shoot someone in the leg in the heat of the moment."

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly agrees with Hynes: "[The bill] makes no sense to anyone who knows anything about law enforcement."

Personally, I think the law is still inhumane. I think cops should be required to shoot the gun out of the suspect's hands -- without nicking his fingers.

Anything more than that would clearly be police brutality.


Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable......This woman has definitely been watching way to many action movies !!! Anyone who owns a weapon and has been trained knows that when the critical decision has been made to actually point a weapon at someone there is only one option left. Shoot to kill.

Mad Dog

John Craig said...

Tom --
I've never understood people who engage in shootouts with the police. It's called "suicide by cop." Anyone who does it doesn't have any respect for his own life, so he's certainly not going to have any respect for anyone else's, including the cops', so there's no point in taking halfway measures with someone like that.

To tell the truth, I've never even understood people who get stopped by the cops and then mouth off at them. No upside.