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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A great line

I semi-kiddingly castigated a friend the other day for a social error he had made. He laughed and said, "You're absolutely right, man, shame on me! Shame on me!" Then he laughed some more.

I'll have to file that one away for future use, especially given that my usual reaction in those circumstances is denial and defensiveness.

Then again, maybe I should just continue to live up to my middle name.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like your friend is a confident, well-adjusted, man of the world. Was he drinking a Dos Equis @ the time?


John Craig said...

Michael --
Actually, since you ask, this fellow is neither confident, nor well-adjusted, nor a man of the world. as a matter of fact, had he not been fortified with liquid courage (I think it was Dos Equis) at the time, I suspect my gentle teasing would have been met with a flood of tears.

But I was struck by how good the line was.