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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suggestion for Vince

Vince McMahon is the majority owner, chairman, and chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment. He often likes to appear in his own shows as one of the designated villains. When he does, he doesn't let false dignity get in his way of his performance, as the above picture illustrates.

I'll occasionally stumble across a WWE show while channel surfing at night. There's something weirdly compelling about them; I'll often watch for two or three minutes before flipping the channel. The interplay between the professional wrestlers can occasionally be quite funny, especially when McMahon himself appears.

McMahon's wife, Linda, is currently the leading Republican candidate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Chris Dodd in Connecticut. Her main opponent is Democrat Richard Blumenthal, who was recently ensnared by his lies about having served in Vietnam.

Amazingly, even after his exposure as a liar who covered himself with false glory, Blumenthal is still leading Linda McMahon by three points in the polls.

Vince McMahon's next role as a designated villain should be to appear as a fake Vietnam vet, replete with army uniform and fake ribbons.

The WWE fans would love it.

And Vince would certainly be driving home the message about his wife's opponent.

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