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Sunday, May 23, 2010


There are bad manners, and then there are really bad manners.

I just set my USMS record of 2:04.97 for men 55-59 in the 200 yard butterfly on April 11th. Today, at masters nationals, Brad Horner beat that record with a time of 2:03.18.

My record was only six weeks old! It was a cute little neonate of a record, with big eyes and darling dimples and such an innocent, helpless expression on its face. And that spoilsport had to come along and kill it in its infancy.

It was like clubbing a baby seal.

I suppose it could have been worse. Horner was capable of beating the record by an embarrassing margin, but didn't, mostly because he paced it poorly. So I don't feel that bad: if you sorta squint your eyes, it looks as if he only beat it by a second.

But I'm still officially in mourning.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't read this John:
They didn't even mention the bloody and battered baby seal. Now that is rude!

John Craig said...

I did see that. The USMS site only listed the official records as of the beginning of the season, didn't list any of the ones which had been set during the season.

Although, once the seal is dead, to tell the truth, it doesn't really care any more.

Anonymous said...

Here's to the seal's rebirth in due course. Maybe next time it will grow at least to adolescence.
PS I'm sure you also read about the fast Russian kid.

John Craig said...

Guy --
Thank you. I don't think that seal's going to be reborn, to be honest. I've given up on trying to birth it.

What Russian kid? The one from southern California?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Vlad Morozov. A name for 2012?

I think the seal is like Python's parrot - just resting.

John Craig said...

Nah, that seal has been put to rest for once and for all. I don't see a 2:03.17 in my future -- and I'm generally overly optimistic about these things.

I've heard that Morozov is only 6' or 6'1", and he has a great underwater dolphin, which means he's probably better short course than long. I doubt he'll be a big factor in '12, though he could conceivably help their free relays. I do think Izotov could be a huge factor in '12, though, and their free relays are looking very good.