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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feminists bent on proving women unequal

While writing the recent post Finally, a worthwhile protest, I realized that in a strange way, it's actually the feminists who most convincingly demonstrate the differences between the sexes. There is simply no group of men who are the equivalent of left wing feminists.

The example I gave in that post was that feminists complain about unrealistically proportioned Barbie dolls, while men never complain about superhero dolls. But the differences go beyond this.

Another way the feminists prove they are not equal is by criticizing pornography. They say that it dehumanizes and objectifies women. (How many times have we heard this?) Naked men are featured in Playgirl, but there are no men who complain about this.

Feminists like Naomi Wolf complain about the "beauty myth," and how there is so much pressure on girls to be attractive. One never hears men complain about the "machismo myth," and all the pressure on men to be brave and tough and strong, and how this is unfair to men.

You can't see an adventure movie without a hero who's practically a parody of manliness. When men see such a hero, they aspire to be like him. But if feminists see a beautiful heroine, they complain that she represents a false ideal of beauty promulgated by the patriarchal power structure.

Some feminists say that if you've ever had sex while you were drunk, you've been raped. (They actually taught this at my son's high school.) It's a pretty safe assumption that they weren't saying that drunken men are rape victims. But why wouldn't this rule apply to both sexes? (Can two people rape each other at the same time?)

Women occasionally organize races like the NY Mini, where men are not allowed. Men never organize races specifically to exclude women. (There are certainly athletic competitions women don't enter, but it's generally because they can't compete.)

For years, feminists complained that women were numerically underrepresented in colleges and universities. Now that women outnumber men on the campuses, you never hear men complain.

Feminists say that when men stare at women, or crack lewd jokes within their earshot, that constitutes sexual harassment. Women can act as raunchy as they please, and men never complain of harassment.

If men were like feminists, they would complain about how they are overrepresented on Death Row -- even after the difference in murder rates is taken into account. But they're not, so they don't.

Feminists don't really want real equality. They just want rewards without pain.

(Please note, I'm not lumping all women in with feminists; most have far too much common sense to be so doctrinaire.)


Anonymous said...

"When men see such a hero, they aspire to be like him. But if feminists see a beautiful heroine, they complain that she represents a false ideal of beauty promulgated by the patriarchal power structure"

THANK YOU!!! My point exactly. I am sick of women whining about 'the patriarchy' allegedly pressuring them to aspire to look a certain way, when society equally expects this of men (skinny, nerdy guys like me are never protagonists in Hollywood films).

I once told a friend to stop wearing "uncomfortable" women's clothes after she complained to me about them, telling her to just wear whatever comfortable stuff she wanted to instead. She responded by looking at me as if I had two heads, going on about how she wouldn't be fashionable if she did that. There we have it: evidence that it isn't 'the patriarchy' (of which I'm supposedly a member) pressuring women to dress like that, but women themselves choosing to.


John Craig said...

Gethin --
Thank YOU. Yes, the hypocrisy of certain feminists is complete and overwhelming, but don't expect to hear about it in the NY TImes or any other liberal outlet.

The thing is, there are so many places where women ARE subjugated and exploited and abused, like in virtually any Muslim country, and the feminists ought to concentrate on helping those women. Instead, they focus on eradicating any politically incorrect thought or any shred of evidence that there are any gender differences at all, and attribute all differences in achievement to "sexism." Modern feminism in the West is a movement that is at its heart, incredibly silly, and best exemplified by FEMEN.