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Monday, May 6, 2013

"White Hair, Wrinkles Aren't Valid ID at These Drinking Establishments"

An article in the Wall Street Journal from a month ago pointed out that certain drinking establishments are now carding everyone (even 75-year-olds) because to do otherwise is "profiling."

The absolute, final abdication of common sense in favor of political correctness.


bluffcreek1967 said...

This entire liberal phobia over 'profiling' is absurd. Everyone, no matter who they are - including those who deny it - profiles! All it essentially means is that you're alerted to patterns, behavior, and specific information that clues you into what you're looking for - whether it's terrorists, criminals or whatever it might be.

When I was a cop, I 'profiled' all the time - that is, criminally profiled (not racially profiled as commonly understood). In fact, anyone who approaches their job to protect others with a 'blind slate' is completely useless!

One of the reasons that Israeli planes have not been hijacked for a very long time is because they DO profile. They know exactly what kind of person and traits they're looking for, and they don't hesitate to pull people aside and question them until they are fully satisfied.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
You're exactly right. The insanity of this phobia seems to have no end. But, as always in this PC era, nobody ever complains if men are stopped and frisked more than women, or if cops searching for a rape suspect don't look for women.

We should actually be following Israel's lead on our stance toward illegal immigrants as well.

W O D said...

It's best to pretend you don't profile but still do it.

I was wearing a red hoodie and went into a service station to buy a chocolate bar after having dinner down the road (I have a sweet tooth) before I knew it I was grabbed and dragged outside by some cops. I didn't even see the cops!

But as soon as I opened my mouth (with my well spoken english) I could see in their eyes they knew they has the wrong guy. I was profiled in seconds and they were able to go on with their job.

A guy in red hoodie had just held up the chemist down the road.

I was on my way in minutes.

Crap story but hey I'm a little tipsey :)

John Craig said...

W O D --
That's not a crap story, it's interesting. I used to wear hoodies too, in my 20's, before they became a symbol of hoodlums. They're a convenient, cheap way to keep your head warm in winter.