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Monday, September 23, 2013

What's the diff?

One plastic surgery which seems to produce an inordinate percentage of bad results among celebrities is lip plumping:

Here's Donatella Versace, before and after:

And Lisa Rinna:

And Janice Dickinson:

The Mursi and Surma women of Ethiopia use lip plates for ornamentation and also to indicate social status:

The Suya men of Brazil sometimes wear lip plates as well, as a sign of their entrance into manhood:

The styles vary slightly from culture to culture, but one thing all these looks have in common is that none invite kisses.


Anonymous said...

Do Lisa and Donna use the same eyeliner as the Suya guy?

bluffcreek1967 said...

The really crazy thing about women who get their lips plumped is that it NEVER looks natural! I've never once seen it where it looks completely natural - always fake and obvious.

It's funny too because whenever women have it done, most people I imagine stare at them because it appears unnatural and so obviously done with Botox or whatever they use now.

In my view, unless there's some disfiguration or something really unbecoming on your face, you're better off just leaving it alone.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
I've seen some successful plastic surgery results. Michelle Pfeiffer and Marilyn Monroe both had plastic surgery early on, and it helped both of their careers. Even Michael Jackson looked better after his first couple surgeries. The problem is, a lot of these people don't know when to stop, and they end up looking monstrous.

Anonymous said...

A lot of these "stars" (celebrities) are naturally beautiful women. When they have plastic surgery done, much of the time, their true physical beauty is altered, for the worst. I think of Nicole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Lisa Rinna, Cher, etc. - it would be wonderful if they'd let themselves age gracefully, having subtle work done (every now-and-then), where the plastic surgery was hardly noticeable. I don't see how they can look themselves in the mirror and be pleased with what they see.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
I'm with you. Nicole Kidman and Meg Ryan were real beauties, now not so much. I'd consider a 48-year-old Meg Ryan with a few wrinkles still supremely attractive, but now she looks almost freakish.