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Monday, June 19, 2017

Third wave feminists as spoiled children, and their coming clash with Muslims

When parents bend over backwards to indulge a child, that doesn't lessen conflict with the child. Buy the child the dog he wants, then he wants a horse. Buy the horse he wants, then he wants another horse. It just keeps going until eventually the parents have to say no. And, inevitably, the child, who is used to getting his way, throws a fit.

Looking at the evolution of feminism over the years, it's hard not to see a parallel.

First wave feminism, which extends back to the 19th century, was about things like the right to own property, execute a will, attend college, and vote. Today these all seem like very fundamental rights, and no one argues with them.

Second wave feminism extended from the 1960's to the 1980's. It was concerned with issues like abortion rights, the establishment of rape crisis centers and battered women's shelters, changes in divorce law, the glass ceiling, and Title IX. (Title IX was first established to provide the opportunity for girls to compete in scholastic sports, though it has since been used as justification for more controversial things.)

Third wave feminism is generally considered to have started in the early 1990's. It's the third wave which has given us the knowledge that if a man cracks a dirty joke in the presence of a woman, that constitutes sexual harassment.

It's the third wave which has informed us that women are fragile, helpless creatures who after a mere two drinks are incapable of giving sexual consent -- but at the same time, women are capable of being Army Rangers, and mixing it up with the roughest and toughest of men.

Third wave feminists have agitated for 18 weeks paid pregnancy leaves while simultaneously using the mantra "equal pay for equal work."

The third wave has pushed the "free the nipple" movement, insisting that women should have the right to walk around bare-chested too. But they have also decreed that if a man stares at a woman, that constitutes sexual harassment.

The third wave has given us slutwalks, Take Back the Night, and Hollaback.

Some feminists now insist that the government should pay not only for all contraception, but should also provide free tampons as well, since men don't have periods. After all, fair is fair.

And some have tried to redefine beauty so that slimness is no longer a prerequisite. And they have termed those who prefer slenderness to be "fat-shamers." (If you can redefine truth, why not beauty?)

It seems to be human nature that the more you get, the more you want. No matter how unreasonable and ridiculous and self-indulgent it makes you sound.

The ironic thing is, almost all of these feminists are Leftists through and through, meaning that they support virtually all Leftist goals, including increased Muslim immigration. What will happen if they get their wish?

Many of the Muslims who come to this country would like to repeal first wave feminism.

In many of the cultures they come from, women can't vote. Or drive. Or attend school.

How will the wearing of burkhas accommodate the Free the Nipple movement?

Will The Vagina Monologues have to be adapted as the Clitoris-less Monologues?

And will the anti-slut-shaming movement be hampered at all by slut-stoning-to-death? Or by honor killings?

The coming culture clash will be interesting to watch. I don't support the importation of a medieval culture. On the other hand, the feminists do seem a little overdue for some un-spoiling.

Perhaps the Muslims will be the fourth wave of feminism -- the tidal wave that washes away all feminism has achieved so far.


Steven said...

You have to hear what Jordan Peterson has to say about this. I think CH has said something similar.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, interesting: the same women who have driven "toxic masculinity" out of the West now long for it in the form of Islam. I wonder. If that's the case, I'm sure very few of them are consciously aware of it.

I liked his line, "Men test ideas; women test men."

Mark Caplan said...

Feminists might like that Shari'ah is very tough on rape. The penalty for rape is death by stoning. Under Shari'ah, the 60 women who accused Bill Cosby of rape would all be stoned to death. Lead accuser Andrea Constand would be stoned to death twice, once for complaining to the authorities she was raped and once for having a sexual relationship with another woman.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Ha, yes, I've heard about that. I vaguely remember hearing about an American (or was it European?) woman in Dubai who complained to the authorities there that she had been raped, and they immediately clapped her in jail for extramarital sex or some such charge.

Anonymous said...

my sense is the women not being stared at really resent the woman who are being stared at so they take their wrath out on the starees

John Craig said...

Anon --
I think you're right. (I'm assuming you meant "starers" at the end there.)

It IS striking that almost all of the women who participate in those slutwalks, and take back the night marches, and complain about the rape culture on campus, would not attract a lot of male attention otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...would it be considered sexual harassment if a male talk show host spent a great deal of time trying to get Charlize Theron to take off her the audience can see what a great body she has? Was it sexual harassment when Ellen Degeneris spent quite a bit of time...on her talk show... trying to get Jake Gyllenhaal to take his shirt off for the audience when it was very obvious that he was embarrassed and did not want to take his shirt off? In both cases, it would be for the sexual gratification of the "looker" so did Ellen Degeneris sexually harass Gyllenhaal?

John Craig said...

Anon --
I'm not familiar with either of shots instances, and from your description of them, I personally wouldn't consider it harassment in either case, both people are actors who spend a great deal of time trying to stay in shape, in fact their careers depend on it, and I suspect they're only too proud to show off their wares, and I also suspect that neither of them was quite as shy -- or modest -- as they were pretending to be.

I'm assuming that because you're posing the question, the male talk show host was accused of sexual harassment, whereas Degeneres wasn't. And you're right, in a balanced world either both or neither case should be considered that.

I'm not suggesting it SHOULD be a balanced world: men and women are different. But as a rule the feminists only want those differences to be taken into account when it's convenient for them, which comes across awfully hypocritical at times. (As in the examples I gave in this post.)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I didn't frame the question better. The situation with Theron didn't happen and if it did happen, I imagine that feminists would be in arms. However, the situation with Gyllenhaal DID happen and there was not a peep. Although I didn't frame the scenario well, you still got my point.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Just looked, I had a typo in my reply to you, I meant to say "those instances," not "shot instances." Autocorrect always manages to turn a decipherable typo into a brand new word which makes no sense.

Okay, gotcha. I"m not sure the feminists would be up in arms about Theron, but who knows, maybe they would. People getting movie stars to show off their figures are generally not a flashpoint for feminist fury. And I see the Gyllenhaal thing as totally harmless. But yes, I do get your point about double standards, and i agree with you about that.

Anonymous said...

i imagine the blog would get more "readers" if we were treated Charlize Theron without her shirt.

Because you know your audience is interested in art. to paraphrase the Supreme court guy , we know a knockout when we see one.

John Craig said...

Anon --
It undoubtedly would. I've put up a few pictures in the past of topless women, mostly the FEMEN group, who protest topless. But I also got a warning from Google (who hosts this blog) that I can't use such pictures (after somebody complained).

No question about Theron's beauty. In fact, I just Google-imaged "Charlize Theron topless" and there are what appear to be some real pictures of her (along with some obvious fakes). That may be a little hypocritical on Google's part, but I'm not about to take them on.