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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Those jacked Brazilians

Seven weeks ago I wrote a post about how Brazilian Nicholas Santos, age 36, had just swum a 50 meter butterfly in 22.61, the fastest time in history in a textile suit. I segued from there into an description of how steroids mold the body.

Last night reported that Brazilian Henrique Martins, 25, had swum a 50 meter butterfly in 22.70, the third fastest textile time in history. 

Here is a picture of the 5'10" Martins from 2012 (he's on the left):

And here is another picture of him from circa 2012:

Here is a more recent shot of Martins:

You've got to hand it to those Brazilians. They really know how to put on the muscle.


Anonymous said...

just spoke with a doctor that was planning on opening an androgen clinic (non sports related). they think that steroids are being underutilized among the general population, and there are some amazing drugs that are very easy to use, both steroids and drugs that affect androgen receptors.


John Craig said...

Frank --
I'm sure that used in moderation they have beneficial uses, especially among the elderly.