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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

"Video shows 'abducted' jogger unshackled, running to safety"

That sexy spokesmodel for Munchausen Syndrome, Sherri Papini, may have been lying about her purported kidnapping a year ago, but she certainly wasn't lying about being a jogger, as the video embedded in this article shows.

You can see her in the background in the first part of the clip, moving along at quite a respectable pace.

And if her original story is true, and if she was in fact wearing shackles while running like that she'd be an amazing athlete indeed.

Especially after two straight weeks of being starved and beaten.  


Anonymous said...

Sherry reminds me of Miley Cyrus. Make of that what you will.

What do you make of all these Hollywood revelations? The hits keep coming. Didn't you say that it would all blow over? It hasn't. Latest scalps is Louis CK.

I know I shouldn't but in a weird way I feel sorry for all these guys. They went into show biz so that they could get away from the usual rules. Weinstein threatening and harassing his victims is the real crime, IMO. But masturbating in front of them? What's the big deal?

It should go without saying, but I have to say it, that I don't feel this way about the pedophiles. Throw the book at them. Some of what Spacey did fell into that category, but a lot of the guys he groped were of age.


John Craig said...

Lolly --
Is the resemblance you see physical or mental? I can sorta see both, now that you mention it: they're both cute in a very feminine way, and they both seem awfully needy.

I'm actually writing a post about what you're talking about right now, I'll put it up by tomorrow morning. it's ridiculous that some unproven allegations can ruin somebody's career. With some of them, like Weinstein, who evidently raped a few of his victims, they obviously deserve some prison time. But some of the allegations fall into the category of awkward passes and dirty talk, neither of which strike me as being as big a deal as they are currently being made out to be. Masturbating in front of them is indecent exposure, and ought to be treated as that.

I still think the #Metoo thing will eventually blow over. (Though you're right, it's only gained steam so far.) If men didn't make awkward passes, the human race would have ceased to exist long ago.

I tell you what, I'll put up the new post this evening, partly because of your question.

Anonymous said...

Re Sherry. I was thinking physical but now that you mention it, the whole aura is similar. So smiley and cute.

I'll wait until your post to respond about that. Just gonna say that show biz has always been a world apart. A long time ago someone wrote a book called Hollywood Babylon.


John Craig said...

Lolly --
Just put up the post.

I read that book. After all the recent stuff, that now seems like the good old days.

Anonymous said...

Why was Sherri running so EARLY in the morning, in an empty parking lot? Her story is VERY fishy. I don't believe a word if it.

- Susan

John Craig said...

Susan --
Couldn't agree more. At this point I doubt anybody -- beside her husband, evidently -- believes her. And he'll probably come around soon enough.

Anonymous said...

unrelated to post, but

I thought you might enjoy turning your "psychopath alert" eyes onto Keith Raniere

the story has heiresses, sex cult, actresses, branding with hot irons = ALL FOUR PARTS OF A COMPLETE BREAKFAST

(you may already be on it, you are fairly all-seeing, heehee)


John Craig said...

You're absolutely right, Rainiere is a sociopath. No such thing as a guy who operates a Ponzi scheme who's not a sociopath, and no such thing as a cult leader who's not a sociopath. Both scream con man, which is what Raniere is.

I'll put him on my list of possible topics.

Thanks for bringing him to my attention, I'd actually never heard of him before.