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Sunday, November 26, 2017


I got a comment from someone who called herself "Redhead Girl" recently on the post about Dr. Michelle Oakley, and that got me to thinking about how I've simply never found redheads attractive. I'm not suggesting there's any rhyme or reason to this: attraction is purely subjective, so trying to analyze it in some superficially objective way is essentially silly.

(Not that that's stopped me in the past.)

In my case, it may have something to do with the fact that for others, red hair is a plus, and so I've had various redheads pointed out to me as beautiful, and I always think, nah, with those features, if she were a brunette, she'd be pretty ordinary-looking, so what's the big deal?

To prove myself right, I Google-imaged "beautiful redheads." I kept scrolling through the pictures, and thinking, aha, I was right, these women simply don't attract me. Even though some actually were beautiful, which means that maybe it's the hair color itself which puts me off.

Then, I ran across this picture --

-- and actually got that old, breathless, high school feeling of having a crush.

Sometimes, it's gratifying to be proven wrong.


l 800X said...

There is something different about gingers:

"We discovered that 76 per cent of white British converts to radical Islam had red hair. In the Daily Mail archives, 69 per cent of white Brits lured into jihadism or the orbit of an extremist preacher were ginger. The number was similar for the Mirror and the Telegraph. The Guardian yielded a full 100 per cent redhead rate for the stories we sampled."

John Craig said...

1 800X --
That's hard to believe.

Not Dave said...

John -
Vive la difference! That being said I can find all hair colors attractive but seem to prefer brunettes most. The woman's photo you posted, yes. With blue or green eyes a ginger can be captivating. I don't even mind the freckles and fair skin. Maybe it's because I'm part Scottish. That also may be a reason I'm not as big a fan of blondes as most.

John Craig said...

1 800X --
Wow, my apologies, I thought you might have been kidding, but that's a real thing. Don't know what to make of it. (But maybe I was right to shy away.)

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
There seem to be an awful lot of guys who prefer blondes, but I'm with you, for some reason am usually more drawn to brunettes.

Not Dave said...

John -
Too many fake blondes over the years have done them in for me. Damaged, dry hair is just yucky. Natural blondes generally are better looking.

Maybe preferences come from what color hair your mother had.

John Craig said...

Not Dave --
That Oedipal angle has occurred to me. You do see a fair number of guys around with women who look something like what their mothers must have.

Anonymous said...

That redhead is astonishing. (I'm a straight woman.)

In an effort to verify the ginger/Islam thing I looked around and found this. It's not really what the commenter was talking about but here it is because I noticed something about all the converts. They all seem like they came from empty, sad, backgrounds. (The first woman looks like a ginger.)


John Craig said...

Lolly --
Well we had the same reaction to the beauty, but I had a different reaction to the article you linked. I was actually impressed by all of the women; I'm guessing that Veronique Mistiaen, who compiled that list, tried to find the most accomplished, articulate converts she could as a positive advertisement for Islam. The first woman, Ioni Sullivan, actually made Islam sound appealing. (And I didn't get the impression that they came from empty, sad backgrounds.)

I looked up Mistiaen, and sure enough, she sounds very much like a left winger. I also Google-imaged her, out of curiosity, and coincidentally enough, she seems to be a redhead (in at least a few of the photos).

Also, I got the impression that there were three women in that article who had reddish, or at least auburn, hair: The first one, Sullivan, and Chishti, and possibly Backer as well. Sometimes it's hard to tell from just one picture.

Wyowanderer said...

Red's my Kryptonite.

John Craig said...

Wyowanderer --
Ha, I'll assume you mean that in the sense of, an overwhelming attraction to them.