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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of all of ACORN's many transgressions.... of the most egregious is that their front line operatives were stupid enough to buy this guy's pimp act.

James O'Keefe, above, with co-undercover investigator Hannah Giles, looks more like Ichabod Crane. Or like a prep school bullying victim. He certainly wouldn't have stood a chance against those 13 year old Salvadoran girls he said he was going to turn out.

Granted, he wasn't dressed like that when he visited the ACORN offices with Hannah Giles. He borrowed his grandfather's old derby hat, threw on his mother's ratty old chinchilla, and carried a cane he bought at a dollar store. My, what a great disguise. (It has to rank right up there with Clark Kent's glasses.)

The good folks at ACORN also took Hannah for a prostitute.....well, that's more understandable. (She looks like Ashley Dupre's younger sister.)

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