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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Machismo personified

A few days ago I noticed that my 18-year-old son's facial hair isn't as thick as mine. I took the opportunity -- as any good father would -- to point out to him that I have more testosterone than he does.

"Johnny," I explained to him. "All that testosterone coursing through my veins is why I have better muscle definition. It's why I can do more pull-ups. And it's why I have violence in my soul. You should consider yourself lucky, actually, that you don't get all those violent urges that I do."

Without missing a beat, Johnny replied, very dryly, "Yeah, I've noticed, Dad. Like when you get those violent urges to go read celebrity gossip. Or maybe watch the Sound of Music. And sometimes you get so violent you have to rush out to actually buy the CD of a musical."

(I'm guilty of all those things.)

The truth is, my son is more masculine than me, so whenever I notice something indicating otherwise, I feel obliged to point it out.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like cleverer in the parry than you were in the attack. Better work on the riposte.

John Craig said...

Guy, once again, you're right. Problem is, I HAVE no answer to what he said.

Anonymous said...

The Sound of Music?!?! Is there an unrated, uncut DVD version I don't know about?


John Craig said...

Michael -- Sorry about the delay in responding, I got caught up in "South Pacific."

The unrated version of The Sound of Music? You mean the one where Julie Andrews does a pole dance? It does exist, but I'm afraid I have no interest in it.