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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner on steroids?

Here's my theory, which I can't prove, but which makes perfect sense: Anthony Weiner went on steroids. Maybe he thought it would make him look more dynamic when he ran for mayor of New York City; maybe he just got tired of being such a skinny geek. Weiner, an ex-hockey player, is not an active competitor, so it wasn't as if he wanted to cheat at his sport; he would have juiced more for aesthetic reasons, in the Jersey Shore spirit.

Check out the picture in the post below. Weiner has definition between his pectoral muscles, the way juicers do. And his arms look puffed up, plus he has visible trapezius muscles (the ones which run from the shoulder to the neck). These are both common effects of steroids. Yet his neck is still relatively thin; for some reason steroids tend not to affect the neck muscles as much.

And note how Weiner was so proud of his new found muscles that he shaved his chest, the better to show them off. 

By all accounts steroids give you an insatiable sex drive, along with a feeling of invulnerability. This combination can cause people to behave very indiscreetly. This is what happened to Tiger. And Lance. And Arnold. And now Anthony.

In the previous post, I complimented Weiner on his unexpected manliness. I should have realized it probably came from the inside of a vial.


Anonymous said...

The steroid theory of Weiner's behavior makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

wow. i found this post because i googled anthony weiner steroids because i was wondering the same thing and wanted to see if there was any content on it. i don't know about steroids causing him to be a stupid perv on social media, but his appearance as you describe, his ferocious arguing on the congressional floor AND all those veins that are always popping out all over his head and neck made me wonder.

Anonymous said...

ha ha. and check out this headline from 2008: Congressman Anthony Weiner wants FBI to end Roger Clemens investigation

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
Good observation, I noticed that Clemens thing too, after I wrote this post.

As I said, I certainly can't prove it but I'd give odds that he did.

Jonathan Leaf said...

Smart. I bet you're right.

John Craig said...

Thanks Jon.