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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Given how the media went all-Trayvon-all-the-time for a couple weeks recently, it's surprisingly how little publicity the Tulsa killings have gotten.

There were a lot of histrionics about how Trayvon was hunted down and shot simply because he was a young black man -- which appears untrue. There is evidently a witness who confirms that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman, as well as a police report saying that Zimmerman had injuries consistent with that story.

Meanwhile, in Tulsa, three men were hunted down and killed simply because they were black.

So why hasn't this case generated more outrage? Some would say it's because the two killers were apprehended and bail was set at nine million dollars apiece, so justice was done. Still, given the media's penchant for over-reporting white-on-black violence and under-reporting the reverse, you'd think this case would have gotten more air time.

The first explanation may be that one of the two killers behind the murders, Jake England, above left, is about as white as George Zimmerman: he is evidently part-Cherokee. (The other man, Alvin Watts, is more conventionally white.) The other reason may be that England's hatred of blacks stems from his father having been shot and killed by a black man. (This certainly doesn't excuse England's crime, but does make it more comprehensible.)

Both of these facts would muddy the narrative favored by the media, which is that evil whites simply like to gun down innocent blacks for no reason other than garden variety racism.

Still, regardless of England's skin tone and motivation, he is actually guilty of what Zimmerman has been accused of. So the silence surrounding this case is fairly deafening.

Who knows, maybe the media had just yelled themselves hoarse about Zimmerman.

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