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Monday, June 15, 2015


It's just a silly comedy, but it's well done and surprisingly enjoyable. You won't regret seeing it.


Bsrealm said...

She did that fat episode of Louie ck some time back. She tried to tell Louie a popular successful rich funny guy that he should settle for her a fat butt ugly chick. For fucks sake.

Louis ck sexual harassment. You heard it here first Johnny boy.

Also speaking of deadly sports saw a May Thai match recently. Scary. Small 5'8 guys who could cripple you. Very lithe guys.

John Craig said...

Bsrealm --
I"d never go see a movie becauseMelissa McCarthy was in it, but she was excellent in "Spy.' I have to suspect that Louis CK put her up to that speech.

You're right about those Muay Thai guys, they're deadly, and very tough.
Johnny boy

bsrealm said...

Also look Mencius moldbug. Great writing very subversive. Also do a series of predictions about future of USA as a well please. People predict separation by race by 2030

John Craig said...

Bsrealm --
Just glanced at Moldbug, will take a longer look later.

I can't predict the future, only analyze the present. I doubt we'll be separated by race by 2030 though (that would leave me in dire straits, being Eurasian myself). We do seem to be headed in that general direction though.