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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

"College bans energy drinks: 'They lead to high-risk sex'"

Has there ever been a better advertisement for energy drinks?

Red Bull, Rockstar, and Monster couldn't have paid for this kind of publicity.


Lucian Lafayette said...

I read the article and the crux appears that some student with a hyphenated last name argued that energy drinks violate the principles of the food service. The student's research is highly flawed even without using a double blind study. The operating principals of the cafeteria do not appear to include producing tasty food.

John Craig said...

Luke --
C'mon, students have to have SOMETHING to protest about.

Kamisher-Koch's premise seems to be that 25% of the time when students consume high energy drinks, they also have alcohol, as if the high energy drinks have a causative effect. All that is really happening, of course, is that when students feel like getting drunk, they add energy drinks to the mix so that their inebriation is more exhilarating, not the other way around. But Kamisher-Koch got it backwards.

Lucian Lafayette said...

The conclusion I can draw is that college students tend to do foolish things. Then again, that is hardly a radically new discovery. ;)