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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Brock Lesnar, Neanderthal

I had likened the professional wrestler Triple H --

-- to a Neanderthal in this post from last August because he resembled an artist's recreation of one:

(Neanderthals were known to have prominent brow ridges as well as powerful builds.

MMA champ Brock Lesnar was in the news yesterday for having failed a drug test, and I happened to stumble across this picture of him with Triple H:

I was struck by how much more protuberant Lesnar's brow ridges are. And not only does his forehead recede, the back of his head recedes in the other direction, giving him a weirdly prehistoric look. Lesnar's receding forehead is even more apparent in this picture:

His pose, with the wide open mouth, reminded me of a gorilla, and when I Google-imaged "screaming gorilla," I came across this picture:

They appear to have equally back-sloping foreheads (and a similar hairstyle to boot).

For some reason I've always found it fascinating when humans seem to revert to a more primitive type.

Anyway, it's okay, you can now breathe a big sigh of relief that this was not another "racist" post.

You see, comparing whites to gorillas is perfectly acceptable.


Anonymous said...

At my job, there was a lot of laughing about the dearly departed Harambe, along the lines of "He was the best father that kid ever had," "gave that boy some discipline, what he needed," "Harambe for father of the year," "Harambe baby-daddy", etc. The biggest joke-crackers were Dominican men.

Steven said...

wow I like a bit of a brow ridge but Brock's sloping forehead is alarming. I like how hard he looks though.

It is deemed acceptable to compare a white individual to a gorilla because nobody ever compares whites as a race to gorillas.

did you see the English guy who deadlifted 500kg recently?

John Craig said...

Anon --
Yeah, while I was looking for pictures of gorillas just now I noticed a whole meme devoted to Harambe, with similar sentiments expressed.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yeah, I wouldn't have minded going through life looking like Lesnar. I suspect he'll eventually pay a price for all the steroids he's ingested, though. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his diverticulitis is somehow indirectly a result of that.

I'm not sure that fully explains it.

I hadn't seen the life (just watched it), though I had seen the headlines. Wiki lists the world record as 1180 pounds, and 500 kilos equates to 1100 pounds, but I guess there's some dispute as to whether hand grips are allowed, what type of grip you can use (forwards or backwards), how long the bar has to be held, and what type of bar is used. But yeah, incredibly impressive either way.

Kanye Malboro said...

na a gorilla resembles none other more than the sexy chocolate mark henry

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, the first 'anon' was me, Puzzled.

You have a wicked sense of humor, John. Even the picture of the gorilla is amusing. ROAR!!

Do you happen to remember the website where you saw the Harambe memes? Just curious. And not to bead a dead horse (sorry) but I do think the zoo did the right thing even if I despise the whole stupid Gregg family, and think that none of them would be a loss to society if they died, and that killing Harambe was a tragedy - of sorts. If they hadn't killed Harambe there would have been hell to pay, and sometimes you just have to suck it up and do ugly shit.

John Craig said...

Puzzled --
If you Google Image "screaming gorilla," then scroll down until you see a picture of a gorilla with the words, "I was killed because a bitch wasn't watching her child," click on that, and that will lead to a bunch of photos with similar captions.

Agree completely, the zoo had no choice but to do as it did. If the gorilla had somehow unintentionally hurt that child, the sky would have come falling down, all the usual suspects would have been screaming racism because the zoo hadn't killed the gorilla quickly enough.

Joe Carpenter said...

To creo q Borck Lesnar y Nikolay valuev los dos luchadores de MMA, tienen los dos el craneo igual y si los comparas con el creaneo del hombre de neandertal son idénticos, podrian ser descendientes de Neandertales?

John Craig said...

Joe --
Sorry, I don't speak Spanish. Can anyone translate for me?

Joe Carpenter said...

Brock lesnar is Hybrid Cromagnoid-neandertal confirmed and nordic red