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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The silent majority

There've been a couple of headlines recently about how a new poll on Trump's immigration ban on those seven countries has "surprising" results. Evidently 55% of respondents favor the ban, while 33% disapprove. Trump's executive order to revoke federal funding for sanctuary cities is approved by the same margin, 55% to 33%.

According to Business Insider, Trump's order to approve immediate construction of a wall along the border with Mexico is met with 48% approval against 42% disapproval. And his order to withdraw from the Trans Pacific Partnership has 47% approval vs. 33% disapproval.

The only reason any of these results would be "surprising" is because all of the noise has been made by opponents of Trump. they are the ones marching in the streets, protesting, and in some cases rioting. They seems to think that if they show up to these events in large enough numbers, they will give the impression that "the people" are rising up against the horrible dictator in the White House.

"The people," and their allies in the MSM. they certainly seem to have convinced themselves.

But, all the tumult and uproar that these groups generate is misleading. Because the majority of people realize that Trump is making commonsensical moves to protect Americans.

Richard Nixon used to refer to this group as the "silent majority." He was right, too, because he was elected twice. Behavior patterns don't change: the Left made all the noise back then, too.


Anonymous said...

Shia LaBeouf's "He will not divide us" comes to mind.

What does he mean?

The country is clearly divided.

A majority actually favor's Trump's more controversial actions to date.

Is LaBeouf suggesting Trump will not divide the minority who are protesting against Trump? Or is he attempting to portray the falsehood that the country is united against Trump and will not be divided?

Perhaps closer to the truth would be something like this: Obama's policies were clearly divisive. But the group on the short end of the stick was largely polite, respectful and willing to live within the political system and rule of law. Trump's policies are also divisive: but those who disagree are resorting to violence and intimidation, rioting, and the attempt to make the country ungovernable.

- Ed

John Craig said...

Ed --
Well put.

As far as Shia LaBoeuf, I don't know how familiar you are with him, but he's a complete nutcase. He used to be built like a (pre-steroid) Justin Bieber, and has since gone on steroids himself, now seems to think he's some kind of tough guy. One time a police officer tried to arrest him and LaBeouf told him he was in the Army. Lots of stories like that that make it impossible to take anything he says seriously.

But as far as the liberal line that Trump is somehow "dividing" the country (which was obviously already divided), that's ridiculous. Trump is doing exactly as he said he wold during the campaign, and the Left still hasn't ended its collective temper tantrum over his election. Your analysis is perfect. Obama's opponents didn't make nearly as much noise as Trump's do, plus the media was constantly on Obama's side, downplaying the various scandals of his administration, so his eight years seemed a lot more peaceful, domestically.