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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Further indication Amy Cooper is a sociopath

In the previous post I pointed out that Amy Cooper was almost certainly a sociopath. Yesterday the NY Post ran an article, Central Park 'Karen' Amy Cooper reportedly tried to have her doorman fired.

A few excerpts:

Alison Faircloth, one of Cooper's neighbors at her Upper West Side apartment, recalled finding
Cooper "on the verge of tears" after a confrontation with the building's doorman last winter, the New York Times reported. 

The neighbor says Cooper told her the doorman had apparently cursed at her for no reason and she vowed to have him fired, the outlet reported. 

But when Faircloth asked the doorman for his side of the story, he said Cooper had complained about a malfunctioning elevator, then hurled curses at him after forcing her way into a security booth, the outlet said. 

Cooper had to be removed by a security guard, the doorman said, according to Faircloth.

Trying to get a doorman fired on false pretenses is the kind of behavior you'd expect from a sociopath. Sociopaths will anger at the most innocuous behavior, and somehow always manage to convince themselves of their own righteousness.

In this instance, had the doorman been black, he would likely have interpreted this incident in a racial light.

"There's always a narrative from her about someone who has done her wrong," the neighbor told the outlet.

Sociopaths have a unique ability to see themselves as victims, even when they're the victimizer.

Aside from the confrontation with the doorman, other neighbors knew Cooper to be "combative" with other dog walkers and staff at the building, the outlet reported.

"There was a sense of entitlement," Marisol De Leon told the Times, adding Cooper would often walk her dog, Henry, without a leash and would become angry when told not to. 

"Combative"is the perfect word for sociopaths. They love to pick fights, then fight dirty.

Had those other dog walkers and staff been black, they, too, would likely have seen their interactions in a racial light. And voila, we would have had a "West Side Karen." But a sociopath will go after anybody, of any race, on the slightest pretext.

Cooper is not a "racist" who happens to also be unpleasant. She's a sociopath who leaves everyone in her path feeling burned. Everyone needs to understand that sociopaths like Cooper will go after anyone who crosses them and will lie shamelessly to get their way. There's nothing they won't stoop to.

Black people in a sociopath's way will often assume they ran up against a racist whose ill will was a function of their race. (Their underlying assumption here seems to be that an Amy Cooper is perfectly pleasant to other white people.) With Christian Cooper, she did use his race against him. But the key to understanding an Amy Cooper is to realize that she will use any means possible to go after anyone who crosses her.

And the overall racial climate is not improved by the fact that whenever the media hears of an incident involving an entitled white woman and a black person they turn it into national news. Amy Cooper was undoubtedly just as nasty and dishonest in all those other encounters involving whites. But none of those would have initially been reported to and by the media.


GT said...

She called twice - called to second time to report he assaulted her

If not for the video, how would this have played out in the media?

A: All women should be believed when it comes to assault
B: Black man harassed by White women with racial slurs
C: Media would not have picked up the story as there is no clear identity politics winner

John Craig said...

GT --
I did see an article about that in the NY Post this morning. The one thing the article didn't make clear, however, was wether the nature of the assault was sexual. I hope -- for the sake of the truth -- that she reported it that way, as that would make even clearer that she's a liar, given that Christian Cooper is gay. But I'm guessing it wasn't reported that way, but merely as a regular assault.

As far as how it might have played out without the video, who knows. In terms of the pecking order of victimhood, blacks tend to rank higher than women. And given all of the news reports of "Karens" this year, I'd have to think this would have played out as another Karen incident, especially since there was exactly zero evidence of an assault. In any case, I'm glad Christian Cooper took that video so there's no doubt.

GT said...

Yes - very glad he took the video - took away all the possible spin -

GT said...

Amy Cooper is suing her former employer - got to love it

Amy was caught being a bully sociopath. Now she wants to be the victim

"In the complaint, Cooper said the company’s actions’ “caused her such severe emotional distress that she was suicidal”. She is seeking unspecified damages for race and gender discrimination, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence, according to Reuters."

John Craig said...

GT --
I did see that in the NY Post, thanks. Yes, straight out of the sociopathic playbook. They love to see themselves as victims, even though they're almost inevitably the victimizers.

The wonderful thing about "emotional distress" is that it can never be disproved. How do you prove that someone never in fact had suicidal thoughts?

I hope she has to pay the opposing side's legal costs.

GT said...

And the story continues... She had no choice but to call the cops - she felt a bike helmet could have been used as a weapon

White woman in viral video says she had no choice but to call police on Black bird-watcher

John Craig said...

GT --
Thanks for that. I had seen the headline earlier, but hadn't read the article. Sociopaths never come clean, they just cover up their previous lies with more lies.

I'm generally sympathetic to whites who feel threatened by young black men, after all, they do commit a high percentage of violent street crime. But this guy was a soft-spoken, solitary, gay bird-watcher wearing (I forget) either a pair of binoculars or a camera, not typical thug equipment. And her history is one of creating conflict at her apartment building (and I'm sure elsewhere as well).

And the bike helmet cold have been used as a weapon? The more narcissistic (or sociopathic) the personality, the lamer the excuses.