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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


A special election is being held today to determine the replacement for disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner in a solidly Democratic district in Brooklyn and Queens. The election is surprisingly close, with the most recent poll showing Republican candidate Bob Turner enjoying a very slight edge.

Anthony Weiner showed up to vote, and was asked by a reporter if it would be his fault if the Republicans gained a seat out of the scandal.

There is, of course, only one straightforward and honest answer to that question: yes.

Had Weiner not wanted to give so direct a reply, he could have answered with a Gallic shrug, tacitly accepting blame.

Or he could have held up his hands and ruefully answered, "What can I say?"

But, because he is Anthony Weiner, he did neither of those things. Instead he replied, "If you made a list of ten fervent defenders of Democratic ideals, I would be on it."

The wonderful thing about personalities is that they never, ever change.

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