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Monday, September 12, 2011


Serena Williams is in trouble again for having having threatened an official at the U.S.Open. This time, after being called for yelling "Come on!" after hitting the ball, she evidently told the lineswoman that if she ever saw her walking down a corridor, to walk the other way. (Two years ago, after being called for a foot fault, she threatened to shove a tennis ball down the lineswoman's throat.)

If she said those things, well, there's no misinterpreting either comment. Both go against the rules -- and spirit -- of tennis and Serena should be penalized accordingly. But I can't help but wonder whether the officials find her appearance prejudicial. Do other tennis players get called as frequently for foot faults? And are they called the same way on their tantrums? (I'm not a tennis fan, I have no idea.)

Either way, her parents weren't very prescient when they named her Serena.

Serena does look as if she could be Mike Tyson's sister -- you know, the one who used to bully him and beat him up until he was maybe 17 or so.

Pretty much all she'd have to say to scare me is "Good morning."

Addendum, same day: U.S. Open officials have decided to fine Serena $2000 for her outburst. So now, instead of making $1.4 million at the tournament, she'll only win $1.398 million. Yep. That'll show her.


Curt Flood said...

Bit of a delayed comment here but...

I found this shocking. This guy is treated by millenial journalists like its a young Hitler on the tour. Shouldn't even be allowed at events, announcers shouldnt say anything nice about him..etc.
After reading the article and all of the "evidence" against him.....he basically just seems like a pretty rational, reasonable (if right-leaning) guy. Basically, he has the same opinions I have and I find it hard to believe I'd be considered some loon.

He also basically just doesnt like Serena. Isnt it sexist to think you cant like a female pro athlete? It's not like we'd all think he was a racist assh** if he didn't like Lebron

John Craig said...

Curt Flood --
Coincidentally I just heard about this guy for the first time earlier today. I've now read two articles about him (including the one you sent) and still haven't heard exactly what he said about politics, only that he sees to have crossed some boundaries set by the Left.

As ar as not liking Serena, again, after reading those two articles I don't know exactly what it was he said about her, but you make a good point, spats happen all the time: is she off limits because she's black and female? (Again, I have no idea exactly what it was he said.)

The feminists definitely want it both ways: they're tough and physical enough to be Army Rangers and Marines, and anything a man can do, they can do better. But at the same time they're evidently incapable of making a simple yes or no decision when it comes to having sex after just two drinks, and if you crack a dirty joke in their presence it will offend their delicate sensibilities.