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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The World Track and Field Championships this past week highlighted once again what an appealing, refreshingly lighthearted and playful character Usain Bolt is.

As recently as early '08, most sprinters would put on their game faces and try to intimidate their opponents with glares and the like. But then along came Usain, who clowned around behind the starting blocks and then blew them away on the track. It was as if his opponents all thought they were supposed to act like Sonny Liston, and then along came the prancing, preening Cassius Clay/Usain Bolt, with his new style of doing things. He rewrote the playbook and made his opponents look foolish. 

What a coincidence that the greatest sprinter of all time would also happen to be the most fun-loving -- and also the best-looking.

The following Youtube videos give a sense of Bolt's happy-go-lucky personality:

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