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Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've recently started to take a supplement you can get over the counter at GNC, called Androbolix. It's supposed to be a testosterone precursor, i.e., it's not anything that's illegal athletically, it's just a mixture of herbs and seeds (testofen, fenugreek, etc.) that are supposed to convert more readily into testosterone than most foods do.

So far I haven't noticed any positive changes. My muscles are still barely visible to the naked eye, and my sex drive is such ancient history that there hasn't even been a perceptible placebo effect.

The one effect that I have noticed, however, is that I am now, at age 59, getting zits.

Hey, at least that's something.

At a certain level, I should probably be proud that I can still get them at my age. In fact, just this morning I noticed some new soreness around my right nostril.

We all have to have something to take pride in.

And even if I am a sexless little wimp, at least I feel young again!

Perhaps if I keep taking this stuff -- which I plan to -- the next effect will be that I will revert to the overwhelming awkwardness of my youth. (As opposed to the sporadic variety I currently suffer from.)

Who knows, maybe after that I'll even start believing liars again, as I did in my tender years.

I have much to look forward to.


lowly said...

I'd try some of that Anabolix, but I've gotten used to not scrapping with the better half. Is a peaceful domestic life worth reduced testosterone levels?

John Craig said...

Lowly --
No comment. (Don't want to get in trouble.)

I will say I haven't noticed any differences in my temper since taking this stuff.