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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tiger and schadenfreude

Is anyone else enjoying an inward smile of satisfaction about how Tiger Woods is failing to win any majors besides me?

I suppose I feel more than the normal amount of schadenfreude partly because of jealousy. Tiger made an awful lot of money over the years. And he got an awful lot of adulation, not only from the fans, but from the media, which, as you would expect, fell all over itself celebrating the first black golfer to contend for the title of best ever.

While there was nothing really noxious about Tiger, there was really nothing to like, either. He had a closely guarded personality, and never said anything revealing, or even witty. His primary mission always seemed to be to preserve his sponsorships. (Whoever figured a guy named Tiger could be so bland?)

I actually liked him a little bit more when it turned out he'd had all those mistresses on the side.

But then came that holier-than-thou non-confession confession and the strong denials that he'd ever taken steroids.

(Whatever you say, Lance.)

So, I find myself smirking every time I read that he's out of contention at another tournament.

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