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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The truth comes out

I had, like most people, been both horrified and angered to hear of the beating death of Delbert Belton, the 88-year-old WWII veteran. Two sixteen year olds had stolen his wallet and left him with serious head injuries in a Spokane parking lot several days ago.

Initial reports described the five foot tall Belton, known to his friends as "Shorty," as a wonderful man who enjoyed fixing up old cars and who was always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody.

But the NY Post reported this morning that Kenan Adams-Kinard, one of the two 16-year-olds, now says that the reason they beat him was because Belton shorted them in a crack cocaine deal.

Ah well. Live and learn. I had naively assumed that Belton's friends were telling the truth when they initially described him as a kindly old man. Turns out they were merely covering up for just another wounded-at-Okinawa no-good crackhead.

What a "teachable moment."


Glen Filthie said...

Yup yup yup!

And George Zimmerman was a 300 lb. white supremist with an assault rifle, St. Trayvon was a skittle gobbling toddler, and the internet is the reason our prestigious liberal newspapers can't sell copy anymore.

Maybe journalists and editors should pack it in and deal in drugs too? Everyone's doing it...

John Craig said...

Glen --
Actually I wasn't mocking the NY Post, they didn't buy the excuse, their tone was just as disbelieving. I was just mocking the excuse that the murderer used.

The NY Times is a different matter. they have yet to mention this murder or the murder of the Australian in Oklahoma (as far as I know).

Anonymous said...

Nobody likes to get shorted in a crack purchase, but there is an appropriate venue for addressing such grievances: you report the dealer to the BBB. Killing him (or her) is just morally wrong. I hope we can all agree on that. (I'm looking at you, black people.) And really, if you have less crack in your hand than you expected, shouldn't you just take it as a sign from God that maybe it's time to retire the glass dick?

John Craig said...

Anon --
This post was a joke; I hope (think?) you're joking too.

The murderer did use that as an excuse, but I don't think anyone believed him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was a joke, but none of it is funny at all. On Monday the gutless POS Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub said, "Our information is that the individual fought back and that may have made this, you know, a worse situation", while continuing to deny that race had anything to do with the murder. As if the two turds would have just as likely killed an 88-year old Tuskegee airman, but one of those just didn't happen to cross their path at that moment, so they took what they could get. The only bright spot (as bright as the faintest star visible to the naked eye under a new moon) in this, is it has temporarily shut up the guys bragging about what an awesome Great White Refuge the Pacific Northwest is. Not only was your war hero great-grandfather murdered by non-white scum, but your white police dept are partially blaming the victim for not cooperating with his beating, and are unwilling to prosecute them to the fullest extent possible.
Sorry to throw a wet blanket on your post, though. Actually, you say you don't think anyone believed the latest excuse; but I bet more than a few blacks believe it.

John Craig said...

Anon --
You're right, it's not funny, and I probably shouldn't be joking about it. I put this up somewhat unthinkingly, may take it down.

I'd have to say the Pacific Northwest IS still safer than most parts of the US, which is primarily a function of demographics. Not quite as safe as Ogden, Utah, but safer than Florida and a lot safer than Detroit.

No need to apologize, you make a lot of good points, and a wet blanket is probably what I need at times.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't take it down; satire is still a valid form of protest. If we only levied serious indignation at every outrageous act or statement in the world, we'd go crazy under the crushing weight of the unresolvable anger. In this case, what can anyone do? Go to Spokane and try to Jack Ruby the killers on the courthouse steps? Kill one or two of their cousins in a neighboring city? "For Shorty?"
Really, the allegation of a 16-year old punk, that it was a crack deal gone bad, is just another invitation to 'kick the tar baby', and not worthy of logical argument.

John Craig said...

Anon --
OK, you've convinced me. Actually, it's worth keeping this post up if only for the sake of keeping your comments up. Thank you.