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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"Congress should veto Obama's war"

More common sense from Pat Buchanan.


bluffcreek1967 said...

Pat Buchanan almost always makes a lot of sense. I first appreciated his insight in 2003 when I read his book, 'The Death of the West.' Man, was that book an eye-opener. I've since read three more of his works, and I frequently read his published articles too. I think only a future generation will be able to fully appreciate his wisdom and fidelity to the original intention of our constitution.

Liberals, MSNBC types, and our current President will have nothing to do with Buchanan's kind of thinking, and they as well as all of America will stand to regret it too.

John Craig said...

Ambrose --
I'm with you. Buchanan's is the only Presidential campaign I ever contributed to, back in 1992. But he was too honest to get far.

Actually, I'm afraid it's past generations who have most been able to appreciate him. That's the scary thing.

Weirdly, he was actually on MSNBC until fairly recently, that was his TV home for several years. He was their token conservative, and the few times I watched him, it seemed to me he muted himself a bit there, but they still found some excuse to fire him a year or two ago.

bluffcreek1967 said...

Right, John. I think MSNBC hired Pat, as I'm sure you already know, because he was a conservative they could use to bash the policies of Bush while he was in office. But as soon as Obama became president, they probably began to look for a way to dismiss him. They found it when he published his book, 'Suicide of a Superpower.' They had their 'use' of him, and now they just wanted him gone.