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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Mia Farrow's dirty profits -- a hidden profit in corrupt Ecuador trial"

Coincidentally, my brother and just happened to be talking about what a dishonest, manipulative woman Mia Farrow is the day before this article came out.


Steven said...

Yeah I lean towards believing Woody Allen that he never sexually abused his daughter and Mia Farrow coached her and put it into her head.

Did you read the open letters this year?

From Dylan Farrow:

Woody Allen's reply:

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, I did see those letters and I found Woody Allen's more credible. I vaguely recall that he was accused of molesting his son (who is actually Frank Sinatra's biological son, thanks to the fact that Mia kept seeing Sinatra after she married Allen), and that made no sense either.

Allen has obviously liked women, young women (but not prepubescent ones), all his life. The idea that his sexuality would be so flexible as to be attracted to prepubescent girls and boys is not credible. No one had ever accused him of this before he was married to Farrow.

And if you look at Farrow's history, she looks like a classic social-climbing gold-digger. t/he only men she ever married, Andre Previn and Frank Sinatra, were rich and famous. And while she never officially married Woody Allen, he was her "partner" for many years and they raised children together. There also seems to be a certain type of woman -- think Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone, and Madonna -- who like to make a statement by adopting children from all over the globe. ("Oh, look what a wonderful person I am!") Farrow fits that pattern perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Hmm-the Woody Allen thing is a tough call for me. Mia's character is suspect, yes; she could very well be a liar. On the other hand, her being a less-than credible person doesn't mean her daughter wasn't molested- it could mean that she became involved with someone just as despicable as she is. I think what you're saying is that Allen doesn't fit the profile of a "fixated" pedophile, which is true, but he could easily be a "regressed" offender, which is the most common type. They have adult sexual relationships but abuse children in response to stress, often target family members, and have few victims (even just one).

John Craig said...

Anon --
What you say is reasonable. But even if you do accept that Allen probably started having sex with Soon-yi when she was 15 or 16, what are the chances that he would have molested Ronan, who at the time he probably thought was his own son, when Ronan was five or six? Was Allen's sexuality THAT free-floating? I doubt it.