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Monday, October 27, 2014

Worth vs. net worth

It often seems that the quality of a person is inversely correlated with the amount of money they have to spend to have a good time. If someone is self-sufficient enough to be content with a book, or some exercise, or a walk, he's far better off than someone who needs fancy distractions to enjoy himself.

People who will consider only expensive entertainment generally have more financial resources than inner ones. Expensive concerts, fancy vacations, lavish gourmet meals, and high-priced wines are all enjoyable. But really, how much more enjoyable are they than the less expensive varieties?

The message here is not dissimilar to that of the post about people who need distraction, but the focus here is on the expense.

If you feel diminished because you have to eat at a cheaper restaurant, or because you have to ride in a cheaper car, or because you're taking an inexpensive vacation, it's too late: you're already a diminished human being.

The only thing here that really reflects on you is the extent to which you think these things reflect on you.

The Kardashians are a great example of this type. (Bruce Jenner would make a more appealing woman than those whiny, spoiled, stupid sisters.)

The ironic thing is, the people who feel the need to spend lots of money often don't enjoy themselves all that much even while they are. They always seem to be able to find something that doesn't live up to their exacting standards, something that leaves them feeling unfulfilled.

There's a certain poetic justice there.


Anonymous said...

I think of the Kardashians as attention seekers, wanting the world to see how fabulous they are, their lives. The jet-setting lifestyle would become unappealing, tiresome over time. The need to constantly be on the move, being in the "right places" ("showing-off" via the many photo-ops), to me would be such a waste of time.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
That's true, a lot of what makes them tick is the attention. But as you say, they want to be "fabulous," and it's important to them to show they're upper class. To be honest, I've never seen more than one minute of the show, but that's enough to get a pretty strong sense of them. Plus, if you surf the internet, they're pretty much unavoidable and you're going to learn about them through osmosis.

Spychiatrist said...

Another good article John.

I'm a working stiff with a 13 years left on a mortgage, several children and a wife. My life is mostly unexciting and uneventful and I'm not ashamed of that really. I've never been one to try and keep up with others at all. I care not one whit what my neighbor drives or what his square footage is.

I haven't had cable television since 1994 and I receive my news from the Internet and wonderful Blogs such as this one. By the worlds standards I'm a pretty dull guy, by my standards I'm a working class wage-slave that hates a system that constantly degrades, mocks, ridicules and demeans honesty and virtue at every turn.

I'm at war with this culture and its system of death. I war with them and it with almost every waking breath and I even dream that I'm at war with the miscreants---probably why I only sleep 4 hours a night?

Imbeciles like the Kardashians are the epitome of what's wrong with Amerika. Little girls looking up to sluts like those women gives me little hope John.

If a bomb dropped on Hollywood today I wouldn't shed a tear. Maybe a little one? There must be some righteous men and women in that cess-pit.

What sayest thou o wise sage of the Internet?

John Craig said...

Spike --
Thank you.

You're right, honesty is not a quality held in high regard, in fact it's often regarded with fear and contempt and even hatred. As far as virtue, it has to be its own reward since there's little other reward for it. (Full disclosure: I'm honest but not virtuous.)

Yes, the Kardashians, like the Jersey Shore folks, like Paris Hilton, are symptomatic. (Though most in Hollywood evidently despise them as well.)

Hollywood is just a big business like any other, but with maybe a higher percentage of sociopaths than most places, and I'm sure a fair number of decent people too.

If you truly don't care a whit about your neighbor's square footage etc, then you've won -- seriously.


And think of your children -- would you trade them in for more money? Of course not. So you've won again, over anybody who doesn't value their children enough.

Spychiatrist said...

I like your candor sir.

I'm not a righteous person either, but like you, I try to be honest in my dealings good sir.

One reason I hold this Blog in high esteem is your brutally honest thoughts and ideas--you give the warts and all. That takes some guts....and, and, and, you use your real name and photo. You have my admiration for that alone. That takes some fortitude that few posses.

You are a courageous person for that in and of itself I'd say.

Yes! I have won! Thank you!

John Craig said...

Spike --
Thank you, but I don't deserve that much credit. I'm old and retired, so it's not as if I have a career to protect. If I had a regular job, believe me, my name and picture wouldn't be up there.

And trust me, I'm not particularly courageous. I have plenty of fears; it's just that being honest has never been one of them.

Anonymous said...

Recently, I saw an article online, showing Kim Kardashian (fashion diva) and her hubby, Kanye, at a fashion show - she took her baby daughter, North, to the show. Mother Kris also came to the fashion show, sitting next to her daughter, Kim, and Kim's family. The poor baby, North, obviously didn't want to be at this fashion show (it was a photo-op for the parents - look at my cute, adorable, cool family, all of us wearing out-of-this-world outfits). I felt badly for the baby - North looked tired, like she'd prefer to be at home instead of at a fashion show. Who would take their baby to a fashion show?


John Craig said...

Birdie -
That's sort of funny, actually.

Everything you say is true, but I wouldn't feel too badly for North: I'm sure she'll turn out to be a lot like her parents.

Anonymous said...

I feel badly for babies/toddlers who are forced to attend fashion shows, football games (too loud for them and too long in duration), etc. Children would rather do other things - like play when they want to play and nap when they need to nap (which is hard to do when you're at these events). Parents can go to these events and leave their children with babysitters - a no brainer.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
You're right, of course. I'm just saying, if you met North at age 20, your first thought probably wouldn't be: the poor dear, she probably had a difficult childhood.

Bob Wallace said...

Enough is as good as a feast.

John Craig said...

Bob --

Please pass the peanut butter.