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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crazed by lust

Go to any steroid forum and one of the main topics people will talk about is how horny they get when they're on a cycle. Opinion on that is both universal and extreme. Users will talk about how they go out of their minds with desire, to the point where they feel sorry for their girlfriends, or their wives, or have to masturbate all the time.

When you think of some of the guys in the public eye who've let their sex drives get the best of them, to the point where they are unable to stay faithful to any one woman and end up cutting a very wide (and sloppy) swath, and who've ended up even getting into minor trouble because of their lack of self-control, that list seems to coincide greatly with the list of guys who've obviously taken steroids.

Justin Bieber seemed to start out as a typically fey and androgynous tween idol. More recently he's sprouted some muscle, as this before and after photo shows:

But along with the muscle, Bieber has also gotten a lot of headlines, getting in trouble for all sorts of out of control behavior, like throwing eggs at a neighbor's house and illegal drag racing. He's also been linked with any number of women, some of whom have paid tribute to his ardor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted using steroids. When he ran for Governor of California there were some rumblings that he may have had a history of being overly aggressive with women, but that scandal blew over and he was duly elected Governator. The only remaining tangible evidence of his escapades is the son he had with his housekeeper. Here he is with that woman, Mildred Baena, and one of his sons by Maria Shriver:

Sean Penn is another actor who obviously went on the juice, though he didn't start till he was middle-aged. Here he is in his most famous role as a young man, as Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgmont High:

And here he is in middle age:

Note the veins bulging out of the front of his arms, one of the tells of steroid use.

Penn has been linked recently with a long list of actresses, two of the more recent ones being Scarlett Johansen and Charlize Theron. He's often given the impression of a guy whose personal life (and temper) are out of control.

Lance Armstrong's PED use, long a matter of public speculation, has now been confirmed.

Lance, too, couldn't seem to settle for just one woman. After having three children with his wife, he went on to father two more illegitimate children. Of course, the fact that Lance was a sociopath, as detailed here and here and here and here, may have contributed to his restlessness.

Tiger Woods is another guy who famously got into women trouble. Here's Tiger as a student at Stanford:

And here's Tiger later in his career:

Tiger claimed that he put on the weight through weight-lifting, but presses and curls don't compel you to have fourteen mistresses at the same time.

Anthony Weiner seemed out of control for a while. Even after the initial scandal involving his sexts to various young female correspondents, even after his public apology, he was soon in trouble again for doing the same thing.

Here's Anthony as a young man:

Note the width of his neck; it's hard to blame him for wanting to put on some muscle. But once Weiner started putting on that muscle and shaving his chest, he also found that his sex drive was out of control. He didn't seem to have the courage to actually have sex with any of his correspondents, but he did send them plenty of semi-nude selfless:

Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steroids, and was also an almost compulsive womanizer, as a look at the "Personal life" section of his Wikipedia entry will attest:

Dominic Strauss-Kahn -- at the age of 62 -- was almost was prosecuted for the sexual assault of a hotel maid, and also got into trouble for being involved with a prostitution ring in his native France. It was speculated at the time that he was probably on some sort of testosterone replacement therapy. I can't confirm that, but it would make sense given his voracious sexual appetite despite his advancing years:

Here's an article describing Strauss-Kahn's lifestyle.

Finally, Evander Holyfield was an obvious steroid user, as detailed here.

Holyfield has been married three times (he is currently separated from his third wife) and has eleven children by six women. His 109-room mansion was foreclosed upon in 2009 and he has been sued for nonpayment of child support by one of his children's mothers.

Keep in mind that with all these men, what made the news undoubtedly was but a small fraction of their peccadillos. When you're constantly crazed with lust, and you can't think of anything but sex, you become sloppy. You may neglect your business, some of your indiscretions become public, and a few may even produce unplanned offspring.

There have been plenty of famous womanizers before, people like Warren Beatty and Mick Jagger and Muhammad Ali. But they always seemed to have it under control. They had a good time, but they never gave the impression of having a desperate craving that needed to be satisfied no matter the circumstance.

Better a hobby than an addiction.


Steven said...

How many years from the Bieber before to the after pic? Its looks a few and they were years of adolescence. It looks like 14/15 to 18/19. His frame and face are now bigger and he will have acquired more size and testosterone naturally. Could this not be natural?

I had put the bad behaviour down to natural increases in male hormone, plus rebelling against the 'Bieber is a little girl' meme, plus bad influences, plus the the corrupting influence of fame, money, and millions of adoring fans.

I imagine it would be hard to have had Bieber's life- almost be at the centre of a personality cult, have millions of fans (mostly females) and millions of haters (mostly males)- and be normal.

Plus a lot of teenagers do stupid shit and he's under a microscope and has more money and opportunity to do stupid shit with than most.

John Craig said...

Steven --
You got me wondering, so I looked him up on Wiki. He was born on March 1, 1994, so he is young. But the bio said that he always looked younger than his age and that many had noted his androgynous appearance. I understand what you're saying, the teens are the years when testosterone goes up. But I looked on Youtube and saw a video that I think came out in 2012, and he still looked awfully thin and boyish, though he must have been around 18 when it was shot. What you say could be possible, but my guess is still steroids.

Steven said...

Yeah its quite plausible it is steroids. Beef up the easy way and take on a more manly appearance. He was constantly taunted along the lines that he hasn't hit puberty and is girly. He couldn't have failed to notice. His arms are pretty big too.

Wiener looks skinny though.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Weiner's neck is extremely skinny, but after he started juicing he got that weird definition between the pecs, and sorta had traps as well. And his body overall looked much less skinny than his neck had. For some reason, the necks of a lot of people who juice aren't affected the same way, and stay skinny.

Lucian Lafayette said...

There used to be a joke at the gym: "Steroids don't make you aggressive, they just turn everyone around you into a real jerk."

Everyone who has used testosterone in association with body building has heard plenty of stories about the crap you can get into. Most of these guys had some degree of impulse control problems before they even went on the juice.

John Craig said...

Lucian --
I like that joke.

That makes sense about the impulsive control. I've always said that sociopaths are more likely to take steroids, though you don't have to be a sociopath to take them. But I'd guess the non-sociopaths who do take them are generally a step or two further up that sociopathic ladder than the average guy. And since sociopaths have almost no impulse control, the average juice head is going to have less than average.

Which I guess is a long-winded way of agreeing with you.

Lucian Lafayette said...


You know all those competitions where everyone is supposed to be "100% natural" and they all make LaBeouf or some of these other actors look like pencil-necked geeks? The competitors are all lying. Unless you are a one-in-a-billion genetic freak you don't get that degree of definition and low body fat from a good exercise program and nutrition alone.

And yes, even with very good impulse control you see women in a very different way when you doing anything beyond low-dose trans-dermal testosterone.

John Craig said...

Lucian --
It you're talking about body-building competitions, then yes, I agree with you. I get the impression there are a lot of dirty sports out there, though. Cycling, where I don't know if anyone s clean, and track and field (especially the sprinters and the throwers), and weight-lifting. Plus football and baseball and the UFC, of course. And there are a smattering of people in other sports, like my sport, swimming, who are dirty. So, yeah, I'm with you.

Regarding the women, it sounds as if you're speaking from experience. Unfortunately, at age 60, I actually see them as human beings, with individual personalities. (How pathetic is that?) Maybe it's time for me to try a little something.

Lucian Lafayette said...


Part of my wasted youth. . .

I'm just a couple of years behind behind you.