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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Steroid-induced insanity, Part II

Just by coincidence, an article titled Shia LaBoeuf says method acting led to recent troubles happened to pop up in the NY Post this morning.

"Method acting" is a convenient excuse for a guy who feels obliged to act belligerent in all sorts of
different circumstances. LaBoeuf explained his 2013 fight with Alec Baldwin on the set of Orphans to Interview Magazine thusly:

“My whole goal was to intimidate the fuck out of Baldwin. That was the role. And it wasn’t going to be fake. I wanted him to be scared . . . So I went about doing that for three weeks of rehearsal.”

Recently, LaBoeuf's life seems to have gone off the rails. He'd been in trouble before, but 2014 was a banner year for him. In June, he was arrested for disrupting a performance  of Cabaret at a Broadway theater. He slapped fellow theater patrons and smoked in the theater.

When a policeman came to arrest him, he called the officer a "fag." At the police station, LaBoeuf yelled at one police officer, "Fuck you! I"ll fuck you up!" And he inexplicably claimed to another that he was in the Army.

This year he was also seen chasing a homeless man in NYC for his sandwich. And in January in London, he was videotaped head-butting another man during a bar brawl.

LaBoeuf has been quoted as saying that he had to gain 40 pounds for his role in Lawless, a 2012 film about a family of bootleggers. Hmm.

Here's LaBoeuf at age 21, in 2007's Transformers, looking like a hobbit:

Here's LaBoeuf at age 20, on the left:

This is a more recent shot of him:

Steroid muscles, unlike beer muscles, are real -- even if they're store-bought. But sometimes the 'roids make their consumers act as if they have beer muscles.

Steroids are a little like alcohol that way: some people can continue to act sane while under their influence, while others can't.

LaBoeuf obviously falls into the latter category.


Steven said...

Shame. He was a nice kid. I know we're almost the same age but he was a nice kid.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Was he? When I took a look at the Wiki bio of him, it sounded as if he came from an unstable background, and he had gotten into trouble on a few occasions (albeit less frequently) before he went on the juice.

Or are you being sarcastic?

Steven said...

No. I had a little spell of watching Shia Labouef interviews a few years ago and I really liked him. He's a cool guy imo based on what I've seen.

I'll find a couple of the interviews I liked tomorrow.

Steven said...

Just watch this:

And here he is being nice to Selena Gomez who was a fan.

Steven said...

His story of getting arrested to Letterman is pretty amusing.

I definitely find him likeable.

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, he seems nice there, but there are plenty of people who are nice when the cameras are rolling and otherwise when they're not.

And what kind of guy calls an arresting officer a fag and tells him he's gong to fuck him up and tells him he's in the Army when he's not?

Steven said...

Yeah, he appears to be having some emotional problems for sure. If he's a bit unstable normally plus steroid use, he could be getting quite unbalanced and having roid rages.

My dad had a somewhat volatile home life as child and fought a lot when he was younger. His rap sheet of punching people would be a lot worse than Shia's. But he's at the other end of the spectrum to a sociopath. He's a loving father, sensitive to animals etc. You can be a good guy and be going through problems and acting out, can't you?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Yes, it's possible to get in a lot of fights and not be a sociopath, though sociopaths are more likely to be belligerent. Plus a lot of it depends on the nature of the fights. If someone is defending others against bullies, or defending themselves against bullies, it's quite understandable. And yes, people go through stages and act out for various reasons.

Glen Filthie said...

Is it the roids or is it Hollywood, John? That place just seems to corrupt anybody that falls into its community. Perhaps it's fame and fortune in general that does it because famous juiced athletes seem to have a penchant for aggressive behaviour too.
Or - could it be the negative theatrics that stars often use to promote themselves? It seems to me that the majority of this stuff is relatively minor - perhaps the odd mild punch out or scuffle...if roids really enhanced psychotic aggressive behaviour...wouldn't these guys use guns and knives too? I don't know if it is scientifically accurate to blame the roids for behaviour that might just be the product of your typical Hollyweird ass hat.

John Craig said...

Glen --
It's probably a combination of the two. When you give young, stupid (you don't have to be smart to be an actor) people a lot of money and they have nothing but free time in between their gigs, there's bound to be trouble, true. But there's also definitely a correlation between the guys who've gone on steroids and the guys who've gotten into trouble for either aggressive behavior or out of control sex lives.