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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Article on masters swimming

A brief article on the Swimming World website about the nature of masters swimming, and how it is more fun than scholastic swimming.


Jacki Hirsty said...

Great article, John! I know you must have been referring to our sexy group from RI as "the good looking older people."

John Craig said...

Jacki --
How did you know?

Great to hear from you, and thanks for reading the blog.

I hadn't realized until I looked at the results later on that you missed the WR in the 50 free by .01 -- ouch! And that was one of those sacred Laura Val records, too. Better luck next time.

Greg said...

Yeah, I enjoyed reading this too John. Along with Jackie just missing Val's world record by a mere .01 (of course, recently Val lowered it even more...and Jackie surely knows this !!!) is that YOU, sir, just missed breaking your own world record in the 200 fly (your non-swimming readers should know that this is the ultimate macho man event requiring more endurance and strength and technique than any other race) by a mere .2 of a second!!!

Great swim.

See you at the next one.

John Craig said...

Greg -- Thank you very much but I have to disagree. The only reason I swim the 200 fly is because it's the only thing I'm any good at. If I had your speed -- and could set world records in the sprint fly's and IM's like you -- I wouldn't bother with the 200 fly, believe me.

John Craig said...

PS -- It's like I told you at the meet: speed is sexy; endurance is nerdy.