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Monday, March 29, 2010

The good father

Friday night my son Johnny went to a party where a lot of the kids ended up getting stoned. Johnny doesn't enjoy marijuana, and was slightly annoyed by the whole scene, so he went to the basement and got his friend's nonlethal but realistic-looking Air Soft gun, pointed it at the stomach of one of the stoned kids, and told him, straight-faced, that he was going to kill him.

As Johnny related the story, "Everyone else thought it was funny, but this kid totally freaked out, so I stopped after just a few seconds, and told him that I was just joking, and that it was just a BB gun that wasn't even loaded."

Johnny added, "The kid I threatened is actually a pretty cool kid. He normally has a lot of witty things to say....not then though."

A good father would have told his son never to do that again, that accidents happen even with BB guns, and that people won't like him if he threatens them that way, even as a joke.

But upon imagining the scene, and recalling what marijuana-induced paranoia felt like, all I could do was cackle with glee.

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