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Friday, November 11, 2011

Needed: new image consultant

(Herman Cain with supporters yesterday)

Given the nature of Herman Cain's recent problems, is this really the way he wants to be posing for pictures? First of all, he's doing everything except winking at the camera. His lascivious grin plainly states, I'm gettin' laid for sure tonight baby.

Then check out that outfit. The open jacket and sweater are fine. But that hat and gold chain all but proclaim "The pimp is in."

Well, at least he's not appearing in pajamas and a red silk robe embroidered with "Herm."

Still, someone should inform Cain he's campaigning for President, not for the title role in the remake of Superfly.

Gotta admire his devil-may-care attitude though.


Anonymous said...

John, Hysterical! I've laughed out loud both times I looked at the picture and your post. Julie

John Craig said...

Thank you Julie.