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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Murder victims' ages

The law draws distinctions between different forms of homicides, from accidents to negligent manslaughter to murders of passion to premeditated murder.

But one thing the law does not make distinctions between is the age of the victims. Manslaughter is manslaughter, and murder one is murder one, no matter the age of the victim.

There's something about this that doesn't seem quite right. The reason the nation was so horrified about the recent killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School was partly the number of victims, but even more, the age of the victims.

Part of what is so horrific about slaughtering innocent five and six year olds is that they are so defenseless. But a large part of it is that they haven't even gotten a chance to live their lives yet.

If someone murders me, my last thought -- in case I am unable to return the favor -- will be that I want him to fry. But my death will simply not be that tragic. At age 58, unlike those elementary school students, I've already lived most of my natural span.

Ditto for any 58-year-old. He's already gotten to go through puberty and discover how magical girls can be. He's gotten whatever satisfaction is to be gotten from an athletic career. He's had an opportunity to marvel at art, literature, science, etc. He's gotten a sense of human history, and the chance to understand -- in a limited way -- what he was part of. He's had his shot at romance. Whatever career he was going to have, he's had. And most importantly, he may have gotten to experience the joy of children of his own.

So if you kill a sixty-year-old, you're robbing him of his "golden years," a euphemism for a couple of low vitality decades. Kill a child and you're stealing far, far more.

The families of 9/11 victims were compensated according to how much the dead person could have been expected to earn over their lifetimes. I'm not sure I agree with that approach.

But if that compensation should vary, then certainly the severity of the legal penalty should vary according to the age of murder victims.


Anonymous said...

before I write let me state that my comment isn't directly related to this particular post (I just chose this at random to comment) however I am intrigued by your many posts critiquing sociopaths. Fair to say that you have quite the expertise regarding this topic
You see at the moment cluster b personality disorders are something I am very into researching.
I wanted to bring out something interesting and that is a hybrid disorder known as malignant narcissism, which is quoted to be the quintessence of evil, the most dangerous disorder a human can have, its malignant narcissists not psychopaths who do the most harm (allegedly).
Adolf Hitler, Ted Bundy, Saddam Hussein and even Patrick from 'American Psycho' are claimed by some to actually have been MNs as oppose to psychopaths. As of now I don't have enough info to have my own clear objective view on this topic so I would like to hear your take on weather or not malignant narcissism (a hybrid between anti social PD.and narcissism) may or may not be more dangerous than psychopathy.

John Craig said...

Anon --
Honestly. every time I've ever heard malignant narcissism described, it sounds exactly like sociopathy. If there actually is a difference between the two, I can't tell what it is. So, sorry not to be of more help, but to me, they're just synonymous.

Anonymous said...

DISCLAIMER: SINCE I only very recently started researching this topic and have a limited understanding of it, most of what I am about to write regarding this topic isn't exactly my opinion but rather that of many YouTube documentaries which I viewed and from various commentators in the discussion forums/blogs pertaining to this topic. So feel free to take most of what I will say with a grain of salt.

First things first lets get technical on the terminologies. So let me get this straight:

1. There is the ordinary Narcissism aka Narcissistic Personality D. described as grandiose view of one self with steroid ego
2. There is Sociopathy which according to you is a de facto synonym for Malignant Narcissism and its described as dangerous anti-social and criminal behavior IN ADDITION to steroid ego
BUT then what about the third aka PSYCHOPATHY, people with this disorder are said be physically born with a different brain circuitry/structure, and this difference makes them have ZERO empathy, it makes them have almost no human emotions thus they are like robots; fully logical entities without the interference of empathy and emotions. It begs the question if Sociopathy is simply synonymous with MN, is Psychopathy just another synonym or is it its own distinct disorder with important differences.By the way when I say empathy I mean emotional empathy not cognitive empathy, I am certain you know the difference

The documentaries I Youtubed all roughly say that Psychopaths are not evil per say but are simply the most CAPABLE of harm and evil SINCE they are essentially robots that mimic human emotions brilliantly (thus avoid being exposed) and SINCE they think the most rationally and logically that therefore they're armed with the best arsenal of necessary skills to commit the MOST destructive and MOST efficient harm/evil; think of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie terminator. After all Psychopaths unlike Sociopaths plan and execute their crimes/schemes with deadly efficacy and efficiency leaving little to no evidence behind all the while achieving precisely what they desired. Sociopaths tend to be very messy with their evil endeavors with poor planning and poor results since they act with impulse and Rage.

These documentaries frequently mention that most Psychopaths don't use their 'superior logic' for evil but rather to obtain an advanced career and/or become rich & famous eg. wall-street big shot, Hollywood superstar, genius scientist or clever politician.

This is in contrast to Sociopaths/MNs who are very sensitive to how people perceive them (Psychopaths are mostly indifferent to how people perceive them) MNs/Sociopaths unlike Psychopaths are rather highly emotional and they use intense rage and impulsiveness as opposed to total calculating logic to commit harm/evil (this causes a lot of mess for them) and most importantly they are proudly and willfully evil. On a site note: paradoxically Sociopaths/MNs are capable of empathy for a small circle of people of their choosing in contrast to Psychopaths who literally have empathy for no one.

In summary, Sociopaths/MNs are the most WILLING to commit harm whereas Psychopaths are the most CAPABLE of committing harm. As for regular Narcissists, they are simply described as self centered and egotistical like Sociopaths/MN but generally lack the violent, anti-social and impulsive aspects that are present with the former and therefore are not inherently dangerous to the public at large.

Anonymous said...

Mark here---I had to divide my comment into 2 entries--continuing from the first comment:

A few days ago I read an article which quoted a self proclaimed Psychopath and said Psychopath wrote that "MNs are more dangerous than Psychopaths" and how "most people believed to be Psychopaths were actually MNs like Hitler and Bundy" as well as other jargon attacking MNs such as 'the quintessence of evil quote', while simultaneously defending Psychopaths like himself.Is it possible that all that jargon was to simply shift the blame away from psychopaths like himself? was he trying to minimize the dangers and vices of his own disorder via scapegoating? and more importantly Is Sociopathy/MN really more dangerous than Psychopathy?.

So what do you think of my research, do you agree or disagree, personally I am still trying to figure this all out and I am eager to hear your analysis and opinion considering you have a very in-dept knowledge of this topic. I have spoken to other bloggers (similar to yourself) online who are aware of these things but so far none of their answers were sufficiently conclusive.

I admit it was a rather lengthy and detailed comment and usually I don't write this much but there is a strong reason for me to solidly figure this all out.

I am highly suspected by other people as well as myself to have one or more of the cluster B personality disorders, although I won't get into much detail about my self in this comment I just want you to comprehend just how highly important it is for me to decipher and to have an organized, detailed and precise understanding of this particular cluster of personality disorders.I need to know precisely weather I have Narcissism, Sociopathy/MN, Psychopathy or a combination of the above. But first I need to have concrete definitions of the terminologies. AND no FUCK Wikipedia, online writers like yourself are more reliable.

You can call by my alias, Mark for the sake of convenience.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I know there are people who liked to distinguish between sociopaths and psychopaths, saying that psychopaths were born that way because of their abnormal brain circuitry, whereas sociopaths basically became that way because of the (relatively loveless or even abusive) way they were brought up. I don't subscribe to that distinction.

For all practical purposes, since they act exactly the same, they ARE the same. I'm not an expert on the physiology of the brain, and I don't doubt that abnormalities in the frontal lobe can cause people to act more like sociopaths. In fact, I'd suggest you look up the case of Phineas Gage, an old time railway employee who was perfectly normal until a spike penetrated his brain, at which point he started to act exactly like a sociopath. (Look it up, you'll find it interesting.)

But I'm more interested in behavior than brain physiology (that's just another way of saying I know little of the latter), so I don't make the distinction between sociopaths and psychopaths. What you've described above (in terms of who gets away with crimes, who achieves success, and so on) is basically the difference between high-IQ and low-IQ sociopaths. (I prefer the term "sociopath" because "psychopath" sounds too much like "psychotic," and confuses people.) Certainly not all sociopaths fall into the exact same mold. Some go on to achieve great success in Hollywood (Harvey Weinstein is a good example of that), some in Washington DC (think Bill Clinton), and some on Wall Street. They tend to be the smart ones. The lower IQ-ed sociopaths will do things like carjackings and armed robbery and so on. Although, now that I'm on that subject, both Weinstein and Clinton have committed rape, but they got away with it, or at least Weinstein did until now. (I've written about both of those guys, and what identifies them as sociopaths on this blog, btw.) You mentioned achieving great success as a scientist, too; I don't see sociopathy as an advantage there, the way it is on Wall Street and in Hollywood and DC. Being able to manipulate other people doesn't lead to scientific insight.

If I were you I wouldn't bother with learning about why some people try to distinguish between sociopathy and psychopathy (they're really the same thing) and sociopathy and malignant narcissism (which, as far as I'm concerned, are the same thing). If you really think you have a Cluster B disorder, learn about borderline personality disorder, regular narcissism, and histrionic personality disorder, and figure outfit you're one of them as opposed to a sociopath/psychopath/malignant narcissist. Fine (and often, imagined) gradations between the latter three are just that, and not worth bothering with.

Anonymous said...

--Mark-- My apologies another wave of large comments again please bear with me possibly 3 entries

Before I continue I will state that I was intentionally partially dishonest but ill get to that in a bit, I am highly certain that you will find me interesting by the end of this comment yet also you may or may not grow to despise me but I reckon that is unlikely of your nature, you see I read many of your posts and have been keenly observing what you are.

Starting with your opinion: you think all 3 disorders in practice are the same thing, as in behaviorally they are practically identical albeit with a different (one is nature and the other nurture) cause in other words regardless of the Neuro-Physiology the behavioral outcome is indistinguishable thus quantitatively and qualitatively the damage of a psycho to society is equal as that of a socio.
You also argue that the difference in the effectiveness and overall success of the individual is reflective of the IQ level (psychos as high IQ-socios low IQ) regardless weather they're socios or psychos. Very excellent analysis indeed, its Interesting you do get straight to the point without tackling the redundant detailed junk information which I intentionally provided (you don't fall for my subtle and deceptive traps). I also find you're ability to respond to complex questions with simple yet effective answers to be very interesting indeed, believe it or not its rare for normal humans to be able to pull this off so naturally and quickly such as yourself.

Lets have some fun and let me challenge you. I am only playing devils advocate. I will proceed to present my counter argument(s) and I am very curious to how you will respond:

Of course its crucially relevant to mention intelligent sociopaths and point out their individual success like Clinton who after all is talented in conning people using subtlety and high intellect. He came from a humbled background yet exponentially rose to prominence including serving as our 43rd president with 2 terms and a successful tenure)s) at that, not only that, time after time he and his wife escaped justice for their numerous crimes and anyone who points their crime out is accused of being a conspiracytard intriguingly enough Saddam Hussein was a successful sociopath with similarities to Clinton, as sociopaths both managed to cover their tracks eloquently for a long time.

Now lets dissect the difference, despite the intelligence these 'successful' sociopaths enjoyed they still suffered from certain innate weaknesses universal to all sociopaths which is non existed in psychopaths, such as deep seated insecurity, jealousy, excessive pride, and most importantly RAGE, It is their RAGE and not manipulation skills which allows them to intimidate, dominate and coerce others for their own benefit (albeit usually docile humans), yes Clinton using his high IQ deployed effective methods to win but at the base and core of his strategy was his RAGE and intimidation I have seen Clinton give off passive aggressive signals many times when dealing with petty insults, yes he responded subtly but the fact that he even responded instead of not caring over a flimsy remark proves that sociopaths are inherently insecure aka thin skinned. The other fundamental weakness (some call it a strength) is their impulsivity which doesn't mean cool adrenaline junkies but simply their lack of self control, they can easily be agitated to act with destructive spontaneity which more often than not gets them into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Now lets dissect the difference, despite the intelligence these 'successful' sociopaths enjoyed they still suffered from certain innate weaknesses universal to all sociopaths which is non existed in psychopaths, such as deep seated insecurity, jealousy, excessive pride, and most importantly RAGE, It is their RAGE and not manipulation skills which allows them to intimidate, dominate and coerce others for their own benefit (albeit usually docile humans), yes Clinton using his high IQ deployed effective methods to win but at the base and core of his strategy was his RAGE and intimidation I have seen Clinton give off passive aggressive signals many times when dealing with petty insults, yes he responded subtly but the fact that he even responded instead of not caring over a flimsy remark proves that sociopaths are inherently insecure aka thin skinned. The other fundamental weakness (some call it a strength) is their impulsivity which doesn't mean cool adrenaline junkies but simply their lack of self control, they can easily be agitated to act with destructive spontaneity which more often than not gets them into trouble and usly its someone else who bails them out.

Now why does their impulsivity and RAGE allow them to dominate others even though these are actually liabilities? its simple: NORMAL HUMANS (not all) easily do get scared of this unusually intense RAGE especially if its their first time experiencing it and whenever you make someone fear you you can easily force them to believe w.e you want them to believe no matter the level of absurdity, the normal humans realizes if they start thinking rationally, then the sociopath would explode with rage and there will be consequences...allegedly, it is precisely why sociopath victims stay with the abuse and often perceive the sociopath to be godlike, their impulsivity and spontaneity makes them appear brave and unpredictable which only further adds to the fear factor of the sociopath. If you think about it they don't have remarkable manipulation skills. In a nut shell think of the sociopath as a 5 year old spoiled child and think of their mother (that never says no to them) as their victims, the mother could destroy him with reason and logic but she better not dare or else he will deploy his screaming rage(you get my metaphor for sociopath victims?). Most sociopaths owe their success because normal humans allow them. In reality if you dissect a sociopath's mind you will find 2 layers, the inner true layer which is filled with doubt, hate, bitterness, regret, insecurity, vulnerably AND most of all FEAR and the outer layer which is the compensatory layer filled with pride, omnipotence, superiority, invulnerability and invisibility. Sociopaths are the opposite of fearless, their greatest FEAR is people exposing their deep seated fear!. Of course you will disagree but everything I described is the epitome of both the high-iq and low-iq sociopath. One of your strength that I hypothesize to be true is your ability to call the bluff of sociopaths (an ability very rare for normal humans), you interestingly make them out to be a comical caricature not worthy of being feared but rather laughed at.

Now lets get to the interesting of the 2: Psychopaths. I will now proceed to explain the inherent differences between P&S regardless of IQ and will explain why the Psychopath is not only superior to the sociopaths, not only that they are more dangerous but also that the psychopath is what the sociopath dreams to be.
I can indirectly infer your previous comment, You say that they are both the same because of their actions and I know why, because you think that both have the same clich

Anonymous said...

Now lets get to the interesting of the 2: Psychopaths. I will now proceed to explain the inherent differences between P&S regardless of IQ and will explain why the Psychopath is not only superior to the sociopaths, not only that they are more dangerous but also that the psychopath is what the sociopath dreams to be.
I can indirectly infer your previous comment, You say that they are both the same because of their actions and I know why, because you think that both have the same cliche laundry list of symptoms: lack of empathy, Narcissism, lack of remorse/shame/guilt, conniving & manipulation, sexual predation, parasitic relationships, promiscuity, criminal behavior, and others, Well heres the truth all those things which seem like badass traits for a Hollywood director are actually more characteristic of the sociopath, if you examine it piece by piece all of their actions are a *COMPENSATORY* end result of their past failures and deep sense of insecurity rather than being cool (you described socies. as cool in your posts), Psychopaths can also exhibit these traits, in fact even more strongly so but not only is it more rare but also the motives are different, a sociopaths complacently engages in this behaviors to compensate (remember the layers I mentioned) but in huge contrast Psychopaths would exhibit these traits, such as, lack of empathy, shame & guilt because they simply don't process these emotions (sociopaths feel great when they suppress these emotions) and the behaviors such conning, promiscuity, violence/crime is exhibited by the psychopaths out of curiosity rather than impulsivity and defensiveness, A Psychopath would rob your house, cut your throat,fuck your dead corpse and feel absolutely nothing (why? because he can). A sociopath would get his ass beat his alcoholic dad go to the woods find a small rodent, spend 2 hours trying to kill it and then will feel like a god but somehow fail to dispose of the blood cloth in his shirt and gets another asswhooping by his old man because he got cought. Yes I am being silly and comical but it is less of a stretch from reality thank you think.

I can list further reasons why sociopaths are distinct and inferior to Psychopaths but I am sure you get the picture by now
Just to make it official I will proceed to summarize my argument:
Sociopaths and Psychopaths may exhibit similar behaviors but are almost diametrically opposed in terms of their brain function and their motivation for these behaviors. A psychopath no matter how dumb is not bothered by emotion, empathy and ego, which allows him to soundly focus and complete his goals with clarity weather this be learning the piano, walking his dog or decimating an entire deer population with chainsaws and feel absolutely nothing afterwards. The sociopath no matter how intelligent always seeks to receive constant admiration, attention and praise by others to remedy their insecurities and can't help themselves but to get hysterically pissed off if anyone dares to call out their bluff.

Anonymous said...

remember when I said I partially was dishonest with you and since now you know that I am very deceptive in my writing, I wouldn't be surprised if you figured that I was completely dishonest.I am not playing devil's advocate, I am not new to this subject, I've researched Cluster B since I was 11 also I absolutely have no confusion about which one I have. You guessed it right, I am a diagnosed Psychopath. Since the age of 3 I began to realize I was inherently different from normal humans, I thought In words and numbers not in melodies and patterns. Despite feeling no connection to others I easily fit in with social cliques and I mastered mimicking human emotions and how they are expressed. If you dissect my mind especially if I did something despicable what will you find....: nothing, yes you will hear crickets, its a misconception that Psychopaths are sadists, in reality we really feel nothing, normal humans would feel great guilt and regret and sociopaths interestingly feel pride, a sense of power and superiority, they may not feel bad but they still feel something.

I have committed many acts of what normal humans like yourself would find gruesome and would make you despise me such as the fact that I have no fear of eating insects especially the cockroach and eat them every chance I get, killing rodents,declawing my brother's cat once slashing my dad's tire on a rainy day to see if the car derails, beating up younger school kids, poke needles and razor blade to my 7 year old brother's feet to see how he bleeds and threatened to kill him if he'snitched' (wasn't really going to kill him) The list goes on indefinitely. Now I can figure out already that many emotions, thoughts and hormones are flooding you, a big part of you wants to strangle me with apeshit rage, a big part of you is shocked/disturbed and finally the egotistical skeptical part of you assumes I am lying or trolling and that part also feels satisfied for calling out my bluff....allegedly. That's fine after all why would anyone reveal such a thing about themselves and why would any1 do any of those horrible things. If you think its to feel cool and powerful you're wrong (I felt absolutely nothing when doing it), If you think I did it because my victims had wronged me you're wrong (my little brother practically worshiped me) if you think I did it because of curiosity you would be right (duh) and to this day I feel neither pride or regret to what I did.
counter intuitively I would want all psychopaths (except myself) to be harshly punished by simply isolating and barricading them as much as possible so they wouldn't be able to harm anyone, heres the truth once a psychopath decides to harm, god have mercy on you.You humans shouldn't try to respect, fetish and emulate us (Hollywood), we are a very dangerous parasites The only warnings I can give for you're own personal safety in detecting Psychopaths is: watch out for their subtly expressed yet maintained predatory gaze especially if they never flinch or blink and the other is the eyes, If you concentrate you will discover their dead eyes,the empty void representing their soul and lastly try to yawn at them and if they don't respond, run!If their gaze doesn't seem to stop run! If they are desensitized to strong unpleasant odors run!
Lastly: I also noticed you getting into fender benders with supposed sociopaths in the comment sections who trolled you and most exhibit superficial hyper-masculine behavior (sociopathic males do this constantly)
I will guess that this is truly your first encounter with a Psychopath on this blog, How do you think of us, you must admit we are more interesting than sociopaths you be the judge which brings me to yet another of your strength although its not rare, you seem to handle trolls well, yes you feed them but you defeat them at their own game. I have rambled unbelievably long but it was necessary for you, you should recognize the ultimate differences between us and sociopaths

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ o'nelly nuke me right now, I totally screwed the writing sequence, Microsoft words failed me

My apologies, is it possible you delete all the above comments so I can write it in an ordered sequence

and yes I fucking took 5 pages mea culpa wouldn't blame you if you didn't bother to read but NA I know you're a smart guy you will oblige hope you do because I think me and you will become interesting acquaintances,

If you ever want I will volunteer to roast any further sociopath trolls and remind them who the real predators are, admit it IK you find them super annoying to listen to with their excessive grandiosity and fake masculinity like a tape recorder.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I had a feeling you were leading up to a confession of psychopathy, given the effort you've put into distinguishing between psychopaths and sociopaths. Basically, to sum up, you've said that sociopaths are operating from a place of insecurity, and are desperate to cover up their weaknesses and appear to be psychopaths, who are sort of coldly efficient supermen. Hmm. The problem with that is, there are always two ways to look at everybody.

It would actually be worthwhile to go back to the example of Bill Clinton, because he fits both molds, as you describe them. I remember reading once that he had said that he and his mother were the type of people who, if they were in a room with a hundred other people, 99 of whom liked them and 1 of whom didn't, they would spend their time trying to win over the 1 who didn't. That sounds like insecurity to me, and fits the sociopathic mold you've described above. And, he is unquestionably shrewdly manipulative and has gotten away with his crimes for a long time. And those crimes include not only financial chicanery and rape but also likely murder. So, he fits pattern of psychopathy as well.

Now, let's assume for argument's sake that he's gotten away with murder, literally. (The deaths of all those Arkansas State Troopers right before they were going to testify were suspicious, as were the circumstances surrounding Vince Foster's death, as was the death of Ron Brown, his Commerce Secretary, in an airplane crash right before he was to testify.) Now, how does Clinton feel about all that? My guess is, he feels pretty much nothing, as you describe a psychopath. (But what was his motivation for killing all those people? He desperately wanted to hold onto power, and the approval of the American people.) And given all the effort he puts into wooing -- and even seducing -- various people, he also sounds like a sociopath.

Your definition of psychopaths would include pretty much all serial killers, who mostly do it for sexual thrills. And it's easy to see Ted Bundy or theNight Stalker as such. But John Wayne Gacy was also one such, he killed something like 30 young men and anally raped them to boot. Obviously, he wasn't beset by feelings of guilt after each one. But if you read his biography, he was definitely coming from a place of insecurity. His father had mocked him for not being masculine enough, he desperately strove to fit the image of a heterosexual family man, and he tried hard at his job as the manager of a fast food restaurant. Which was he?

We'll just have to agree to disagree here.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I had already deleted one of your comments which was purely repetition, the others pretty much make sense in order, as long as you're willing to re-read the first and last paragraphs of a couple of them. If you want to rewrite it, go ahead, I'll post them, but I don't think it's necessary. (I did read it btw.)

No blasting of sociopathic trolls necessary, I'll deal with them myself. (I actually haven't gotten all that many of them.)

Anonymous said...

ola amigo
Listen man I need you be 100% straight with me If you suspect that I am trolling you can just say so and I will just leave you in peace, you see in the past 3 blogs regarding cluster B I told the moderator(s) almost the same thing I wrote to you and they all flamed me for trolling, they simply couldn't believe that I would do those horrible things and who can blame them, you seem to be wise enough to not be rapidly dismissive. So ya shoot it straight to me straight shooter.
other than that were having a very interesting discussion.

"who are sort of coldly efficient supermen"

easier there bud in no way would I describe Psychopaths as supermen. I told you earlier that we are only superior to sociopaths regarding anti social behaviors and our power simply lies in widespread destruction, not creation, as technology exponentially progress in the 21st century I will bet that a lone Psychopath using his nerdy sidekick would plan to destroy the world, thats why I want every Psychopath on the planet dead.

Sociopaths are easily capable of financial fraud, rape and murder (especially a clever Socs like Clinton) and again the motive is key in this context, when Clinton allegedly got away with those successive murders ill tell you what he felt: scared and paranoid, anyone who dared to confront him about it would be put on the Clinton family hit list As for holding on to power well We Psychopaths usually are interested in high power positions only if it serves a strong goal or purpose for us eg.. as commander in chief I would force all my professional civil servants, all my elite academic staff and all the branches of Americas security apparatus to search and hunt down every last Psychopathic man, woman and child no exception, whereas Clinton being the typical soc that he is loved being in power for the sake of being in power pretty much like Clinton's long lost retarded obese cousin donald duck I mean Donald trump (the low-IQ sociopath)
OK John Gacy the faggot murderer: you were right, in one of your post you mentioned homosexual murder perpetrators to deploy a redundant over excessive style of brutality to torture, maim and kill, its just overkill.

Anonymous said...

continuing from last comment:

Hmm in this one I win no contest I am sorry but none of the description this SK has is even remotely Psychopathic, its Sociopathtic entirely. just to be clear Sociopaths can be serial killers no doubt (although they are more likely to get cought but not all) since his old man mercilessly beat his ass its safe to say each time he fucked those men and killed them, he must have felt an ecstatic sense of 'justice' and also a sense of revenge but like a drug this feeling didn't last so he had to rinse and repeat you could argue that him anal pounding the men perhaps was to feel in control (abused children growing up are obsessed with being in control) as opposed to simple erotic thrill.Look my old man, whose a southern religious redneck beat the living daylights out of my and my 3 brothers when growing up but especially me, after he discovered that I slashed his tires he attacked me with a metal pipe he would have murdered me if my uncle didn't stop him. What can you expect from a German retired cop now suffering from osteoarthritis. He is German but born here but he over compensates by over assimilating to the southern american culture. So I have a pretty weird dad who did lots of harm to me but as of now I really have no sense of rage and no desire of revenge but I do make fun of him by reminding him of the times he couldn't catch me to kick my ass. So Gacy is definitely a sociopath his insecurities and particularly his masculine insecurity stems from the abuse of his cunt dad, As a Psychopath If I was a SK I would kill people for a totally different reason, each kill that I make I would feel calm and casual and go on to have a pork sandwhich.
Imo there is a subset of sociopaths who's actions I respect and that is sociopaths who became so by receiving non-stop physical/mental abuse, their rage is totally justified, when they kill they do so to feel peaceful (caz justice finally arrived!) and right the wrongs that were done to them, as opposed to feeling macho and superior like most Sociopath males, imagine a holocaust Jew right after world war 2 after loosing his family he rounds up German civilians and feeds them to hungry dogs. This subset is less likely to be a cringe worthy attention seeking know it all I think Gacy fit that category. God bless his soul

Anonymous said...

Ok good luck and have good patients but hey don't be a buzzkill, I am highly trained to hit them right in their nerves

don't worry I will not write such lengthy, obnoxious and sentimental comments.

I only acted obnoxious here in order to parody the sociopaths. If you allow me to blast them I will keep it short and put them in their place like a Victorian British gentleman, IK this is your blog but don't worry I won't embarrass you.

and holy mother of god I just came back from reading your post with over 400 or so comments which is called asperger, where you give quite a description of them and it is flabbergasting to see an army of aspies reacting so enraged and butthurt over the opinion of some blogger online HELL 70% of this blog attacks sociopaths yet you only hear a handful of them responding how is it even possible that just 1 post triggers them like baboons I mean why do they even care so much that you criticized them a bit, I quickly did some research on them and they pretty much have social retardation or w.e but its ludicrous how defensive they got, not to mention the fact that they almost made no sense but simply re routed all the insults you throw at them. Wow I miss sociopaths already.The only explanation I have for your patients maintaining the 400 comments is that you enjoyed roasting them (you psychopath!), pretty easy kills for you, the whole time I couldn't stop laughing. eg. you would say something like aspies can't read other people and an aspie responds:HOW DARE YOU SAY WE ARE NOT HUMANS. aspies aka original SJWs

I do share some similarities with them my posts on this blog are ridiculously long and very detailed just like them, I want to present every detail of my argument just like them and also they engage in repetitive behavior aka having intense interests while I certainly can get attached to an activity/topic like a glue for days (christ o'nelly am I an aspie!) but unlike them I have interests in almost everything as opposed to just a handful of topics/hobbies in their whole lives, You really serious when you say some aspies collect items like stamps their whole life? I wonder why these sorry, useless miserable hypocritical sub humans exist in america, sure you can try to get use to cisgenders, emos, goths, SJW, BLM and other pointless sorry excuses of identities but now this? and you better be telling me you were sarcastic when you said some famous aspies may include einstein and tesla and that aspies are supposedly geniuses. All these aspies accomplished with their rant: prove that we need wide scale euthanasia back. euthanasia is't unethical at all if youre living as an aspie

John Craig said...

Mark --
Ha, that's the first time I've ever heard anyone bless Gacy's soul.

Do you think you're a psychopath because of the abuse you received as kid? Or do you think it was something more organic?

No, I don't think you're trolling me, even though you were being disingenuous at first. you want serious answers, and you're curious as to how I'm going to react to you, and you're wondering what I think of your psychopath/sociopath theory. (I disagree with it, as you know.) And I know psychopaths/sociopaths are perfectly capable of doing the things you claim to do. So I don't disbelieve you, even if I don't necessarily take you at your word, either. After all, you're a psychopath, and one of the hallmarks of sociopathy is hat used to be referred to as pathological lying. Somehow that story about what you did to your brother despite the fact that he adored you had the ring of truth, though.

I disagree aboutTrump. While I do think that his dirty little secret is that he's not all that smart, I think he's just a narcissistic personality with ADHD, not a sociopath. If he were a sociopath, he'd be a slicker liar, like Clinton or Obama. Trump's exaggerated claims (like the size of the crowd for his Inauguration) are too easy to see through, or disprove.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Just saw your 7:07 comment. Yes, the really funny thing about all those Aspie responses was that they were all, or at least most of them, were proving my point about how they can't take any criticism, and have meltdowns in response. I've learned about Aspies the same way I've learned about sociopaths: through involuntary field work, you could say.

Anonymous said...

I was born with Psychopathy and probably inherited from the my maternal grandfather whose currently incarcerated for grand larceny and attempted homicide, Whenever I looked in his eyes it resembled a desolate void as if hes a zombie, He easily could shape shift and manipulate others that he is normal but I always saw right through his mask since I operated in a similar mask.

My old man beat me up that severely because I constantly made trouble and he also beat up my brothers mainly because he was a devout catholic who didn't tolerate anything less than perfect behavior, besides down here in the bible belt parents particularly dads are encouraged and expected to beat up their children/teens for discipline.

Yes If today my dad tried to attack me in any way I would retaliate but regarding the 'abuse' he gave me growing up I really have no interest of revenge and its not something I think about, because rationally speaking what can I ultimately do, I was a trouble maker so he had to take action. You know as well as I that if P&S were the same and if I had Sociopathy I wouldn't feel indifferent to what my dad did, Sociopaths in my position would feel rage and would either seek to get revenge by attacking my dad or go on to be abusive in a similar fashion as they were abused.

Interestingly my brother whose feet I stabbed when he was 7 is now 15 years old and is much taller and bigger than me (He is a football star) he is a mighty, healthy, good looking blond jock but he is subservient to me like he always was and funny enough he never mentioned let alone retaliate to what I did to him (the razor blade incident is just one of dozens of fucked up things I did to him when he was a child). He usually does my homework to impress me. He might have Stockholm Syndrome.
Anyways soon I am going to join the military but not sure which branch, The Navy, The Marine corps. or Army is right for me. Air force?... ya right and coast guard? aka choir boys.
any suggestions?

John Craig said...

Mark --
What was your mother like? And do you regret what you did to your brother while growing up? Not, as in, wracked with guilt, but as in, I wish I hadn't done that.

I'm not an expert on the military. I guess it depends on what you want to do. Agreed though that for you it shouldn't be the Air Force or Coast Guard. If you want a combat position, my understanding is that you can specify whichever MOS you want when you enlist in the Army, which isn't true in the Navy or Marines (they assign you were they want you). But overall, the Marines are obviously the ones with the most blood-and-gutsy reputation. If you don't want a combat position, then the Army might be better for the same reason.

Anonymous said...

My mother is not her father's daughter she took after her mother who is warm and altruistic in nature. Her vice would be placing a rigid and obsessive dedication to routine similar to my father.

My grandmother 'till this day claims that she would have never guessed my Grandfather's true nature, in fact nobody did including myself, I suspected that he wasn't being genuine but didn't think he was a Psychopath.

This again gives credence to my argument, My grandfather, as a Psychopath truly knew how to fly under the radar perfectly, He didn't appear as a loner (ironically social isolation makes one stand out more not less) but he also didn't act the way a sociopath's 'flies under the radar, the sociopath's excessive ego and need of praise and attention compromises their cover, my grandfather used the Goldilocks approach to appear completely ordinary and none were the wiser.

Regarding my military enlistment will I have a major problem enlisting by having a rich history of violence in my school record (I got suspended 3 times for violent and mischievous behavior although my last suspension was 2 years ago) I don't have a criminal record, only 2 speeding tickets and my school grades always were descent, 3.1 GPA.

John Craig said...

Mark --
"A rigid and obsessive dedication to routine." -- Could that be Aspergers? Often it's more difficult to see with females than with males.

Yes, the smarter sociopaths/psychopaths are generally better at hiding their syndrome.

Does the military actually look at school records? (I don't know.)

Anonymous said...

My mom is the diametric opposite of Asperger syndrome, she can read people too much, she is the hardest for me to con in my family. She has an enormous social network and its only exasperated with her close devotion to the catholic church. Her fixation on routines isn't anything psychological but rather influenced by the zealotry of the catholic church and the fact that she was born as a 3rd generation farmer.rural folks always are more prone to superstitious and impractical ways.

My dad is similar to her in that hes always been a workaholic by being the guru of redundancy ( which I openly called him) and no its not OCD I reckon its his German genes, because he is the norm in Germany.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you for that honest response.

Anonymous said...

I see that we are at an impass I have given you much evidence dissecting the differences between the 2 however you seem steadfast on your preconception.

that's fine and its not because you are dumb, in fact quite the contraire Its simply because you value only the consequences of these people. Couple of comments ago you said that i am trying to look for answer regarding my condition the truth is I am more than satisfied of what I needed to know.

I am prowling the web to find psychiatry blogs to make people be aware of the differences between the bluffing fox and the apex tiger. As well as letting you normal humans recognize, especially Americans, that it is unwise to fetishes Psychopaths, many people justify this by claiming they could use the strength and power of psychopaths to help society for the greater good, In essence we dont give a DAMN about greater gooding anything we are simply a force of nature, a tool of destruction, then there exists the other entity, sociopaths who merely act on a reactionary and defensive basis, who shouldn't be feared int great scheme of things simply because they aren't capable of achieving a grand diabolical scheme and seeing it through all the way they always mess up. It is indeed very rare and difficult to spot a psychopath but on the other hand recognizing sociopaths is childs play.

Anonymous said...

Now the obvious question you have would be why am I telling you all this? why am supposedly acting out of my nature and in essence trying to help people. Well the asnwer would be bis because I know that i am not one of a kind, I know what other psychopaths are capable of, I know that in a a nanoseond they can decide to destroy anything they choose regardless how good or bad you are to them. It is for my best interest to be the lone psychopaths in this world.

Mark my words John craig , decades from on or even less you will be engorged by a breaking news; a dangerous fraternity has now declared an armed rebellion fighting to take over the united states. Unlike pathetic sociopaths I dont pretend to be the 'good guy" I am not planning to make the world better, and I would not shy away from telling people that my intentions are evil. Mark my words either that will happen or I would die trying and I garuntee that I would receive a spot mordem cult following of pathetic fan boys trying to justify my actions and claim that claim that I wasn't evil at all hahaha just like nazi fan boys sucking hitler's dick deluding themselves that he was out there to better the world when in reality these fanboys would the first pets hitler owuld get rid of.

John Craig said...

Mark --
It's interesting what you say about people fetishizing psychopaths. A lot of people actually do that without having any clue as to what they're doing. Hollywood in particular is guilty of making a lot of psychopaths look heroic, so people end up thinking of people like that as better than they are. Apart from the James Bond-types (who would have to be psychopaths if they acted like that in real life), they tried to make audiences identify with and celebrate the "cleverness" of the protagonist in "Catch Me if You Can," when that guy was nothing but a con man. And they make movies like "The Sting," about a pair of lovable con men, when no such people exist in real life. Okay, that's an old movie, but the James Bond series is ongoing. And there are plenty of other examples.

A while back you said that if you ruled this country you'd hunt down every psychopath out there because of how dangerous they are. Obviously, that's impossible from any practical standpoint, but if anyone actually succeeded, they'd be dong the world a great favor.

Anonymous said...

Well mr. John Craig I want to tell you that you really are very interesting indeed. Very few normal people are like you, If I ever met you in person I would't con you even if I had a perfect opportunity, well not making any guarantees but my point is people like you and my mom are the ones I find very fascinating to hang around it with and I the ones I genuinely respect (I usually don't conn/attack people whom I respect) since you guys are socially very cunning and very aware of reality but at the same time not annoyingly showing it off (like sociopaths) and not using that prowess for evil (like psychopaths). You should be proud of your strength and cunning if you aren't already.

Yes you are right my goal is very impractical but not impossible.

Anonymous said...

You also write alot about politics and you have right wing views albeit your reasons for it are sophisticated and not chauvinistically shallow like the alt right. I use to think I should stay out of politics since It was irrelevant to me weather it be left or right but over the years I have adopted right wing views particularly when it comes to the united staes military and our international power. You see recently america has become unbelievably soft when dealing with international affairs, We let countries exponentially weaker than us to influence our decisions, now IF america was truly weak at the core, I would also bash this country BUT it boggles my mind like crazy how america acts like a wimp yet is the most powerful and dangerous country in history, how it acts so unbeffiting to its nature/character, its like a lion acting submissively to a honey badger even though it can destroy the HB and wouldn't need to answer to anyone. lets be honest america is a is a conquering killing machine just like rome was and that is the sole reason why I am patriotic, my country is my embodiment. If I get to be commander in chief the rest of the world would be patrofied by Americas wrath especially north korea, Iran,mexico and china.We as Americans are conquerors, we dont need to explain or apologize to anyone, we can leave all the kum-bi-ya hippie BS to the Canadians. America was inches away defeating the NVA/Vietcong, they were on their knees begging for a negotiation, the democrat hippie congress forced nixon to withdraw. AMERICA NEVER LOST THE VIETNAM WAR!

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you very much. (Though I can't be sure you're not conning me at some level right now.)

Some of my views are considered right wing, just because I'm a race and gender realist. But not all of them: I"m pro-choice, favored gay marriage, and was against the Iraq War from the start. I'm not quite as right wing as you though: I don't think we should throw our weight around just because we can, in fact I'd say we should stop wasting American boys' lives, and our money, abroad, as much as we do. But I agree that the military was way too hamstrung as a rule, and we shouldn't enter any wars we don't intend to win, and if we do intend to win, we should do whatever's necessary to accomplish that.

Anonymous said...

"not sure if I am being conned at some level right now" right on stay classy! that is precisely why I respect your cunning, You shouldn't ever take people 100% by their word.

You support gay marriage but also criticize them at times, you meet up half-way instead of choosing either extreme side of the debate. Your patients in dealing with aspies and trying to be as unbiased as humanly possible can also attest to that.

you remind me of my history/gym teacher, instead of choosing to be either the savage barbarian vs the cowardice ultra intellectual (being metaphorical here), he always took a balanced/middleman and therefore a more realistic approach when it came to important issues. The thing is being the 'middleman' is what millions claim to be yet almost none of them are. Thats why I say you are rare.

BTW whats your opinion about the Vietnam war do you agree or disagree that we were close in winning it but only "lost" because of the extreme unpopular sentiment for the war by the American public and the democrat dominated congress?

John Craig said...

Mark --
Well, once again, thank you, I guess. (But once again you're employing your psychopathic manipulative skills to make me feel flattered.)

I do agree with your larger point, though, that someone who just looks at the facts these days in an unbiased manner is called a racist, or sexist, or 'hater," which is of course ridiculous. (And shows how far left we've swung.)

No question we could have won the Viet Nam War if we'd had the will to do so. And yes, the Left in this country did influence the outcome. If we'd wanted to, we could have flattened the entire country militarily. At the same time -- and this has to be said -- we had no business being over there. My feeling is, let other peoples fight among themselves, it's they business, not ours. And maybe more to the point, it's not worth American lives and money to intervene in most cases.

Anonymous said...

You better believe that I am being genuine with you, if I looked down on you I would unleash holy hell on, I am pretty sure you can handle sociopathic trolls but psychopaths its a different story.Reason why I dont is because you are too difficult to crack so why bother...
besides I rarely if ever harass people on the internet, I need to look at them in the eye and see their soul crumble piece by piece. In case you're curious, the specific type of people I do prey is: cocky fake jocks, emos/goths/anarchists/satanists, non-whites and the most by far drug addicts.

Well the thing is since our violence obsessed country has a ludicrous oversized military, with over a thousand military bases around the world, whats the point of gushing out 700 billion dollars annually if were not going to use to be the world police and to fuel our thirsty interests, besides if america chooses "not to waste the lives our troops" then our rivals *cough* *cough* China Russia would undoubtedly fill the void. The reason we even went to Vietnam was to prevent a communist fire storm from taking over South Asia so I dont blame Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon to get tough on them, hell if Truman gave MacArthur the leeway he needed we would have drove the communist chinks(that was their way of saying thanks for us liberating them from japan) out of korea and today no more kim jong un.You disagree but the hard truth is as soon as america becomes too isolationist, terror and dictatorships will rise worldwide, we need the world to fear us.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Okay, I accept that you're being genuine with me, at least on that score. I do fall partially into one of those categories, though, being half-Japanese. Other than picking on nonwhites, I have no sympathy for those other types you mention. And as far as race goes, I'm all for honesty, which is a rare commodity when it comes to public discussion of race these days.

True enough about the money we spend on our military. But the thing about China filling the void, they're mostly just interested in expanding their economic power, and rush in to do that at every opportunity, and they're killing us there. For instance, after we spent ten plus years in Afghanistan, China went in and signed up all they mineral rights, since they evidently have a lot of rare earth metals there. And we were twiddling our thumbs. And Putin seems mostly interested in expanding his sphere of influence around his own borders, reconstituting the alliance that used to be the USSR. (And, I guess he wants Syria and Iran in his pocket as well.)

Anonymous said...

I am actually not a racist, I may have blond hair and blue eyes and German y-dna but I find aryan supermensch myth ridiculous as well as the kkk. I pick on non whites because of their vulnerability and I don't recall having much asians at my school. I looked at your picture you seem more white than asian guessing your dad is white. So before I address the political stuff could you tell me a little more about yourself since I told you so much about my personal life dw not asking for anything specific like your address or anything.

hahaha You have your arguments because you want the peaceful and most progressive solution to us, Well can't say I didn't try justifying that we should be invading more countries.However Trump, although being incompetent, may be one of the few people to stand up to china especially their powerful lobby on our economy aswell as prevent the US from falling behind China significantly.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I'm 50-50, but my mother has angular features for an Asian, anomy father has very angular features, so we ended up looking less Asian than most Eurasians. A lot of people just think I'm sort sort of unspecified Mediterranean. That's a pretty open-ended question, be a little more specific and I may answer it. (Keep in mind, I have my name on this blog, so have to be a little bit guarded.)

Here's a somewhat revealing post, that relates to our conversation, about how I got interested in sociopathy, if you haven't read it:

I do have another question for you. How do you react when you meet another psychopath? Do you just tend to avoid each other? Are there conflicts and resulting fireworks? Do you just sort of tacitly agree to keep out of each other's way? Does one of you "recognize" the other first?

I like the way Trump stands up to China, it's one of the many reasons I voted for him, even though I don't like him personally.

Anonymous said...

You look like marine drill instructor than anything, but ya you do look Mediterranean with subtle oriental features.
My questions would be about your family, what do they do and do they have an interesting Psychological condition, before I read your link I suspected you were a fitness instructor of some sort but its now confirmed. Also whats the range of the TV shows that you watch because there are notable characters with cluster b that would be relevant to our discussion.

Your post was rather long but I do get the gist of it, initially I dismissed the bitch as histrionic or even as BPD but than it became aware that she was indeed a sociopath. In summary she appeared to me as someone who lied to you when you least expected and the purpose of it was simply making her appear better even though it bites her later, I personally wouldn't bother trying to brag about my self every chance I get, even if I did I it would be part of a bigger game/plan, her constant need to polish her appearance by lying to you seems that shes trying to convince herself just as much as shes trying to convince you of her BS. The reason You fell for her mediocre lies/conns initially wasn't based on anything she said it was all about the attitude and body language, whenever she gave you weak/poor lies, she acted with high self assurance with a calm/casual continuity, making you refuse to rationalize/investigate her claims because theres no way she would be lying to me after all she has such a jolly personality right? I personally think after she lied to those people to make them hate you, you should have thrown her in the pool after twisting her wrist. Essentially when sociopaths spew their bullshit they partially actually believe that bullshit themselves!(this is also true of narcissists) or want to convince themselves of the bullshit, So Clinton really believed he did not have sex with that woman, he instead had a blowjob session (ok I am jk on this one). This corresponds well with their baboon rage, not only are they desperately trying to coerce you when they yell but also to use that rage as reinforcement to convince and deceive themselves. his is sorta how betting works.

Anonymous said...

Ok great question. How would 2 psychopaths react upon encountering eachother well just to be clear most psychopaths wont think the other is 'psychopath' but do realize that they are in potential danger since the other psychopaths seems to deploy similar tricks.I could detect them in that I figured they are as capable as me and that they don't react to me the same way neurotypicals do. The first way to notice is simply all about the eyes and head,when I notice that they maintain a cold constant gaze (like an owl) with expressionless eyes and fixed head direction and don't flinch 1 bit.Its quite hard to crack a Psychopath based on behavior but there are 2 ways I figured out, 1.If they don't fall for my verbal tricks and 2.If they practice an irrational, disgusting and dangerous hobby (mine is roach and ant consumption) without a valid reason. Usually we just part ways from each other if we notice and never contact them again but in other times adrenaline shoots and both seek to take out the other but at the same time try to thread lightly due to being concerned of the retaliation and this could potentially end in violence.Since we have internally conflicting plans on dealing with this we get very nervous. Well 2 psychopaths can recognize each other quickly if both maintain the dramatic gaze and if neither flinches. I doubt that cooperation/friendship is possible.
Imma tell you the story of this one soccer fanboy kid that I met outside the soccer stadium In Munich, Germany. So I ask the kid for the directions of the ice cream parlor (I speak German btw) and after I get my iceream we both sit down on a picknick bench and both stare each other down with a smile expecting the other to flinch and look down but as it turns out neither one gave in, both tried to read the other for a good 20 seconds, he finally nervously barked at me "Show me some respect snowman, roll your eyes, I know what you are", The fact that he would stare and study me and say those exact things can only make him a Psychopath.Its like he read my mind. I desperately retaliate and shout "don't talk you German pig" he then grinned & stood up (relieved by my weak response) after a moment turned his head like a cyborg and casually said out loud to a group of teens nearby "this dumb ruski just said German pig" (its big deal if you insult Germany in Bavaria especially around soccer fans) So I decided to run fast and not look back, My original plan was to walk with him and then shove his body down the garbage bin.I was more terrified that day than any of my dad's beating sessions because unlike the beating episodes, I didn't have the control and thus the advantage which I usually enjoyed over neurotyipcals. in other words the teacher discovered my cheat sheet. I know that this sounds bizarre and pathetic and maybe the kid wasn't really one but his entire facial expressions (his owl eyes) was too different form normal folks, (a normal kid simply would start talking without caring about other's eye movement, or simply demand why I am starring at them). The way to describe it would be as if a ghostly entity appears to you and tells you exactly what you are thinking. however I was only 9, there were 2 more times that I encountered Ps but I simply walked away and didn't see them ever again.

Anonymous said...

One more thing in link-post you mentioned 1978, you're far older than what your picture suggest, You look like 35 but 1978?

John Craig said...

Mark --
I was always a fitness nut, but never a fitness instructor. I'm an ex-Wall Streeter. (You learn more about sociopathy working on Wall Street than you would as a fitness instructor.)

As far as psychological conditions, depression runs in my family. (A nice upper middle class condition.) My sister had it, and I have it, but seem to manage to stave it off with exercise. (If I don't work out for a couple days I get down.) Other than that, we're garden variety neurotics.

I don't watch a lot of TV, I'm more addicted to the internet, though I've started to watch more now that I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I've seen and enjoyed the BBC shows The Fall, Luther, Broadchurch, Black Mirror, and Happy Valley (though I didn't make it all the way through Happy Valley). Also enjoyed The Killing, Justified, and Paranoid. Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, though I'm sure I'm forgetting some. Virtually every worthwhile TV show has at least one Custer B personality -- otherwise how would you have a villain?

You're right, it was her straightforward, confident, seemingly guileless body language that made me believe that sociopath. Delivery has so much to do with credibility, which is a hurdle most people have to get over before they understand sociopathy. And sociopaths actually seem MORE truthful when telling a lie than a lot of people do when telling the truth. That woman deserved more than a twisting of the wrist and being thrown into the pool. She deserved what I think she did to that other woman (the one I think she killed).

Thank you for the extensive answer on what happens when two psychopaths meet. What you said makes sense; I hadn't realized that you would "recognize" each other simply by eye contact. But that's a good piece of information to know.

You eat roaches???!!! That is grotesque. I've heard of that before, and I suppose they contain protein like most insects, but have never spoken to anyone who does it. Why do you do it? And do you do it when alone, or just with other people, to show off?

I'm 63, was 60 when that picture was taken:

The Asian blood has made me age a little slower, and I've stayed fit, but it's all a little deceiving. I've already had prostate cancer (last year) and my cholesterol was 315 a year ago.

Anonymous said...

Before I say anything, YOUR 60 WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. can't say your the first person I met that seem to resists aging this much but I was very surprised. Well I guess fitness and a steady proper diet can help

Wall street huh? sounds very bad ass no wonder youre hard to crack for some1 without cluster b, wallstreet is indeed a a wolfs lair, I am interested though why you left it? and also is true that the wolfs in wallstreet regularly sniff cocaine, smoke meth and/or inject steroids when anticipating a risky mega investment deal?

All the tv shows you listed I have never heard of them, I was hoping you would say game of thrones, breaking bad and the walking dead but there is one show/movie which I am sure we both know about, Batman well I don't like batman that much but I am interested in joker, a very fascinating villain and joker is the best pop cultural representation for a psychopath, They frequently brand him as insane and transfer him to an asylum but really joker is not insane, he is dead aware of everything he does and you guessed it he doesn't think much of it, The theory goes that he is in fact super sane, the most intune with reality, which is my opinion of psychopaths.

I gave a poor, simplified answer when it came to the eye contact thing, allow me to reiterate, well you see we Psychopaths are born with an instinctive set of abilities to read people based on the very rapidly dynamic and subtle microexpressions given away by their body language but the most important ones are the pupils and by integrating this data with their words and the way said words are expressed is how we can paint an accurate picture, Normal humans can be trained to detect it as well to a good degree (detectives are the most) but for us its pre-installed and comes as second nature as biting (which actually also is very complex) the most important signals are fear and aggression which causes pupils to rapidly move back and forth and thats not all we're unable to involuntarily represent our emotions and feelings (thats what I mean by dead eyes) through our eyes and facial muscles but are skilled however in faking those movements, as a dorky kid of 9 I knew nothing of any of the words that I mentioned above but I knew instinctively where/when to look at people to read them and predict them and at the same time learned to fabricate my own micro body language signals.
Since we are without expressions by default we always wait for other people to flinch or something and only then we react (fabricating) accordingly.

Anonymous said...

So lets assume 2 psychopaths meet and lets assume each thinks the other is just another neurotypical and they proceed to engage in a deadlock starring contest, since both are waiting for the other to flinch (so they could proceed with faking theirs) many moments will pass by and its not difficult for either to realize that the other is playing the same game, when it comes to grown ups most likely either one would retreat and end the problem, however (this one is my opinion) if there is an imbalance between the 2 in terms of the level and time of the awareness vs that of the other, the one with earlier/better awareness would seize the advantage and will act quickly to harm them in any way possible in order to demoralize them and thus making it easier to eliminate the threat. These are very bold hypothesis (of course I can be wrong) to make but its based off personal experience but at the least I am certain that we cluster b folks use body micro expression to read people, I am certain at least that eye contact between 2 psychos will raise red flags for both lastly I am certain that Psychopaths would never want to cooperate with another psychopath. Hope this satisfied your curiosity.

Oh ya the thing about the roaches, well I have proof that every psychopath has super bizarre and dangerous habits that is unique to them, Of the other psychopaths I encountered, there was a stunningly hot girl whom kept a collection of the fried insides of dead mice in her basement whom she claimed she killed via electrocution and she would use their skin and rub it with her own to supposedly get their life energy. Remember ted bundy he had bizzare hobbies of his own.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Thank you re: my age, but I'm pretty much at the edge of a steep cliff, about to fall off, aging-wise.

I quit my job on Wall Street because (a) I'd just had a book published and thought I'd be able to make a living that way (I never had another book published), (b) I thought I'd saved enough money (in retrospect, I hadn't), and (c) I hated my job and had no chance of making partner (my boss was a sociopath).

I'd never thought of The Joker as metaphor for sociopathy before, but now that you mention it, he is. The problem is, it's hard to take a cartoon figure that seriously. And with so many other Hollywood sociopaths, they're fetishized, as you say.

Thanks for elaborating on the eye contact thing. Maybe I'll try that sometime. I have found that if you sit or stand absolutely motionless, like a statue, other people will become uneasy and you have them at your advantage.

And thanks for elaborating on the two psychopaths scenario.

But you still haven't answered my question about WHY you do it. Do they taste good? Do you do it in private, or is it more of a party trick sort of thing?

Anonymous said...

So tell me is the whole cocaine and steroids talk about wallstreet true?

Well you see joker isn't seen as either good or bad So I doubt its fetishising psychopaths, the theory goes that he is so sane, so in tune with reality that he breaks the fourth wall he is the only character whose are that he is part of a comic. If you really look deep into joker none of his criminal endeavors are for personal greed and glory he seems to have be hell bent on a single purpose and that is to sabotage batman, Each time he gets captured he displays no emotion (other than sadistic laughter) It makes him a Psychopath as opposed to 2-face, garden variety sociopath.

Fine, devouring roaches and ants isn't my only behavior which you will find distressing,I also kill and skin rodents alive, I burn colonies of ants, I wont list the rest. I wanted to tell you earlier but thought I shouldn't but here it goes anyways, We psychopaths displays these irrational, dangerous behaviors is because we are curious and we don't mind taking big risks to satisfy our curiosity. There is one more thing I should tell you, I have a dulled sense of smell,taste and even music isn't that enjoyable to me, I can eat raw insects because my taste buds are not too sensitive to evoke disgust.

Lastly though john unless you're detective don't attempt the stonewall approach trying to intimidate enemies because you will get beat down. You neurotyipicals cannot stop your body from showing signs of fear and distress, this will encourage the already pissed of guy to initiate the attack. We on the other hand are dead when it comes to microexpressions so the enemy can't really capitalize on anything.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Ah, sorry, forgot to answer about cocaine and steroids. I left Wall Street in 1996, so I don't know what goes on there now, but I used to hear about people taking cocaine fairly often (I didn't myself). Steroids weren't a common thing among non-athletes back then, so I never heard of that, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear that a fair number of Wall Streeters take it now, it would fit with the culture. Some of the guys I knew there acted as if they were on steroids anyway. I also saw alcoholism while I was there, though I'm not sure that was any more common than elsewhere.

The guy portrayed in The Wolf of Wall Street wasn't typical, though, anybody who took that many drugs would have been a complete basket case, I'm guessing the movie exaggerated the amount Jordan Belfort really did.

It's always been my impression that sociopaths are more likely to take steroids; is this true?

I agree that a mild curiosity is enough to get a psychopath to do some pretty extreme things -- like kill someone. Every time there's a murder in the news and the killer is caught and he says something like, "I wanted to know what it felt like to kill someone," everybody always assumes that there must have been one deeper motive, that the murderer had some overwhelming hatred for that particular person. But with a psychopath, that's really all it takes.

Do you think your indifference to music is a psychopathic thing, or is it just you? Now that I think of it, the two sociopaths I knew best showed no interest in music either.

I've never tried the stonewall/completely still approach with a sociopath, only with normal people.

Anonymous said...

Well In american Psycho in the sniffing booth scene, one of Patrick's associates claimed to be on steroids. Well steroids and cocaine represent testosterone and dopamine, T & d are innately connected and the release of one will the trigger the other, creating a positive feedback loop. You made an interesting point about sociopaths wanting steroids because it fits well with their obsession to be the alpha male and it would make sense that sociopathtic males are higher in T. Lets assume high t=competitiveness,courage and high d=calmness, cunning, fearlessness.

If Sociopath males are unusually high in testosterone then I guarantee that Psychopathic males are unusually high in dopamine, This explains the many symptomatic similarities we may share (its hormonal not neurological), The high t in sociopaths does initially spike dopamine so they are calm and cunning temporarily, our high dopamine spikes testosterone giving us to urge to compete and dominate, We reach similar symptoms with reverse ends. but heres the catch, sociopaths have a limited opportunity to use that dopamine because their rage in turn spikes cortisol thus killing testosterone thus ruining the positive feedbackloop cycle but we psychopaths are almost immune to cortisol. Beasides I reckon our dopamine level is higher than sociopaths' testosterone level. So long story short, thx to the positive feedback loop of d&t and the virtual absence cortisol we actually end up with higher t levels than sociopaths, We defeat them at their own game. btw dopamine just like T is significantly higher in males than females (estrogen suppresses dopamine).

Anonymous said...

Yes I don't doubt psychopathy has dulled my perception of sensory stimuli it is well established that preferences or tolerates for unpleasant odors/tastes is a a major sign of psychopathy, When it comes to music, it doesn't irritate me but I am much less stimulated than normal humans are Interestingly during sex my dick isn't much sensitized however my mind is overstimulated during sex I always spank, choke and squeeze the girls titties hard. I can easily place my nose up a dog's ass, thats why I guess I don't find much problem consuming uncooked insects like its potato chips also we have a high threshold for physical pain again thx to dopamine. Psychopathy should be classified as a neurological disorder not a personality disorder like Sociopathy, Sociopaths are identical to normal humans physiologically although may differ slightly Ask any sociopath to lie, steal, act tough), they would cockily oblige but ask them lives insects, stick their head in a shit filled toilet, punch a concrete wall at full speed or endure a cigarettes burn and I bet you they will bitch about it. But we psychopaths would have no problem although it doesn't mean we will do it just because someone says so.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Interesting about the interaction between testosterone and dopamine. It made me think about various people I know. That makes perfect sense about estrogen suppressing dopamine in females, that's why they're rarely calm.

Are you familiar with the concept of "organic sociopaths?" (Or maybe psychopaths would be more appropriate here.) They are people who are, because of their physical constitution, harder to socialize. They need bigger thrills to get their motors running, and are bored by activities others find interesting. They are calmer, more courageous, and in general, cooler under various forms of fire. But, the theory goes, because they were brought up with a lot of love, they have a different character than sociopaths: they are capable of loyalty, love, etc. I know two guys like this. One of them is this guy (whom I'm no longer in touch with):

You're making a good case for the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths.

Anonymous said...

Still here, So you have any more questions or anything interesting that you like to share.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I figured you'd gotten bored and left. I'm actually writing a post about our conversation right now. I"ll probably put it up tomorrow.

No more questions at the moment (though you haven't answered my question about organize sociopaths yet). By the way, here's another post in which I talk about the two organic sociopaths I've known:

Anything in general I want to share, I put on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I read through all the comments here. So, John and Mark, is my lack of outrage at the Asperger's post (and overall agreement with it) a reason for me to question my diagnosis? Or do you reckon I'm just an anomaly Aspie who is able to take criticism?

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
If you read through all (literally, 666 comments now) of the Aspergers post, you'll see that they undergo a gradual evolution. The first 200 or 300 or so consist mostly of a lot of Aspies lashing out at me for my description of them. But a lot of Aspies seem to have read through those comments and realized that what I was saying was true, and that those first commenters were proving me right. So then I started to get a lot of comments from Aspies that struck a more reasonable tone.

Also, keep in mind, there's a difference between being personally insulted and having your syndrome insulted, which is closer to what I did in that post. And also keep in mind that Aspies come in a full range of IQ; at one end are you and Ga, my commenter from Hong Kong; at the other end are a lot of the initial responders to that post. And I've always gotten the impression that one of the benefits of a higher IQ is that it allows one to remain calm in a larger number of situations.

Anonymous said...

Mark here again:
Hey gethin what brought you here...

I did read your post about the organic sociopaths or supposed pyshcopaths.
heres the thing even though you might disagree my prognosis of these individuals you talked about seem as very tough minded neurotyipicals, these are men who are the reincarnation of strong kings and military leaders in history who were cunning and manipulative towards evil people but were soft and gentle as a flower towards innocent people sorta like a white knight whose a self proclaimed protector of the weak.

These men as cunning and ruthless as they may be are too selfish and empathetic to be true psychopaths. As Machiavelli stated even men who have the kindest of intentions need to have some evil or lets say cluster b traits otherwise they wouldn't be able to deter evil.

Also as you know more about aspergers than I, would you say I have aspergers
After all like I mentioned many comments earlier I share some similarities:
My posts are very long as I intent to fit in every single detail
once I get obsessed with a topic I rape the shit out of it.
and lastly I absolutely lack empathy. (even sociopaths have empathy for a small circle of people of their choosing)

John Craig said...

Mark --
Look at my comment of December 17th at 3:30PM: I told you I was writing a post about our conversation, and that I would put it up Monday, which I did:

I figured you'd have been curious enough want to read it. (That's what brought Gethin here.)

There's no question that a lot of the strongest political and military leaders in history have been psychopaths/sociopaths. General Patton, to name a relatively recent example, actually fits the pattern quite well. Pancho Villa was one. Vlad the Impaler another. And there are plenty of other more "respectable" names. But I'd say the cunning and manipulative towards evil people/fiercely protective of the innocent combination is actually quite rare. A lot of the more Machiavellian leaders know that in order to have a good image they have to act as if they're protective of their own people, but it's usually just a pose.

BTW, did you ever read a book called "The Machiavellian's Guide to Womanizing?" (It was published din 1995, which is a little before your time.)

I'm pretty sure you don't have Aspergers. Aspergers is in some ways the opposite of sociopathy/psychopathy. Psychopaths are shrewdly manipulative in large part because they're good at reading people and at spotting their weaknesses. People with Aspergers are incapable of that. And they're not good actors, or liars. So, no, I'd say you're not even though your comments are rather lengthy.

Another clue: you don't talk like an Aspie. "Once I get obsessed with a topic I rape the shit out of it." That sort of colorful way of speaking is not Asperger-like. And you often come across as quite proud, which is also not Aspie-like.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Aspies who lashed out at you wanted it both ways: they want to be treated with sympathy for their difficulties, but don't want those difficulties spelled out. All they want is for their supposed superiority to be noted (Aspies can be geniuses, but it's an utter myth that most of them are. If anything, most are underachievers). But if they had it that way, they wouldn't be classed as disabled and wouldn't be entitled to the extra support they want.

I largely agree with your 2011 post due to my experiences of talking to Aspies online. I'm a member of the Wrong Planet forum and, although it's helpful, I have had some exasperating experiences. For example, instead of answering a simple question, they derail the thread by lecturing me about semantics. I once asked "Is X an Aspie thing?", curious about whether Aspies were more likely to engage in a particular behaviour, when I got a reply telling me "it's a *you* thing, not an Aspie thing. Aspies are all individuals with unique behaviour" to which I explained that I never claimed Aspies weren't individuals with unique behaviour, and that I was just trying to ascertain whether that trait is more common in Aspies. Who does that sort of pedantic lecturing help?

I think your high IQ explanation makes sense, and maturity is probably another factor. Much of what you said in that post fit me when I was younger, up until my early to mid twenties. I learned through trial-and-error about the sorts of behaviours people generally like and what I should put behind me. Most importantly, I learned that it's better to try and find common ground with people than it is to always try and convert them to my worldview. It's now easy for me to talk with someone of an opposite political persuasion and not try (particularly hard*) to convert them: something the teenage me would've been incapable of. So my guess is that many of your initial posters were either very young or otherwise immature.

* I might say a few of sentences about, say, why communism doesn't work, but after that I will get bored. When I was younger, it would've culminated into a full-blown, hostile argument resulting in us never speaking again.

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
I've said this before, I'll say it again: you don't come across like an Aspie via your comments. I don't doubt that you're being truthful with me, and maybe I'd think differently if I saw you in real life, but you have a level of realism to you that I don't normally associate with Aspies.

Your first paragraph is exactly right, and actually describes exactly what's wrong with all political correctness: the "oppressed" group wants advantages, but doesn't want anyone to look too closely at WHY they need those advantages. (If, as some women say, women can be Marines or Army Rangers, why would they need protection against men? And why do blacks but not Asians need affirmative action?)

And yes, "exasperating" is the perfect word to describe a lot of Aspies.

Anonymous said...

Why, thank you. I take that as a compliment. IRL I'm quite shy and a wee bit awkward. I'm not the most social person because I prefer deep conversations to the superficial stuff people usually talk about. And I hate questions like "how are you?", "did you do anything nice over the weekend?" and "are you going anywhere nice over summer?". These were things the psychiatrist took into account when diagnosing me. I began questioning the diagnosis when I heard accounts of what Aspies are like, and the sort of irrationality and unnecessary combativeness I've seen from Aspies online. Recently, I've come to the conclusion that I was misdiagnosed and actually have something more like ADD.

And, yes, "women are just as strong and capable as men, but they need extra care and protection": the feminist movement summarised.

- Gethin

John Craig said...

Gethin --
I'm always amazed how many misdiagnoses professionals give. A "wee bit" awkward isn't Aspergers, extremely awkward is. And not being good at small talk is a hallmark of Aspergers, but not liking it could also just mean you don't want to waste your time with irrelevancies. Again, I've never met you, so for all I know you have some of the physical manifestations, such as not being able to look people in the eye, but you don't sound like you have it.

Anonymous said...

You know I spent the past 2 days really hammering it on the web digging for some answers and now I realize that aspies are second to none when it comes being diametrically opposed to me. Aspies are essentially the ultimate slaves, now yes they do have this pretentious and sensitive demeanor about them which people might mistake for cluster b however at the core they are truly sub-human.

I also realize that aspies seem to embody every and all weak traits that my neurotypical victims exhibited in limited numbers, neurotyipicals all posses just a few of the many weak traits correlated highly with submissiveness but aspies seem to posses all! its an all in one package disorder!

If I was afflicted with such a syndrome I would dispose of myself in a heartbeat. Thx mr john craig now I know the primary sorry ass sub-human group that I should incorporate in my menu. I reverse the least mercy to the weakest bottom feeders of the food chain.

Oh and yes the whole womanizing, Machiavelli style book is something I am aware of,courtesy of my ex who spoused that every chance she got, Yes its a neat tutorial how to get the pussy but for me its pathetic and mediocre at best, I know all those tricks, ever since I was a child eg. the one time when i was 7 and forcefully kissed another 7 year old girl but convinced her to like me and blackmailed her if in case she told her parents, so I am not interested at all in this book besides my ways is better.

All that I am interested when it comes women/cows, is to impregnate as many as possible to further my progeny thus power. Getting married to a woman is to give your life to them. I currently have at least 2 paternity suits from alleged baby mamas. There is no chance that I would be any cow's husband.

One more thing, in your new post about Psychopathy, I'd appreciate if you STOPPED addressing me interchangeably as a sociopath, they are light years beneath the ominously villainous megapotent predators which we Psychopaths are born as.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I agree that Aspies are the opposite of psychopaths, in fact I wrote about that somewhere on the blog once. People sometimes confuse them with narcissists, since both groups have a hard time admitting they're wrong, and apologizing. But they're coming from different places: narcissist won't admit they're ever wrong because they egotistically think they're right all the time, and Aspies seem to think that if they admit they're wrong, they're admitting that they're lesser human beings somehow. So both sets of people look foolish in the same way, but they arrived there by different routes.

The reason I asked you about the Machiavellian's Guide to Womanizing was because I wrote it (under a pseudonym, when I was still on Wall street). I was originally going to title it, "The Sociopath's Guide to Womanizing," but I figured too many people wouldn't understand that concept (this was in 1995).

Hate to admit it, but I sort of agree with you about marriage in principle.

Okay, from now on I'll address you strictly as a psychopath, though I'll use the term sociopath in the rest of the blog.

Anonymous said...


Greetings, hows things going it has been a while.

I am quite bored ATM

I'd say let's have a debate about a vital topic
You did mention in your Psychopath post that "at the end I went more towards his direction" so in terms of the discretion between Psychopaths and Sociopaths how much has your view shifted towards the distinction between the 2 (or lack thereof), Even if it hasn't maybe we could resume our debate, If your interested I could also talk about my 2 older brothers and how I treated them. Very interesting backstories with both of those fools.

In your other post, you also said that you had a civil and friendly conversation with me.
Well its true I treat people whom I respect that way, although no guarantees in RL, you're absolutely correct by not wanting to meet me personally because I may decide to hurt you even if I respect you and even if you treated me well, I admit you're a tough neurotypical to crack but in real life if I ever decide to attack I would find a way. The information superhighway is different, I guarantee that I won't troll you, given that preying on people online has its limits anyways and the fact that you handle trolls well.

John Craig said...

Mark --
How have I shifted? I acknowledge that there does seem to be a difference between the types of psychopath/sociopath who need others' approval and admiration and even love, and those who don't. And, I suppose, there are degrees of coldness, though both psychos and socios represent pretty much the extremely frigid end of that spectrum. And, there's probably a difference between those who were basically born psychopathic through brain formation/frontal lobe damage/high testosterone levels and those who were essentially socialized (or, more accurately, non-socialized into becoming that way. But again, there's relatively little difference in terms of how they act, and how they express themselves, and that's what I'm interested in.

I think the key to handling trolls is simply not to rise to the bait, and not get angry, and simply tell them why you disagree with them, or pick their statements apart. Why would I ever get angry with people I don't know personally? If I don't really know them personally, why would I take anything they say personally? I just don't care that much. I guess that makes ME sound a little sociopathic; but, that's my attitude.

Anonymous said...

Well, you do seem to make a bare distinction between the 2 but your still not convinced that even in terms of actions they differ tremendously.

Sociopaths are simply born as neurotypicals who went rogue during their early years
On the contrary, I wouldn't describe sociopaths as cold but rather as hot-headed

I understand that you were mistreated rather harsly by a Sociopath and that's why you hold them to such high worthy of danger, They really are cowards.

Maybe youre right maybe I make such great distinction among the 2 is because I personally don't find them that dangerous, I know every trick in their bag and more, I guess to the average NT, sociopaths are dangerous after all. To give the devil his due I admit that sociopaths always made great errand boys for us Psychopaths, paradoxically they are more easily manipulated by someone more powerfull (compared to NTs). How the Sociopath loves to impress his Psychopath master I say!

I can sense that youre getting bored with me, not just because you werent interested about the story of my 2 brothers

John Craig said...

Mark --
I'm not getting bored, but I barely have time to respond to various commenters and also write the blog and also do all the other stuff I do.

I have to say, neither of the two sociopaths I knew best, including that woman I wrote about, were cowards. I was with both in situations that were potentially dangerous, and neither showed the least trace of fear. Certainly not as much as I felt. I paddle boarded for the woman in an ocean race once, off the coast of southern California, where there were sharks (of course, there are sharks anywhere in the ocean), and it bothered me more than her, and I was on a surfboard while she was swimming. And with the other one, I was on the 26th floor of a building where there was a fire, you could smell the smoke, and the lines of people weren't moving at all, and he didn't seem perturbed in the least, in fact was joking about it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story of her bravery, The reason I say they're cowards is mostly based on personal experience, throughout middle school and high school I 'befriended' 3 people who were definite sociopaths, I remember they all indeed did engaged in high risk anti social behavior even criminal behavior, such as theft, destructive vandalism, arson and of course violence. from MS to HS I victimized those 3 socios one at a time. First I lured them into my circle by mimicking their behavior with impressive delivery so they grew fond of me and admired me but before long I started to verbally and emotionally bully them and man I could sense the primordial fear brewing in their sad pathetic eyes a thousand miles away, They always acted like cowards when near me, it got to a point that they got scared of lying to me. Yes in terms of executing well planned (I planned them) mischief they did act fearlessly, they had no problem stealing from groceries and their parents wallet, vandalizing family homes/churches or ganging up on 85 lbs nerds, pretty much they excelled in hit and run missions. However their bravery evaporated in the face of things like my 106 lbs doberman, my nunchucks, jumping from great heights, enduring bibi gun pellets, hostile rats/racoons/squirrels (animals that I routinely skinned) hell even 1 on 1 fist fights..... the point is they were 'brave' in executing anything nasty, only if the odds were in their favor.

I tormented them by focusing on their fears and weaknesses,I made them doubt logic and reality to the point where they believed 2+2=5, I manipulated them to fulfill my interests and good thing about sociopaths: they agreed to carry on any dirty command I gave them, NT's would easily snitch on me If I ever ordered them such deeds. If I was there back in '78 I would have mentally and then eventually physically raped that arrogant bitch and made you watch. Don't get me wrong I actually love sociopaths, they're the only ones that are willing enough to follow any command no matter how cruel, and sociopathic women have unmatched sexual thirst.

So like I said earlier: To NTs they may appear to be brave but to Psychopaths they appear as nothing more than frivolous frightened weasels.

Anonymous said...

Also dude she didn't break a sweat from swimming with sharks because she did her homework: sharks almost never attack humans (humans taste like sh*t to them, its a fact) so don't be impressed with her pathetic grin. I would love to see her grin If I chased her down the forest with bladed nunchucks. I also seemed unnerved when going deer hunting and encountering an adult bear caz I knew that the bear wont have the dare to attack me when I have my .80 caliber DB shotgun. Is this bitch still alive perhaps you could send me her address/whereabouts and Ill have my fun with her (nice ass?)

I wouldn't blame you for your concern though, you NTs are mature enough to not take any
impulsive chances against a shark.

I was eager to reveal my wonderful malicious exploits of my 2 dunderhead brothers (If you fancy psychological horror tales), but if ya busy then ya busy. o well.

Anonymous said...

One more thing dude, Its greatly against my interest to bother or disturb you, I greatly enjoy our exchange, So no pressure take all your time.

Ill do w.e its necessary for you to stay intrigued. I realize that my entries contain alot of grotesque and vile content if youre not comfortable or deem it unacceptable for your blog just let me know

John Craig said...

Mark --
Regarding that woman I knew in 1979, don't forget, I'd guess she murdered someone, too. Those three people you describe from h.s. do sound like sociopaths.

Okay, tell me about your two older brothers. But first, tell me if they're full brothers or half brothers, and tell me if they're psychopaths or sociopaths as well.

Anonymous said...

Is her flimsy murder suppose to deter me? the sow would be my bitch by nightfall and my baby mama by the real fall....
Yes they were pathetic tryhard delusional Sociopathic high school kids

My 2 older (full) brothers sociopaths? the joke of the century....
They were nothing but socially outcasted neurotic waste youths,
lets start with the younger of the 2, the one who adopted a rockstar greaser gimmick for an attire constantly jamming to 'industrial metal' and the crap that hells angels listen to, ironically he is a horrible motor driver (crashing 4 times). He went around with his 20 dollar sun shades, his 100 feet long hair smoking crystal meth thinking that hes a rebel or in his word a "badboy", his hair, body and mouth smelled like a 100 asses, his teeth all but rotten yet he had the fucking audacity to around Gothic parties and telling the girls that hes a psychopath.....he dropped out of high school, couldn't hold down a basic job and constantly stole money from my dad's credit card to buy meth and right now hes serving 2 years in prison for drug charges.
What did I do to this sorry excuse of a worm? well lets just say that I ruined his life, I was the one who pushed him to this appalling person that he is, he use to be a normal kid in fact a very sweet and vibrant one at that who did great in school and was a good baseball player.Always tried to help and encourage people especially people in need.
I relentlessly sabotaged him in every step, If I wasn't manipulating him to do things that would get him into serious trouble, I would fabricate mischief and convince my parents it was his fault, I would psychologically torment him in every I could (like displacing his stuff,burning his homework and many other annoying shit) when he was just 13 I helped him find his 1st girlfriend only to surprise him at his b-day in his bedroom with me shagging her(she was in on the act)that night he cried the entire night, as he grew older, more bitter he started to heavily abuse drugs of every type,starting listening to demonic music (lol), stopped eating (which explains his emaciated physique) and as I predicted adopted this emo/Gothic nihilist view/identity of the world that's also when his grades started a slippery slope and his drug abused depleted body couldn't do what he loved the most:baseball. He wasted his early life as an over humbled selfless sissy helping the less fortunate yet when he became the unfortunate no one was there to help him........

Anonymous said...

As for the older of the 2, the wannabe leader, the over-achieving maxi geek, well he in comparison, experienced very mild torture but torture nevertheless, He always was an honor roll student and he proudly looked up to my father (his spitting image) and was proud to lead in example as a model eldest son, he was a secondary parent, he was also skinny but stood a whopping 6'5 (he has klinefelter syndrome) so he was much harder for me to prey on, and to actually think of it I cant recall a lot of shit I did to him other than pretty much troll him and convince my parents that he caused trouble... except like the incident where my doberman shit on his face while I filmed, the time when I blasted his silly ass with a fire extinguisher, shot him in the testicles with my bibi pellets at point blank range (HE AGREED TO FORGIVE ME AND NOT TELL PARENTS!), wrecked his 800$ prom tuxedo and blamed it on my little brother, sabotaging his science fair projects and lastly sleeping with his girlfriend (It took me 3 months to seduce her though). Right now he is serving as a golden boy, 3rd year in Columbia university studying electrical engineering (I doubt his dweeb ass would land a real job tho). Just for the record my height is 6'1 and my emo other brother and dad are the same. The little one is a 6'2 monster but like I said he is still my slave.

Also not brag but I have never tried alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, soda or drugs ever in my life. My entire family is made up of neurotic substance abusers expect for my mom whom pressured to ex communicate me from the C. Church after I 'fornicated' with my brother's gf (lol)
Ironically my mom hates me the most in this family she calls me the son of Lucifer; an evil jewish ghost occupying a Christian body..I kid you not. So according to my divinely intelligent mom john, I am actually jewish shalom oy vey, cool now when will I receive my invitation letter to the Illuminati? can't wait to receive millions of free cash and buy my chevy camaro.

John Craig said...

Mark --
What was your motive in doing all this to your own brothers?

And why do you think you turned out differently than the rest of the brothers? Were you treated differently growing up? Or were you just bad(ass) seed from the start? And how old are you now?

Anonymous said...

great question and I have a simple answer: because I was curious and I COULD and like all my other evil endevours I feel absolutely nothing of it, I understand the concept of guilt but I never felt it however i dont feel proud of it either:I did what I did and thats the shit.

I just turned 18 few days ago and imma cash in my bank savings to move to my own flat otherwise my mom will use the power of Christ to compell my ass out.
speaking of religion I am obviously an atheist but I can brilliantly mimic a catholic (or protestant) fanatic, Interestingly when I was 14 I considered converting to Islam not caz I believed it but because then I would have divine sanction thus divine justification to commit violence
But it turns out being a Muslim is a lot of hard work and a waste of my time.I was an atheist since I was 4 years old and yes what I was throughout my life, I was born with it.

Are you an atheist aswell? you probably are gonna answer with agnostic.

Now let me sprinkle my keister with some humility dust:paternity suits, I am certain that I have 2 infant sons from 2 diff. baby mamas and very soon the court will warrant a DNA test and these cows will drain me financially, There is no way I will be fathering those 2 little runts. One of them is the spitting image of me, the shallow blue eyes, the dark blond hair and the ice cold frigid pupils....his momma is in for a big surprise if that little man inherited my P.
Lastly what is your opinion about this whole jewish thing, are you in the bandwagon of the masses that believe jews are behind everything bad around the world and that they are infinitely evil? I personally looked down on jews for their cowardice and neuroticism but over the years I started to favor them out the spite of dumb ass anti semites who actually believe all their grand jewish conspiracies. I am tired of hearing bums making pathetic excuses for their shortcomings and blame it on the jewish boogeyman, intellectual laziness epitomized.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Okay, you've answered the question about motive, but not causation. WHY do you think you turned out this way, especially when none of your siblings did?

Ha, good prediction. I used to be an atheist, but about 25 years ago turned into an agnostic.

Wow, 18, you're younger than I'd thought, I'd figured 20's. You're still at the stage where you're reveling indoor badassedness (is that a word?).

I would never blame any group for everything bad, that's just plain silly. But Jewish influences have in general pushed this country in a Leftward direction, which I mostly don't approve of. (See rest of blog.) You're right, to some extent people blaming Jews for their problems is like blacks blaming racism for the fact that they score low on the SAT's. But if you want some sense of the power of their influence, take a look at this post:

Anonymous said...

you still there bud?

John Craig said...

Mark --
Not going anywhere for now.

Anonymous said...

hmm at jan 5th i made a comment did you see it?

John Craig said...

Mark --
I just took a look above, on January 5th you made three comments, and yes, I saw and responded. If you made another one which didn't appear above, then no, I didn't see it. Sometimes comments get lost in cyberspace for one reason or another, I've been told before occasionally that someone made a comment which never made it into my inbox.

Anonymous said...

Basically I was saying that the causation is my maternal grandfather, besides P. We share many physical resemblance as well.

I definitely agree about your link, lets be honest how is it possible that 3 measly percent of the population dominates the most powerful institutions of a country of 320 million
their supposedly superior oy vey intellect surely cant be the sole reason

What really is indeed stupid is when simpletons assign the phrase JEW to the cause of every problem, thinking they sound sophisticated these people actually help jews in the long run, thx to the many junk theories, the real Jewish power and its effect on our country remains discreet and the effiminazation of american society thx to the jews has been devastating.

John Craig said...

Mark --
Okay, gotcha. (No, I didn't get your earlier comment.) If your maternal grandfather is a psychopath, then your mother must have some of those traits as well, even if she doesn't evince them quite as overtly. The phrase "skip a generation" is one we're all familiar with, but things like that never entirely skip a generation.

No, the Jews aren't responsible for every problem we have. But you're right, they are in the forefront of a lot of social movements which disrupt traditional society.

Anonymous said...

btw badassedness is def. a word Thats what I am and youre my intellectual sidekick together we fight sociopaths, leftists and nonsense.

ok this one is outta no where but you seem to me that you are open to crazy activities.
every 4th of july I go crazy, you I would invite over to our backyard, with number 1 quality grill and beef, purely seasoned apple pie, outdoor HD TV, drone controlled fireworks, small game hunting in the woods, homemade explosives (no worries I am careful) and if youre license a shooting gallery.

not to mention the pickup truck derby competition in the mud turf.

Go crazy dammit! youre never old, reclaim your youthful vigor.

Was I spot on, were you physically active and athletic like me back in your prime?

John Craig said...

Mark --
I'm your sidekick?

I appreciate your invitation, if that's what it was, but those actually aren't my preferred activities. And, no offense, I'm not about to get together with a psychopath; I know better. (And I do have a carry permit but probably not in your home state.)

I was physically active and athletic in my day, and I'm still athletic for my age. I've set a couple of masters world records in the 200 short course meter butterfly (at 45 and 55), and at age 62, immediately following five weeks of radiation for prostate cancer, I ran 200 meters in 27.2. But 63 is 63, there's no getting around it.

Anonymous said...

So you have a few master world records for swimming and you completed the 200m run in 27.2 at that age, impressive.

ya of course I was playing with the whole sidekick thing.

Well its too bad that those aren't your activities of choice, but let me say the diverse South Carolinian natural landscape allows one to indulge in an almost infinite number of thrill seeking outdoor activities.

I personally also enjoy long hikes in the woods and hills, biking, rock climbing (natural rock) and also gliding.

BTW on YouTube theres this program TEDx so this woman was talking about the theory of sociopaths/psychopaths, she claims that there is this mutated gene "warrior gene" where it makes some humans be born with abnormally high levels of dopamine especially males and interestingly this gene can only be passed down to the opposite gender child so father to daughter then mother to son, this so called dopamine warrior gene might explain my situation, my grandfather passed it to my mom and she to me. She goes on to say that this mutation came about early in our human history, to give some humans the ability (especially males) to fight of dangerous predators eg.. lions, hyenas and black guys.

Personally this entire theory sounds a bit cheesy to me and also the over-abundance of dopamine, simple alone, doesn't even come close to explain the farwide neurological differences. Its funny how some stupid kids in the comment explicitly said they took crystal meth in the hopes of becoming sociopaths.

John Craig said...

Mark --
I don't have any masters world records anymore, they've been broken; but I did have a couple. Anyway, thank you. I've always been a fitness nut, but was never into thrill-seeking so fireworks, hunting, explosives, rock climbing aren't my thing.

I haven't head that dopamine theory before. I have heard that the reason males are more likely to be sociopaths/psychopaths is because their testosterone makes them harder to socialize, and less fearful, and more aggressive. Ergo, the higher the testosterone levels, the more likely sociopathy/psychopathy is to occur. And if you look at prison inmate populations, that seems to be the case. Prison Pen Pals is a good place to study that.

People -- especially young people -- will often admire the nerve of a sociopath/psychopath, and look up to them as natural leaders. Anybody who takes meth is hoping, among others things, for that feeling of invincibility they attribute to sociopaths, but if they actually hope to become one, they know nothing about sociopathy.

Anonymous said...

mark:Top of the morning
whats going with you

John Craig said...

Mark --
Good morning. Not much, anything I want to report I put in the blog. You?

Anonymous said...

I moved in to my own crib, a rusty 19th century cabin at the bare edges of town but it works.
my relative allowed me to stay here alone for a year.

Well won't be needing it much long this April imma be officially heading to paris island
Lets find out if the corp is actually a tough meat grinder or a pansy overhyped gym class.
Lets see if even the toughest DI can make me crack.
Drill instructors hate it when bootcamp rookies dont get scared from their taunts so im definitely gonna get some ass whooping.

Never knew you liked floyd mayweather. Rednecks down south hate on him caz 'he be a coon', but that coon is a boxing icon.
Tyson can talk big but floyd fights big.

John Craig said...

Well psychologically you're as well suited to take boot camp as anybody. And they will try to break you. But I'd guess you make it through.

That headline, "Why I love Floyd Mayweather," was a little facetious. I don't love him. I loved that exchange with the reporter, though, and I have to give Mayweather credit for "keeping it real," as they used to say.

Tyson used to fight pretty big too, in fact in my opinion, if you're judging by a single moment in time, the '88 Tyson was the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Anonymous said...

Hello old friend

Since I was busy travelling around europe for 2 months I remissed the great convo we had
Hows things going? you healthy? you wealthy?
I actually graduated from parris island way back in april and you better believe I have crazy tales about that.

John Craig said...

How do you have time to travel around Europe if you graduated from Parris Island?

I"m healthy, if not wealthy.

Just so you know, I've pretty much shut this blog down. (And for some reason, I don't get comments delivered to my email inbox anymore, so sometimes it's a long time before I see them, I have to remember to look in a different section of the blog.