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Monday, May 5, 2014

Prison pen pals IX

For some reason, I find inmate pen pal requests fascinating. When you look through the ads, you'll see a lot of women who are in for DUI or possession, crimes which don't strike me as huge moral transgressions. They tend to write typical advertisements of the sort you might see on an ordinary singles website.

It's generally the women who have been convicted of more heinous crimes who make a big effort to tell you what good people they are.

The inmates' letters are in italics; my words are not. Some of the more interesting recent offerings:

Kristina Adkins

My name is Kristina Lynn and I'm looking for a friend.

Let me tell you something about myself. I'm 21 years old with Brown hair and eyes. I'm 5'3" weighing about 140 to 145 pounds. I'm very spontaneous and outgoing. I like to have fun and enjoy living in the moment. I love to learn new things as well as share my story in hopes of inspiring someone. I enjoy long walks at night under the stars. Also I enjoy reading and writing. As well as just relaxing and taking my time. I feel there is no reason to rush through life.

I'm looking for someone who enjoys exchanging mail as well as helping others. I'm not here to judge anyone just like I don't want to be judged. I am a true genuine and caring person. I have not and will not let my circumstances define me.

Kristina is only 21, yet she's in for second degree murder. She says in her letter that she sees "no reason to rush through life." That's understandable given that her release date isn't until 2037.

Kristina said that she loves to share her story "in hopes of inspiring someone." If you Google Kristina, and you'll find that at age 13, she stole some of the morphine pills her grandfather was taking with his cancer medication and mixed them in with her grandmother's pills in an effort to kill her.

I guess what Kristina wants to inspire people to do is kill their grandparents.

Go ahead and write her; just don't take any pills she offers.

Tabatha Brown

I am looking for a really nice and generous person to start a genuine friendship with.

I am a smart, sexy, humorous, open-minded, and affectionate full figured woman who enjoys the simple things in life, like watching the sunrise and rise, walking on the beach, quiet picnics, going to the movies, reading a good book, listening to music, and simply living life on it's terms.

Oh, and also armed robbery. Tabatha is serving a life sentence, so it's hard not to suspect that there may have been a murder that went along with the robbery she lists as her crime. (Either that or it was a three strikes situation.) 

Tabatha claims to be smart. But how intelligent can you be to get caught committing a robbery? And how genuine is your "affection" when you're the type who can threaten to blow someone's head off if they don't hand over the money?

D'Rae Henderson

I'm the rare breed of Irish/Mexican, born and raised in Los Angeles. [What's interesting about D'Rae is where the Irish expresses itself and where the Mexican does. The combination certainly gave her a cute face. Her first name, though, sounds more black than either of her ethnicities.]

I have many interests that vary from tame to wild. I'm uninhibited and open-minded. I'm also spontaneous and adventurous. I like trying new things and I'll try just about anything once-more if I like it. [In other words, whatever kind of sex you like, I'm willing to try.] With me, there is never a dull moment. I'm passionate about all that I do-I live hard, I play hard and I love hard. [In case you didn't get the message the first time.]

I'm into NASCAR, traveling, motorcycle runs & amusement parks. [The NASCAR certainly sounds more Irish, but the motorcycle runs make me wonder if she ever rode with the Mongols, a Hispanic biker gang. And if you go to any amusement park in southern California these days, you'll see many more Mexicans than Irish.] 

A few things that appealed to my intimate side includes candlelit bubble baths, scented candles, the solitude of a picnic for two, porch swing conversations, and white rose petals tossed across the bed….[In other words, either she's a bit of a princess or she's trying to imply that she's so desirable that her previous beaus have been willing to pamper her.]

I enjoy the beauty and simplicity that life brings such as: sand beneath my feet, the passing of a butterfly and the sensuality in the kiss of an ocean breeze. [What D'Rae really seems to enjoy are cliches.]

My dislikes are few: obnoxious, loud, rude, people and large crowds. [How about prison sentences?]
My likes: anything I can't have right now. [At least she's honest about that.]

Whoever you are, wherever you roam. I'll be patiently waiting for you. [Actually, it will be whoever wants her who will have to be patient.]

D'Rae doesn't list her crime or release date or date of birth, but if you Google D'Rae you'll find that she was born in 1965, making her 49 this year, which means the above photo is not a recent one. Google her again and you'll find that she's in for attempted murder, which means she's probably been in for a while, given that she could be released in December of 2014. The nature of her crime certainly lends credence to her claim of being "spontaneous and adventurous." Perhaps her target forgot to strew white rose petals across her bed.

Tracy Coxton

Are you looking for someone to begin a long-term honest friendship with no mind games? I'm looking for you!

I am a goodhearted, up front, what you see is what you get woman that happens to be doing a long sentence….

Tracy is in until 2058 for attempted murder,  robbery, and gun charges. Her release date suggests it wasn't her first conviction. Her letter was longer, but the revealing part is quoted above. Once again: it always seems to be the murderers (or would-be murderers) who feel obliged to tell us what good hearts they have. 

The first rule of prison correspondence (and really, of people everywhere): nobody ever tells you they're good if they actually are.

Emily Geller

Hey everyone! My name is Emily but I go by the name of Envy. I'm currently serving 25 years but I remain focused and positive about giving my time back. I'm 21 years old, have obtained my GED and am now focused on getting into college to study social work.

I'm a very strong minded, independent, caring and loyal lady who finds pleasure in helping people. I'm lighthearted and like to always have a good laugh, I'm always finding the positive in a negative situation….

Google Emily and you'll find that she is in jail for having lured a 57-year-old auto salesman (whom she'd had sex for money with before) to a deserted area where her boyfriend hit him over the head with a shovel. The salesman collapsed to the ground, splitting his head open. Emily and her boyfriend then took the man's wallet.

When Montgomery County Judge Joseph Dugan sentenced her, he said,"I really don't know whether or not you have a conscience. And that makes you extremely dangerous."

(Translation: "You're a sociopath.")

Evidently the judge was too obtuse to see what a "caring and loyal" lady Emily is, and how she "finds pleasure in helping people."

Eileen McLaughlin

Eileen not only didn't include any message with her ad, she didn't include any revealing answers in her information section, either. Under "Convicted of," she wrote, "Poor personal choices." 

As far as I know, that is not a crime. I've made a lot of poor choices in my life, starting with all the wrong circles I filled in on the SAT's. But, none of them resulted in a prison sentence.

Eileen was born in 1981, which means she turns 33 this year, and her release date is in 2017, so her poor personal choices probably didn't include premeditated murder. Still, one can't help but wonder what she did. (I couldn't find her on the internet.) 

But she's pretty enough that she will undoubtedly get some willing correspondents despite her secretiveness.


Steven said...

wow I would have thought somebody serving a life sentence would be just below lepers in eligibility but I guess there are guys willing to correspond and start a fake romance with them. I'm guessing these are lonely men who know they will probably get a certain level of intensity and commitment from a woman who has nothing to do all day and few other options.

I saw a tv programme on these relationships once. A guy on the outside was convinced some female prisoner was in love with him and they were going to start a life together. She arranged to meet him when she got out, he turned up with a thoughtfully chosen gift, ready to meet the woman who has an amazing bond with...and you guessed it, she never showed up. Totally took him for a ride. Some woman still inside prison said that a lot of these women just want to have somebody to get attention from and play romance with to pass the time and until they get out when they are liable to drop him like a hot spud. One of the woman I think was sincere so obviously there are exceptions.

btw I thought it was interesting that a few of them said they were spontaneous or liked to live in the moment. That bit is probably true- impulsive, uninhibited- but it kind of sounds attractive so it can go in.

John Craig said...

Steven --
You hit it right on the head: "spontaneity" generally has positive connotations, but it basically equals impulsiveness, which is one of the hallmarks of sociopathy. These inmates know that if they use the word it will be interpreted as sexually spontaneous, i.e., they're promising their prospective correspondents that they're up for sex, anytime and anywhere. But in fact the other way they've exhibited that trait in the past is by spontaneously pulling a trigger, or spontaneously smashing a bottle across someone's face.

I agree, any guy who corresponded with these women would have to be pretty desperate. Or maybe have some sort of fetish for women behind bars.

And yes, I've heard that many of these prisoners regard their correspondents as basically marks, people they can scam for money.

lowly said...

John Craig said...

Hooter tooter --
Thank you, I hadn't found that about Eileen. That certainly lends some personal flavor, though she still doesn't say what she is in for. She says she's been married (past tense) twice (by age 33). Multiple marriages tend to be a yellow flag for sociopathy.

And I notice that she invokes the word "spontaneous" as well, which as Steven pointed out above, is code for "impulsive."

I also like the way she signs her letter "love," as if she feels anything for whoever might happen to be reading her ad. The whole thing smells faintly (though not definitively) of sociopathy.

Anonymous said...

As I read I can't help comparing these women's "manifestos" , with typical (liberal) pols.

"Sponteneous and living in the moment" = spend now, who cares later. As you say in your response to Steven: they "regard their correspondents (i.e. voters, constituents) as basically marks, people they can scam for money. :)

John Craig said...

Anon --
Good observation.

Their character, however, is probably on the whole better than your typical (liberal) pol.

Anonymous said...

For some reason, that pic makes me think D'Rae stands for "Donald Raymond". Maybe it's not fair to judge someone by a washed-out digital pic, but screw her. She tried to murder someone.

Anonymous said...

When you're a prisoner, aren't you supposed to wear a prison uniform? Where do these prisoners get their street clothes and why can they dress this way, like non prisoners?

John Craig said...

Anon --
My guess is, they're using old pictures. I'd also guess that a fair number of them don't look like their pictures anymore.

Anonymous said...

Anon: "why can they dress this way, like non prisoners?"
It's to build their self-esteem. I think there's other stuff they do, like have their photos taken with scenic backdrops, as if they were kids at Sears Portrait Studio, with the photographer tickling them with a stuffed animal and baby-talking to them: "Who's a big-bad muduwew? Gasp! Who's a big bad muwdewew? Ah---PEEK-A-BOO! It's YOU isn't it?" I don't know who that's supposed to fool, either. Whoever they mail the pics to, the return address on the envelope says "Big House Correctional Facility, Inmate #1343-535223"

Krista said...

More info on Eileen, child abuse/neglect.

John Craig said...

Thank you Krista.

Unknown said...

Kristina Adkins put up with a lot of abuse and was forced into a lot of horable things and diserves a second chance what's her address so I can wright her???

John Craig said...

Verdon --
I thought you might actually be serious until I looked at your Google ID.

Unknown said...

I had written Eileen McLaughlin last year. She told me her crime - endangering the welfare of her child - and admitted she was wrong. She said she is a devout Mormon, but all she kept asking me to do was look up where her personal frinds are - all guys. I told her I did not write to her so I could look up the addresses of other men for her. She apolized but kept asking, so I stopped writing her.

John Craig said...

Monk of Magnesia --
Thank you, I had wondered what her crime was. You made the right decision at the end there.

I like your name btw.

Unknown said...

What's Kristina's mailing address?

Unknown said...

I am serious

John Craig said...

Verdon --
Honestly, I have no idea. You could probably find it on

Anonymous said...

I've written more than a few of inmates, but only got a few replies. Most are just regular people looking for a friend to write to. I never got the idea of a lonely inmate looking for a relationship. One of the guys I write to asked me to find him more pen pals. So I did. One of the organizations I contacted told me he already has three (he told me he had none). He also lied about his age, crime, and a few other things; so you do need to your research and use your brain.

Anonymous said...

Most of these inmates from these web sites don't reply at all.

John Craig said...

Anonymous --
You're a more generous person than I am, reaching out to these inmates like that. But I suspect I'm a little more experienced with sociopaths. The people I've highlighted in this series of posts are almost all sociopaths, and when you're dealing with a sociopath, rule number one is, you can't believe a word they say. And rule number two is, put as much distance between yourself and them as possible.

Anonymous said...

Kristina Adkins went through hell as a child. Physically abused by her grandmother and grandfather. Raped by her guys from grandparents motercycle club. She was not a bad child she was loving and full of life and made a mistake she will have to face the rest of her life. Fuck you people who have no idea the whole story behind what happened. You are nothing but a bunch of judgemental fucks.

Unknown said...

She didnt just "neglect" her child, she beat one so bad that the baby needed to be on a feeding tube for four+months, body broken, and was found guilty of abusing two other children in her care as well.

GT said...

So what caught your eye, my dog Caruso or I? Explanation, I used to be a dog trainer. Isn’t Caruso beautiful?
Here in Pennsylvania I am serving a life sentence however that sentence is “Man’s” sentence, not God’s. See, I was sentenced to a death sentence in Pennsylvania for a charge I am innocent of. God saw this! And…that then deputy District Attorney of Allegheny County violated a valid court order and manufactured evidence to obtain that illegal death penalty. Also opinioned by the PA Supreme Court and reason I was removed off death row. However, that contaminated my trial and illegal sentence. I should have received a new trial! That said…
I receive little mail, few visits. I am a Christian, I love God! I am intelligent, owned 2 dental labs, animal lover, fun loving, like gardening, hiking, traveling.
Looking for:
Support friends who wish to visit me for spiritual and positive conversation.
Pen pals who have the faith of Hebrew 13:3, “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body”.
Friends wishing to lend legal support or help me maybe too were victims of the legal system or know someone who was.
So – Don’t Wait – Show me God’s love – Write me today.
Note: Florida mailing address because all PA prisoners mail is mailed to a security clearing facility in Florida then to PA prisoners.

Tim Boczkowski

The above could be used as part of a sociopathic check list
Good Christian - check
Animal lover - check
innocent of the crime - check
the victim - check
successful in business - check

A simple google search gives you a little more of Tim's story from the law / facts side of things

John Craig said...

GT --
Is that a pen pal advertisement? Are you relaying it as an example of how sociopaths speak? (it's a good example that.) He seems to be aware that he's been diagnosed as such, and so is pro-actively fending off accusations of such, or, at least, mocking them.

GT said...

Yes - It was a pen pal add - your blog has peaked my interest in the subject - I must admit the adds are great case studies

In this case, the God loving Tim drowned not one but two of his wives for the insurance money

John Craig said...

GT --
Ha, you picked a good one alright. And this one not only proclaimed his godliness and innocence and animal-loving nature, but took it a step further and declared his complete absence of sociopathy as well!

Perfect example of how the worse a person is, the louder his virtue-signaling will be.

jsmaz1 said...

She was actually my roommate until two days ago. I cannot tell you how manipulative she was... she tried to pawn her dog off on me so she could engage in “ extracurricular activities“... I am dying of stage 4 pulmonary hypertension ... i have hard days where I feel like I’m drowning, And I explained this to her that I would not always be able to help her out. She continued to ask me to do it ... to climb three flights of stairs to help her and let her dog out. That seems kind of petty for me to be upset about that but she knew how sick I am and how horrible I felt but kept saying “whatever you can do would be great“. What a jerk.

well she was just kicked out for doing drugs, threatening to destroy the house we live in, and also for being abusive to her dog.

some peoples children.

John Craig said...

jsmaz1 --
Which person are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity could you tell me about this dog? Is it a small female dachshund kind of dog that she keeps in a kennel? I'm only asking because I believe she just moved to Oregon with an old friend because she had nowhere else to go.

Unknown said...

Was Eileen one of the girls who got yoga credentials while in prison? Served 15 years, and her dog is a small female dog?

Anonymous said...

9 and a half years, not 15.

John Craig said...

Anonymous/Unknown --
Sorry, I don't know the answers to your questions and I doubt that whoever wrote the above comment you're referring to is going to check back on the comments section of this post.

Anonymous said...

Well it wasn't all that long ago. I've looked into this womans history and she just started staying with somebody I know, and she has fled her state and parole. She is putting them at risk and they are not even fully aware of her past. I was just looking for clarification that it is the same person they were referring to. Thank you for the reply

Unknown said...

They do order street clothes from prison. Not evey1 there is Guilty so atop with your fuckin judgement

Unknown said...

Yes especially emily gellar she possessed by satan and i know from being arou d her 2 years a big sociopath n very manipulative.

Gina said...

How do you write to these woman

John Craig said...

Gina --

Jhizz Robertson said...

Why didn't you include the fact that Kristina Adkins was 13 when she committed her crime? There is evidence of substantial abuse by her grandmother/guardian, so why did you omit that?

It is one thing to be "opinionated" as you describe yourself, but it is another to be both opinionated and uninformed. I think you should get a shotgun, lock yourself in a closet, and do the honorable thing.

John Craig said...

Jhizz --
Read the piece again, I did include the fact that she was 13. And if you didn't notice, I wasn't doing complete bios of all the people I wrote about, merely pointing out he gap between the way they presented themselves in their ads and the reality of what they'd done.

Why is it that people are themselves almost always guilty of what they accuse others of? (In this case, being opinionated and uninformed.)

Dawhoda said...

I'd be afraid to be murdered by these angels ��

Dawhoda said...

Get a life instead of stalking female prisoners 😆😅 that moment you realize you can't even get a chic who's I'm prison to want you only to ask you to contact other men and still you're stuck.