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Thursday, January 15, 2015

The worst part about dying is….

……you don't get to see what happens next.

Whenever I feel sad thinking about the people I've been close to who've died, my mind will often turn to a thought like, she never got to see the development of the internet.

Or, she would really have enjoyed her niece if she'd had the chance to get to know her.

Or, she would really have liked this movie; too bad she never got to see it.

And, those thoughts make me even sadder.

So, take care of yourself and stay alive.

Personally, I'm always curious about what's going on in the world. When I lose that curiosity, that's when I'll be ready to go.


Remnant said...

It was this insight that made me regret I did not have children earlier in life. Not so much (or not primarily) of because of what I will miss, but because of an acute sense that I had deprived my parents and my wife's parents of more time with their grandchildren and the joys of seeing them develop.

John Craig said...

Remnant --
Yes, it's always said, grandchildren are a pure joy: all of the fun of parenting without any of the responsibility.

I regret not having had more children, though, I have to admit, my reasons were probably a bit more selfish than yours.

Shaun F said...

John - Noone knows what happens after we die!

I do agree with your sentiment about curiosity being an important part about being alive.

Anonymous said...

I remember certain relatives who have passed on and I think about how I would have liked to have known some of them better, learning more about their own life stories (via their own lips).