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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

David Canary, RIP

Last night commenter Birdie told me that David Canary, a well known actor who lived in my hometown, had just died. I'd met him in 2008 without knowing who he was, and wrote about my impression of him here.

He was a regular at the local pool, so I saw him pretty often. Towards the end his Alzheimer's was more apparent. But even though he had lost his short term memory, he remained gracious. The last time I saw him, this past spring, he still looked magnificent.

Despite being a big star, he was unassuming, and modest. And he went out of his way to be nice to a nobody like me. 



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I had never heard of David Canary, sorry to say. But I have a habit of getting interested in actors AFTER they die, and the older generation of actors had a lot of interesting characters. Jack Lord, for example, was an interesting character. I never paid attention to him during the Hawaii 5oh days, but I got interested in him later....
Funny you should mention Jack Palance in that original post; the first thing I thought when I saw Canary's picture was that he resembled Palance.
& I agree w/you about handsomeness in men: less is more. I cannot for the life of me understand this obsession w/huge, bulgy muscles, unless they are natural, which most of the time they are not.
It's always a bit of a shock to see movies that were filmed on location in the 1950s, early 60s, where you see average Americans playing the extras - not to mention the way stars like Steve McQueen looked when they were 25. Toothpicks, compared to nowadays.
Agree w/you about cheekbones & fine-boned beauty. I've seen Angelina Jolie in person. Waaayyyyy too thin - but her face is like a piece of chiseled, perfect, porcelain.


John Craig said...

Ladybug --
I hadn't heard of him before I'd met him either, to the the truth, though I did remember his character from Hombre. When I mentioned to David once that he looked like the older Terence Stamp, even though he hadn't particularly resembled the younger Terence Stamp at a similar age, he shrugged and said he got compared to Jack Palance a lot.

True, these days steroids are almost de rigueur for action heroes. Compare Sean Connery's body circa 1963 (at age 33) vs. Daniel Craig's 'roided up body at age 38 in Casino Royale. Connery had more natural masculinity, but he also looked as if he hadn't done any exercise beside lit a martini glass since the age of 23. I compared the two here:

And did a rundown on all the Bonds here:

Not as big a fan of Angelina Jolie as you are. Here's my ultimate list of female beauties: