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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Filial respect, Part VII

We were watching Bone Tomahawk, a gritty Western/horror movie the other night. Towards the end of the movie there's a brutal scene where the "Troglodytes," a renegade cannibal Indian tribe, take one of their captives, strip him, hold him upside down, pull his legs apart, and then one of them, using an oversize tomahawk, cleaves him, bisecting him.

The scene happens at about 10:20 on this Youtube video, but I don't recommend watching it.

As soon as the scene was over, my son said, "Look Dad, there's the prostate surgery team from Sloan Kettering."


whorefinder said...

lol. Your kid is a developing shitlord.

Good job!

John Craig said...

Whorefinder --
I'm not even sure what a shitlord is, but from the sound of it, I'd say my son already is one.

Steven said...

Well, you wouldn't have a prostate problem anymore.

Hopefully the cavalry will get there first and butcher every last one of those Godless beings.