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Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Florida shooting

The latest reports are that 50 people are dead and 53 wounded at the hands of Omar Mateen, an American Muslim of Afghan descent who was born here in 1986:

Turns out he had pledged allegiance to ISIS recently.

The Left will renew their calls for gun control and cite the anti-gay aspect of the killings, while soft-pedaling the Muslim angle. The Right will see this as another incident of domestic Islamist terrorism.

The public at large, with no axe to grind, will see mostly the Muslim angle. They'll see the anti-gay aspect of it, too, but they know that Islam is an anti-gay religion, and that you can't separate the two.

Mateen might as well have marched into that nightclub with an "Elect Trump" sign.


Steven said...

Spot on.

Liberals stick up for Muslims but they stick up for gays too, possibly even more so, so if any kind of terrorist attack could warm them (or perhaps some from the centre ground) to Trump's way of thinking, it'd be this.

John Craig said...

Steven -
Liberals will never warm to Trump (he's Hitler!!) but hopefully this incident will sway some of the independents. I have the feeling there will be a few undecided voters (you always hear about voters who supposedly haven't made up their minds yet even as they head to the polls) who'll get into the booth and think why not, and will pull the lever for Trump. It's harder to imagine people doing that for Hillary.

Steven said...

Yeah that was optimistic. I shouldn't underestimate their commitment to the liberal ways of thinking.

But by centrists I was referring to the independents and the undecided swing state voters, ordinary folk who can be swayed.

The more of this kind of thing that happens, the better chance someone like Trump has. Not that I'd vote for him if I had a vote. I'm not yet convinced Trump is the man to make America great again.

There are sure some interesting votes coming up though. Any thoughts on brexit?

John Craig said...

Steven --
I think a more realistic slogan for Trump would be, Let's at least slow down the horrible path America is on. But, that's probably a tad less catchy.

I havent studied the Brexit issue, and can't offer a knowledgeable opinion. But instinctively I'd be in favor of it. The EC has been a disaster as far as immigration goes, and generally, the less control the elites have, the better.

Steven said...

Larry Sommers reckons Trump is going to start a trade war with China that will be bad for the economy. Your thoughts?

John Craig said...

Steven --
Traditionally, trade wars are bad for the world economies in general. But China has for all practical purposes already started a trade war with us, and we have responded by acting as if they haven't. They devalue the yuan on purpose, spy on our government and on our businesses, and take advantage of our immigration laws by having pregnant women come over here to give birth, then bring their dual citizenship babies back to China, only to bring them back here for the free education they'll get. They practice dumping with a lot of their industries, pay no attention to the pollution they cause, and pay no heed to intellectual property laws. It's a ridiculously lopsided relationship, and Trump is the only candidate who has addressed it. Something obvious needs tone done to rectify that situation.

Oh, and China also refuses to rein in North Korea, which they should do.

Anonymous said...

I heard all sorts of apologists on NPR today doing mental and linguistic gymnastics to distance this murderer from Islam.

It was revolting.

- Gardner

John Craig said...

Gardner --
They all took their cue from Obama, the Muslim-defender-in-chief. He said this "strengthens our resolve" to fight these (unnamed enemies) -- but how can he fight an enemy when he won't even name them? His response is to milk this crisis for a for a cause closer to his heart, disarming the law-abiding citizenry.

jova said...

so true. Trump will easily win Florida now. Each act of Islamic terrorism helps him get more votes. Hillary waited too long to use the term Islamic Terrorism, people still remember her statement "Muslims Are ‘Peaceful and Tolerant,’ Have Nothing Whatsoever to Do With Terrorism".

Reagan started a Trade war with Japan, by raising tariffs to 100% on products from Japan. This helped him negotiate better terms on trade and convinced the Japanese to start building their cars in America. Maybe Trump can use his tariff threats to get better trade deals with China and other nations. But the main reason I support Trump is because he stands up to the Globalist, and politically correct elites. Restricting muslim immigration is a great idea. Already we restrict immigration. Probably 100 million muslims would have immigrated to America over the last decade if we admitted them , yet we allowed just 3 million muslims to immigrate. So while Obama restricted 99% of the potential muslim immigrants, Trump wants to restrict 99.9% of them and fortify our southern border. Hillary wants to increase muslim immigration and pass amnesty. So we have a clear choice in November.

John Craig said...

Jova --
Good to hear from you.

I wish everybody saw things as clearly as you do. Yes, there's a clear choice in November: Hillary or Trump, more Muslim immigrants or fewer. Do we need more Tsarnaev brothers, more Farooks, and more Mateens, or fewer?

I also agree about standing up to political correctness being Trump's biggest appeal. Every time Trump says something that's true but not acceptable to say out loud by the media-cracy, they let out a collective gasp of horror and condemnation. But it makes him appear more like a straight talker, which is what we need.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching Trump talk to Savannah Guthrie (on the Today show) yesterday morning, basically telling her that we're being attacked by radical Muslims. All I thought was, wake up people, these Muslims are not our friends, they want jihad, to overtake the country/world. Once a country becomes Muslim, you can kiss your natural born rights goodbye.


John Craig said...

Birdie --
Yes, I hope all those liberal women who think that we should welcome the Muslims with open arms realize that many of those immigrants want Sharia law, for women to have to wear burkhas, forbidding girls from going to school, and worse.